Chapter 12

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Cedric couldn’t fall asleep that night.

「Then I will make Your Grace the Emperor.」

The face of the graceful girl who said these words constantly appeared in his mind.

He didn’t wonder if she could really make him Emperor.

‘Do I want to be Emperor?’ This thought persisted in his mind.

If he said that he had never considered it, he would be lying.

Artizea wasn’t the only person who had told him that he should become Emperor.

On various occasions, people in positions more trustworthy than hers, secretly visited him for the same thing.

Cedric had never heard them.

「You must become the Emperor to survive. Become the Emperor to avenge the death of your parents.」

Those who mentioned that he should ascend the throne always told him these two things.

It has been almost twenty years since his mother and father were executed after being falsely accused of treason.

Most people in the empire had already forgotten. His family’s position in power was restored, and he succeeded the Grand Duchy Evron.

But he never forgot that he was standing on a thin line.

Perhaps Emperor Gregor didn’t kill him because he regretted killing his younger sister, or because he knew Cedric had no power to threaten him.

But as successor to the throne, the story was different. Cedric’s lineage was too deep to be ignored.

His subjects were determined that if Cedric faced the same danger as the previous Grand Duke and Grand Duchess, then that was when they would truly raise their troops and show the true power of the Grand Duchy Evron.

Cedric had always dissuaded them.

Just as they protected Cedric, Cedric stood aside to protect them.

He stayed away from the central political arena and acted as if he abhorred power. The Grand Duke Evron increasingly became the shield of the Empire.

But eventually, unless he gave up his position as Grand Duke Evron and lived as a hermit, the only real way he could survive was by becoming the Emperor.

However, he could not abandon his position as Grand Duke, let alone the Grand Duchy Evron. It was his family.

Yet, to this day, he did not even think of pronouncing the words ‘succession’ or ‘imperial throne’, because he did not want to get his hands dirty to survive.

Cedric would rather die honourably.

Would his parents be happy if he ascended the throne staining their hands with the blood of revenge? He didn’t think so.

He couldn’t even remember his mother’s face.

Besides, he was a good and just man, the people of the Grand Duchy Evron praised him for that, it was unlikely that Cedric would want revenge.

However, Artizea did not want him to become Emperor for his survival or to seek revenge, but for the welfare of the people of the Crates Empire.

Cedric was shocked.

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Until now, he had considered the Grand Duchy Evron his only responsibility. He had worked hard to protect his home and his precious people.

But can he turn a blind eye to the Crates Empire itself?

Of course not. He was the shield of the empire.

He did not possess a shred of loyalty to the Imperial Family, but protecting the people of the empire was always on his mind.

Cedric could not share this concern with anyone.

His aides were willing to give their lives for him.

If Cedric said that he would participate in the fight for succession, everyone would be happy and would act.

He wanted to talk to Artizea again.

He had the feeling that she would be able to point him in the right direction, even in the midst of the fog.

All night long, he couldn’t fall asleep once. When the sun came up, he realized that his mind was pointing in one direction.

“You could not sleep well last night?”

Asked Ansgar, Grand Duke Evron’s butler, who arrived at the barracks this morning.

Cedric had already gotten up and was shaving himself. His face was haggard, and under his eyes there were dark circles.

Ansgar followed Cedric to the battlefield to serve him.

Cedric didn’t need much of his attention. On the contrary, it was more exhausting to worry that nothing bad would happen to the old butler.

But he was not able to tell him to stay and rest in the comfortable manor.

Because he knew that after the tragic loss of his previous masters, Ansgar feared and worried that he might even lose him in that way.

“I tossed and turned in bed a little.”

Ansgar didn’t ask why.

He couldn’t get involved in such matters. The only thing he could do for his master, who was dealing with his official duties, was to attend to him in any way he could.

“Please sit down, Lord Cedric.”


Cedric sat quietly in the chair.

Ansgar grabbed a cushion and placed it behind his neck so he could lie down comfortably. Then he put a warm towel over his face.

“I think I might even fall asleep.”

“Would you like to get some sleep?”

“No, I don’t have enough time to sleep. I’m going to the imperial palace today.”

After Cedric said that. Ansgar looked for his robe instead of his military uniform.

Cedric changed his clothes and headed to the capital with two escorts.


Cedric arrived at the Imperial Palace around 10 a. m.

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The Emperor used to spend the morning attending small audiences and receiving personal guests.

Cedric chose that time because he didn’t want to have lunch with him.

When he arrived, Countess Charlotte Eunice was already meeting the Emperor with her two daughters.

The Countess Eunice had followed Artizea’s advice.

She was now 36, and her eldest daughter was 15 this year.

Countess Eunice was at an age when she could not be considered pretty or charming, so it was no use for her to act arrogantly.

If she wanted to gain the love of her father, the Emperor, she had to know how to recognize his mood and please him.

For the sake of her daughters, too.

The Emperor was not the kind of man to take care of his children, and neither did he have the need to do so. He only did it when he wanted to.

As a result, Countess Eunice had entered a phase of rebelliousness, and after Lawrence was born, they had much less time to spend together, as father and daughter.

But that didn’t mean that he suddenly hated the daughter he loved so much.

He just put her aside, because every encounter with his daughter ended up making his mood worse.

Countess Eunice made a surprise visit to the Emperor to enter his heart again. Of course, the Emperor was not aware of her true intentions.

He thought that perhaps she felt guilty for disturbing his tranquility yesterday and was trying to obtain his forgiveness in some way.

Whatever the reason, for the first time in a long time, it seemed that his daughter had decided to change her mind and become a filial daughter. He was enjoying a good time.

The Emperor was also pleased with the amber brooch that Artizea had given him.

He had always accepted Artizea as an accessory to Miraila.

Of course, he had never thought of her as a daughter, nor had he felt any family feeling towards her.

But Artizea had never done anything wrong to hate her either.

Although he had no sexual desire for her, he felt good knowing that this beautiful girl wanted to be loved by him.

If Artizea had cried in yesterday’s incident and Miraila had complained, the Emperor would have felt very bad.

It was admirable that a girl of her age, prone to anger, did not complain despite being slapped on the cheek, and tried wisely to appease the Emperor’s heart.

Besides, now that his rebellious daughter was looking at him with love, he felt that he had gained much without having to do anything.

The Emperor was old now. Unlike his younger days, he now enjoyed the tenderness of his children and grandchildren as much as his seductive lover.

That’s when he was informed of Cedric’s visit. The Emperor gladly requested that Cedric be allowed in.

“Let him in. I’m just taking a rest.”

Cedric hesitated as he was about to enter the Emperor’s living room under the guidance of the chief attendant.

He had been surprised because he had been led into the living room, not the study or the or the audience chamber.

Also, there was Countess Eunice with her daughters, in complete privacy.

“Thank you for receiving me. If I had known Countess Eunice was here, I would not have bothered you.”

That was the first thing Cedric said after making a formal greeting. The Emperor laughed.

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“Why are you behaving so formally? Charlotte is my daughter, you’re my nephew, so you two are cousins. We’re all family.”

The Emperor said and laughed. He acted as if he didn’t know Cedric hadn’t entered the capital until now because of the Western Army issue.

Sometimes, Cedric even thought the Emperor might have forgotten that he’d killed his parents.

Of course, that couldn’t be true. Because if it were, there was no reason for the Emperor to try to bend him whenever he had the chance.

Cedric nodded politely. The Emperor said cheerfully.

“You two haven’t seen each other in a long time, have you? Although you’re cousins, considering Cedric has no brothers, you should behave like a real sister to him. I felt a bit bad because he often came to visit me, but he’d been in the barracks outside the capital and wouldn’t even come in.”

The Emperor said.

Cedric thought it was ridiculous.

If he really felt bad, he could have told Cedric to have a private audience with him, leaving the complicated situation aside.

Or he could have tried to listen to his reasons.

But the Emperor didn’t. He had ordered Cedric to return to the capital alone and bow to him, abandoning the Western Army.

The Emperor said.

“And you should also be closer to Tia.”

“Father. How could the Lady Artizea meet Cedric, who is always away on military business?”

“What are you talking about? When two people are destined to meet, it can happen at any time, right? Besides, is not Tia the sister of Lawrence? Although she doesn’t have my blood.”

“You mean the Lady Artizea…?”

Cedric asked in surprise.

It was because he didn’t expect the name to come out of the Emperor’s mouth first.

“I hear you sent a knight yesterday to escort Tia to her home.”

The story had been told by Kishore to the Emperor.

“It was no big deal, but you know that. We met casually at the temple and she had no escort, so I sent one of my men to escort her home.”

“You’ve been circling outside the capital all this time and suddenly you decide to visit me. This has nothing to do with the Lady Artizea?”

Cedric couldn’t deny it right away, as he wasn’t used to lying. The Emperor laughed merrily.

“Sometimes you are also very old-fashioned. I’m sure she’ll be glad you’re visiting her today.”

“I did not come to the Imperial Palace for the Lady Artizea. Your Majesty, it is about the Western Army…”

“Heavens! Don’t you understand why I brought you into my living room?”

The Emperor roared, looking angry.

And then he smiled softly.

“We should not talk about such things when we are gathered as a family. Let’s talk about it again in three days. Did you think I would forget what the Western Army has achieved this time?”

Said the Emperor, pouring him a cup of tea.

Cedric took the cup of tea to his mouth, hesitantly.

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Only then did he realise that the news of his meeting with Artizea had already changed the Emperor’s attitude.

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