The Villainess Lives Twice
Chapter 24: Saintess Olga’s Heart (5)

Chapter 24 – Saintess Olga’s Heart (5)

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Baron Yetz’s casino on Fontai Street was the most splendid, yet at the same time, the most vulgar place in the capital.

The pillars of the entrance were wrapped in gold leaves, while entrancing works of art were arranged in the main hall in no particular order.

The carpet that stretched across the floor was made of a very expensive fabric imported from the South. The crystal chandelier reflected the candlelight, shining brilliantly even in the middle of the night.

This was Baron Yetz’s strategy, to spend money, even to the point of seeming gaudy.

Anyway, no matter how extravagantly decorated the interior was, the only impression one would pick out was how a small-time commoner had bought his title with money.

In that case, it was better for him to boast about the overwhelming amount of money he had.

The sound of masked guests cheering as they played their cards or rolled the dice could be heard.

Half-naked men and women with golden cups slid like fish through the noise.

Baron Yetz was happy with today’s fine wind. Business was booming.

When he successfully finished his patrol and turned to leave, the secretary suddenly approached him in a panic.

Everyone present looked at the secretary, wondering what was going on.

“What did I tell you, fool? If you barge into the main hall like this, the customers guests can’t concentrate on their games…”

“This is no time to worry about that! We’re in trouble!”

“In trouble?”

“The Grand Duke Evron is here. Bringing with him the ownership document of Saintess Olga’s Heart!”

Of course, it was impossible for Baron Yetz to not know who the Grand Duke Evron was. However, he became puzzled, and for a moment, he could not understand what his secretary wanted to tell him.

He had never once thought that Grand Duke Evron himself would ever come to his casino.

In addition, the matter of Saintess Olga’s Heart had happened so long ago that it took him a while to understand the meaning behind the secretary’s words.

But soon after, he understood the situation and hastily went to his office.

Frigid air swept through the office like a sharp blade.

Baron Yetz hesitated as he entered. Seven knights had taken control of the office.

Grand Duke Evron’s knights had strict military discipline and great vigor. They were all young, so they could have been carried away by the boisterous and profligate atmosphere of the casino, but instead, they all kept their composure.

Sitting in an armchair, the Grand Duke Evron and looked visibly upset.

“Greetings, Grand Duke Evron, to what do we owe the honor that Your Grace has even taken the time to come to this shabby and humble place?”

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“Sit down.”

Cedric said firmly.

He didn’t like the atmosphere in the casino.

Therefore, him exercising power without regard to due process could not be considered inappropriate.

「Your Grace must exercise your power. You can point in any direction you want. This is just a drop in the bucket of all that Baron Yetz has done so far.」

Freyl had expressed with a snort.

Baron Yetz sat down with his legs together carefully. Cedric threw the document.

Cedric waited for Baron Yetz to verify the document with his trembling hands and then spoke,

“I have acquired ownership of the Saintess Olga’s Heart. Since you haven’t paid for seven years, I don’t think you have any right to make any claims about it.”


“I will search the place to find it and also take the opportunity to check your ledgers.”

Cedric declared imposingly.


Baron Yetz asked reflexively.

But the knights did not wait to act. As soon as Cedric made a gesture with his hand, they began to search the office in perfect order.

Baron Yetz became startled and tried to stand up. However, before he knew it, one of the knights behind him put his hand on his shoulders and forced him to sit back down.

A scream was suddenly heard outside. The seven knights in the office were not the only ones Cedric had brought.

Dozens of knights occupied the administrative area of the casino at the same time. Baron Yetz’s guards tried to respond but found themselves quickly overpowered.

Of course, there was no way mere thugs could resist real knights.

The space in which the guests were located had not been brought under control, but it was impossible for the commotion to not have been transmitted outside.

The frightened guests rushed out of the casino.

One of the employees rushed to the office to report the situation, but the knights caught him and brought him to his knees.

“Even Your Grace has no right to do this in my place of business!”

Baron Yetz shouted in a tearful voice. Cedric then asserted without changing his expression,

“The Office of Public Security will not object to my search on the office of a casino that appears to have committed illegalities. Or perhaps, is there no need to do this for you to hand over the jewel?”

Cedric asked even though he knew Baron Yetz didn’t possess it.

Will he mention Marchioness Camellia? In that case, Cedric would do whatever was necessary for the Baron to accompany him to a meeting with Marchioness Camellia.

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However, the probability that Baron Yetz would name her was extremely low.

Beads of sweat formed on Baron Yetz’s face. As expected, he tried to excuse himself.

“… Well, if you wait for a moment, I shall bring it to you.”

“Knights present can bring it right away; you just have to say where it is.”

“Give me time until tomorrow.”

“How can I trust you? People who take someone else’s possessions and don’t pay for seven years don’t have any credibility, don’t you think?”

Cedric said coolly.

“If you yourself have used your power to swindle a good merchant, and have gotten hold of the diamond in which he had invested most of his assets, you’ve most certainly done other similar things. I will prove it.”


“If you have any complaints, tell me where the diamond is.”

Cedric demanded politely, but it was a complete threat.

Baron Yetz couldn’t say anything.

He had no way out of this situation.

Grand Duke Evron had too high a status for him to ignore or oppose him.

If he were an insignificant low-status noble, he would have used the reputation of the Marchioness Camellia to his advantage.

However, Marchioness Camellia would not tolerate Baron Yetz using her name against the Grand Duke Evron.

His other option was to pretend that Mr. White’s document was no longer valid, but there was too great a risk.

In one of the hidden file archives, there was a manipulated document.

However, he could not open these file archives in front of others. Long ago, he had stored the document with other fake documents, not knowing this would happen.

In addition, the Grand Duke Evron had the original document in his possession, so he would have no problem discrediting the authenticity of the manipulated document. The court would also side with Grand Duke Evron unconditionally.

It could even, in some way, provoke the wrath of the Marchioness Camellia for causing her an inconvenience.

The knights turned the office upside down. They had taken out both the file boxes that were hidden and the safe.

Baron Yetz’s frightened secretary handed over the key. With the key, there was now no need to break the lock of the safe.

Baron Yetz tried his last resort with his head down.

“Your Grace, I have a blue diamond that is even more grandiose and magnificent. I can give it to you instead…”

“What a pity. I really need the Saintess Olga’s Heart. The lady specifically asked me for it as a present. I shouldn’t give her another jewel, should I?”

Baron Yetz’s face turned pale. He had realized that the only lady with sufficient status to receive the Saintess Olga’s Heart as a present from Grand Duke Evron was the Empress.

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He was in a real bind. He couldn’t think of a way out no matter how hard he tried. And if they found out what was in the basement…

Cedric turned his gaze away from Baron Yetz.

Baron Yetz was a scum. Destroying this man’s office was not something to feel guilty about. Besides, he had promised Freyl he would ignore due process.

However, Cedric did not like to use pretexts in order to oppress others with his power.

Just when he was thinking that-

One of the knights rushed up and knelt down before him.

“Your Grace, there is a dungeon in the basement, I think you should come see for yourself.”

“What about it?”

Cedric asked, puzzled. Most aristocratic manor houses had at least one small dungeon. It would be strange if there wasn’t a dungeon in this casino with thugs within it.

However, the knight’s attitude was unusual. Cedric stood up and followed the knight into the basement.

When he arrived at the place, he held his breath.

What was there was not a small dungeon that could hold three or four people, but a prison camp that could hold more than a hundred.

Inside, dozens of naked boys and girls were locked in chains.

Human trafficking.


“Although imperial laws now just nominally exist, this does not mean that there is no rule of law.”

Artizea said quietly, holding his cup of tea.

The tea had a wonderful aroma. However, it was a little heavy for Artizea to drink in the middle of the night because it contained a little bit of betel nut that did not fit her fragile constitution.

But she could not refuse it since it had been given by Marchioness Camellia. She had no choice but to drink the tea.

“Though the Emperor does what he wants, he still fears to arouse the anger of the people, even though he does not openly say so. He is quite obsessed with legitimacy and power.”


“I read somewhere that what a crown prince experiences can influence his entire government, and I think that’s true.”

“What do you mean, Lady Artizea?”

“Gambling is acceptable. Drugs are acceptable. Bribes are acceptable. Even violence is acceptable. The public doesn’t care, because for them, that’s the typical behavior of nobles.”

Artizea continued,

“But hurting young children will provoke the people’s anger. His Majesty will also be furious. Even if it is just pretense to be furious in order to keep public sentiment under control.”

“Are you trying to threaten me, Lady?”

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“I am only telling you, it is in your interest to sever that connection, for the sake of the Grand Duke Roygar. Marchioness Camellia.”

Artizea stared at her with her turquoise eyes.

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The Villainess Lives Twice Chapter 24: Saintess Olga’s Heart (5)
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