Chapter 100

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Lysia wasn’t the only one who was distracted by the other party.

The same was true of Lawrence.

He came and went to this salon almost every day. None of the regular guests of the salon did not know this.

He also researched and remembered all the people who came occasionally because he was wondering if it was someone who had a relationship with the Empress or other Empress’ lady-in-waiting.

But this bright blond girl was the first face he ever saw.

It was the type he had never seen before.

The appearance itself was not particularly outstanding.

In fact, no matter how great you look, it was difficult to catch Lawrence’s eyes.

The most beautiful woman in the world was his mother. And he, himself, had a beautiful appearance that resembled his mother.

However, Lysia, when seen up close, was well worth the attention of others.

Usually, she wasn’t the type to be interested in. Her outfit was refined, as if it was tailored in the dressing room of the capital.

However, looking at her clueless attitude, she must have been a local aristocrat who made her first debut this year.

But she had something more than that.

Lawrence couldn’t say exactly what it was. He did not notice from a distance.

However, something like a sprout of light nestled inside Lysia, and each time her lively limbs moved, the surrounding air was colored with a different color.

Such an aura is something that even Miraila doesn’t have. Graceful movements and modest attitudes are something you can have with education, but your nature is different.

No woman in the capital can imitate her.

Lawrence felt a needle-like stabbing pain deep in his head.

[“I’m not that kind of woman! Why can’t you believe me? You confirmed it!”]

[“Please, please! Your Majesty!”]

Screams and cries momentarily clamored in his ears and then disappeared.

There was a sound of something twisting inside his chest.

Lawrence hid his expression and lowered his gaze. Unrecognized hallucinations quickly disappeared.

Only the remnants of strange stuffiness and headaches remained in his head.

Thinking he was looking at her hand, Lysia blushed her face. She then hurriedly took her hand back.

“Oh, so, this.”

Lysia stuttered.

She wanted to get into a mouse hole because she got caught in front of such an elegant looking and sophisticated man.

‘Uh… I must have done no harm to Her Grace’s honor, right?’

She was embarrassed.

Lawrence’s lips went down. Lysia was even more restless.

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“If you like the refreshments, you can tell the servant. If you are acquainted with Countess Martha, it would be better if you tell her directly.”


“Because there is no case of the host who dislikes guests who liked the prepared food, whether it is a salon, a banquet hall, or a dinner.”

As he said so, Lawrence clicked his finger and called the servant. It was a familiar attitude like this is his own home.

“The lady here seems to like the refreshments, so make sure she’s not to be empty-handed when she returns.”


The servant answered Lawrence politely. And the servant greeted Lysia as well and went back.

Lysia couldn’t hide her embarrassment, she said awkwardly.

“Thank you for your kindness. It was my first time in this position, so I didn’t know how to behave.”


Lawrence was a little embarrassed, and he suddenly felt uncomfortable. He didn’t know why he had become such a kind hearted person.

And he thought this woman was stupid.

Even if she was truly clumsy because it was her first time, it was foolish to tell others about it. This was because it became a weakness.

If she was an aristocrat, it was natural for her to have perfect calmness and elegance on the outside, even if it was her first time entering the social world.

However, even her frank attitude gave Lysia a sense of innocence. She’s stupid, and, oddly enough, it didn’t feel like it.

He became uncomfortable facing her big, clear eyes, so Lawrence tried to turn his body away.

It was rude, but it was the right thing. He wouldn’t even have to greet her twice anyway.


Lysia spoke again.

It was then.

There was a sound of something falling behind his back.

Lawrence looked behind him.


Artizea dropped the parasol and stared at him blankly.

“Your Grace.”

Lysia bent her knees and politely greeted her.

She approached Artizea and picked up the dropped parasol. It was only then that Artizea came to her senses.

But she didn’t look at Lysia and talked to Lawrence.


Artizea was terribly anxious to see that he was talking to Lysia.

She was, in fact, anxious since Lysia said she would follow her to the Empress’ Palace. That’s why she tried not to bring Lysia.

Nevertheless, Artizea brought Lysia here because Lysia insisted that she must practice.

Countess Martha’s salon was the right place for Lysia to show her face out for the first time. In addition, as long as she was in the capital, she will be forced to meet Lawrence someday anyway.

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She believed it would be fine.

Lysia was pretty, but it wasn’t Lawrence’s favorite type of beauty.

The woman he liked was decadent, voluptuous, self-assertive and submissive. With no strong desire for power or a spirit of improvement.

Lawrence was a character who could not tolerate even when one dared to open their eyes straight in front of him.

It was the same even in terms of status. Something like a local Barony isn’t a match in Lawrence’s eyes.

Lawrence would have no interest in the lady-in-waiting, until she was introduced.

So even if they were in the same space, she thought they would never have a conversation.

Artizea tried to pull herself together.

Lawrence probably didn’t think much differently after seeing Lysia.

A little while ago, it seems like they had a conversation, but Lawrence was about to leave.

Lawrence said.

“It’s been a long time.”

“Yes, how have you been?”

“If boredom was bad, it was bad. You must have been in trouble because something big happened during your honeymoon. Is Grand Duke Evron all right?”


Artizea replied briefly. Her heart was dizzy and her words didn’t come out smoothly.

Lawrence glanced at Lysia and asked.

“Is she your lady-in-waiting?”


“I see. I thought I hadn’t seen her before.”

In general, it would be normal to introduce Lysia at this point. But Artizea didn’t.

Even if she doesn’t introduce her here, Lawrence will soon know Lysia’s identity.

There is nothing wrong with saying that she is from Barony Morten, the vassal of Evron Grand Duchy. Such a thing is so public that it cannot even be called information.

But she didn’t want to say anything like introducing the two to each other with her own mouth.

Looking back, Lysia bowed her head as if to apologize. Her cheeks were stained red.

She didn’t even think that the other person would be Lawrence. If she knew, she would have been more alert.

This was Artizea’s mistake.

To the people of the capital, Miraila’s appearance was well-known that it was common sense.

Portraits and pictures were frequently published in newspapers, and many people saw their faces when riding in open-covered wagons, parades, or on the balcony of the Imperial Palace.

At least the features of their appearance were known to everyone who could not even come near the imperial palace.

Therefore, Artizea did not think of showing Miraila’s portrait to Lysia to learn beforehand.

When she encountered Miraila and Lawrence, she warned her to not talk as much as possible in a manner that wasn’t contrary to proper etiquette.

Seeing her with her head down, Artizea looked back at Lawrence.

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“Would you like to take a walk?”

Lawrence looked at Artizea with a slightly different eye.

Until now, he had never walked or hung out with Artizea. He never thought of doing that. They weren’t close enough to spend time together.

However, it was an appropriate choice. This is because the salon’s guests didn’t seem to care about them, but they were listening carefully.

He thought it would be better to meet up separately to have a conversation, or to go out to the garden.

Lawrence reached out to Artizea. Artizea grabbed his arm and took the parasol from Lysia’s hand.

“You stay here. Soon, Countess Martha will be back.”


Lysia stepped back.

The two slowly stepped out of the salon.

The sunlight was warm.

There were a few more people taking a walk. It was because the Empress sometimes took a walk in the garden. People were looking forward to an encounter with her.

Lawrence was one of them.

Taking a walk in the garden in broad daylight was boring, but he had to do that at least to get his presence known.

However, no one actually said that they had a conversation with the Empress in the garden or even met her. This is because the escorts and attendants thoroughly removed people from the area around the Empress’ traffic line.

“I’m glad you came back.”

Lawrence said so a little sincerely.

“It seems like it wasn’t easy to ingratiate yourself to Her Majesty?”

Said Artizea.

As she moved away from Lysia, she felt a little more at ease. Her composure also returned to her voice.

Lawrence replied.

“I thought it wouldn’t be easy, but it’s more tricky than I thought. Secondly, it’s hard to see Her Majesty, and even the ladies-in-waiting have heavy mouths and firm guards.”

“Even though the Empress’ Palace has been erecting a high wall, they are the people who have served Her Majesty without expecting anything. It would be difficult to seek cooperation with a lot of reward.”

“I see, no one seems to think for themselves, rather for their mistress.”

Artizea smiled.

That is Lawrence’s self-centered thinking. Objectively speaking, for the Empress, Lawrence was nothing better than Grand Duke Roygar just because Lawrence was in the position to become Emperor.

The Empress herself had no desire to remain an Empress. In addition, the deeper she was involved in the political conflict, the higher the probability that her life would be in jeopardy.

“You had a pretty good reputation in a short period of time. I heard you got all your girlfriend’s mess in order, right?”

Said Artizea. Lawrence saved his breath for a moment.

“There is no need to refute because I’m your younger sibling. Without that much information, I can’t be a Grand Duchess in social circles.”


“I heard you moved out of Baroness Andeman’s house and entered the mansion in Sabellin Estate? It must be too small for you to use, Brother.”

“Since the salon was opened, I thought that rumors of this and that in the social world would go into the ears of the Empress.”

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So, he put himself in order first.

He cleared up all the relationships with women, and broke the relationship with Baroness Andeman, his favorite partner. It was because he knew that the Empress was sensitive to infidelity.

He called in friends because the ladies-in-waiting seldomly opened their hearts.

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