The Villainess Lives Twice
Chapter 26: Translator: effefille

Translator: effefille

It was during the next morning that Cedric visited the mansion of Marquisate Rosan.

Marquisate’s Rosan’s atmosphere was quite different from the last visit.

It was unsettling rather than a bad one.

The Marquisate’s servants were frightened or tried to avoid Grand Duke Evron who had come as a guest.

This is because Bill had the safe key and ledger taken the day before.

Bill has not yet been kicked out, but he was copying the old books Artizea had given to him from his room.

Most of the current employees of the Marquisate Rosan’s mansion were those who actively lined up with Bill.

The servants and maids, who couldn’t have any impact on these fights were also the ones who splitted their salary bit by bit and at the end of the year, bought a bottle of alcohol and offered it as a bribe.

However, that wasn’t the case when asked if they were completely on Bill’s side.

Most of them are people who have been working for Marquisate Rosan for a long time. If they were to be kicked out, they would have no place to go and nothing to do, so they cried out to Bill.

If the rightful successor said he would exercise that right, of course, Bill wanted to kneel in front of him.

So he can’t help but be confused.

The world turned upside down in one morning? Or, will they be back in place when Miraila and Lawrence return? Will there be a fight? Should Artizea be the Master now?

In terms of reason, it was right to follow Artizea, but for many years, there were many people who were prejudiced that the lady was nothing in the mansion.

Even Jacob, who temporarily held the keys to the vault, had not yet understood the situation.

In the meantime, Grand Duke Evron visited. The employees who thought he was the cause of this cataclysm were cautious, not knowing what to do with the Grand Duke.

However, the tide has already changed. A few maids from Artizea’s side actively wandered around.

“Welcome, Your Grace. My lady told me to take you to the Tuvalet room.”

Sophie greeted Cedric in a very happy mood and said so.

“Tuvalet Room?”

“Yes. Madame Emily is here.”

Cedric hesitated.

Tuvalet room. If it’s not an intimate relationship like a family, isn’t it a place to invite lovers or to be attracted to each other?

Sophie laughed lightly.

Cedric realized too late that he was a man presenting himself for a marriage preparation.

His face turned red.

Artizea’s Tuvalet room was overflowing with fabrics and props and flowed out into the hallway.

Cedric stumbled once more in front of an open door. Loud voices came from inside.

“Oh my God! You look so good!”

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“Since your skin is as white as snow, it fits any color you wear!”

“How about this pink color? You always try to wear dark colors. Sometimes you have to wear cute clothes too!”

“Oh, this is good too. Well, if you have this hair color and your eyes, you look good in everything. Okay. Pick this one as well. It’s perfect for making a dress for a picnic.”

“This too!”

Cedric didn’t have the courage to step in. But Sophie, who guided him, yelled out without hesitation.

“His Highness, The Grand Duke Evron has come.”

The Tuvalet Room became quiet for a very short time.

Emily and her staff knelt on one knee and politely bowed.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Your Highness Evron.”

Emily’s voice was half a tone higher than usual. Cedric flinched.

If this was a momentum fight, it was Cedric’s side that was defeated. Emily laughed when she saw him embarrassed.

It is not common for something to be so pleasant like this. The man who bought the whole wardrobe and spent it, and the girl who will be beautiful from now on, it’s going to be the most interesting moment.

“Stop it.”

Artizea called attention with a soft voice. Cedric breathed a sigh of relief.

“Excuse me early in the morning.”

“It’s been more than two hours since I had breakfast. It’s too late for early morning.”

“You wake up early.”

Cedric said so.

He was a military commander and knight, so getting up early was a habit.

However, most of the nobles, especially those without a position, enjoy parties until dawn the day before, and only get up late until after lunch.

Artizea smiled.

“Sit down. It’s right to welcome you by the parlor, but the only room in this house that I can say for sure is the Tuvalet room, except for my bedroom. I hope you don’t think it’s rude.”

“I’m sorry to come to you early in the morning without an appointment.”

Cedric sat in an awkward position. Artizea called Sophie.

“Sophie, give His Grace a cup of warm mint tea. Give me a cup of tea too.”

“Thank you.”

“First, take a breather. You look tired. Let’s talk next.”

When Artizea beckoned, Emily and the staff began to organize the fabrics and samples of trinkets that had been scattered all over the place.

Looking at it, Cedric said casually.

“By the way, Madame Emily is here early.”

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“Because there are so many clothes to make.”

Artizea had very few clothes.

First, she’ll need a party dress, perhaps an engagement dress. And she could afford to get almost everything new, from outing dresses and teatime dresses, to everyday clothes and room clothes. Of course, it wasn’t something that could be done in one day.

Cedric nodded. It was he who told her to do however she pleases. He couldn’t even guess how many clothes would actually be made.

As soon as he showed interest, Emily threw away the fabrics and trinkets she had been arranging. There was an ultramarine cloth in her hand.

The fabric, endlessly embroidered with fine patterns of silver, looked expensive to Cedric, who knew nothing.

“What do you think of this fabric, Your Grace?”

Even after asking for his opinion, Cedric had nothing to say.

Emily unfolded the cloth and put it on Artizea’s shoulder. The color goes well with Artizea’s bright platinum hair, and her white face looked even whiter.

“It’s the finest Ianz embroidery. Only one roll came in. I think this fabric will go well with the dark blue color of the Grand Duke of Evron.”

Artizea then said.

“It’s too much. If you make a dress with Ianz embroidery, you’ll pay for at least one villa. It’s enough to attach it at the ends.”

“Let’s follow Madame’s recommendations.”

Cedric intervened. He didn’t know about dresses or fabrics, but he could add a word for the money issue.

“Madame knows the best, don’t you think?”

“Even if it is expensive, this kind of embroidery is for the works. Wouldn’t it be better for someone who looks good to wear it?”

“The person that suits you is the Lady! There are only a few people who can pull off this kind of fabric.”

Artizea rebuffs such praise. It’s a merchant’s praise anyway. What can’t they say to sell?

When Artizea had a grim face, Emily had a burning face.

She finally closed her eyes and said.

“I will only take the fabric price.”

“I’m not trying to get it.”

“Instead, when the Lady gets married, please leave your wedding dress and the first party dress you will wear after the wedding to me.”

Artizea thought for a moment. Honestly, she wasn’t trying to cut down the price. However, she couldn’t help but be swayed if it was cut down to such an extent.

It was not Artizea, but Cedric who answered.

“Please do that.”

“Your Grace.”

“It’s not about price when getting a lady a gift.”

Artizea looked at him with a subtle look and nodded.

The simplest and best way to spread gossip between man and woman is to spend money. It was strange that Cedric knew that.

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Well, she knew he sent Emily because he knew so.

“Thank you. Then, I will proceed.”

Emily said thanks with a bright face.

This job will add the best line to her career.

The two have not yet set a date for their marriage, but the chances are very high.

If she had the opportunity to make a wedding dress for the Great Duke of Evron, it was worth the considerable amount of loss.

How bitter it was that she wasn’t able to make Roygar’s dress.

Artizea has elegant bones and fair skin.

She rarely dressed to suit her beautiful appearance, but she was born with elegance and ladylikeness.

She wasn’t as passionate a beauty as her mother, Miraila.

She lacked the charming attitude and adorable laughter that people demanded of girls this age, nor she had sweet looks and flushed cheeks.

However, a person with such a beautiful and undisturbed frame shines with age.

Emily had the ability to see beyond a person’s appearance and see through the real temperament in it.

Emily wasn’t saying this because she was a big guest, but it was a really good material.

A great model, the best fabric, and the lavish wares, this was a seamstress’ joy.

“I’ve been interfering for too long. Then, I think I’ll proceed as it is, and I will come back.”

Emily bowed, speaking politely. The employees bowed behind her, designed it, and arranged the samples, and left out like a low tide.

There were only them two left behind among the previous piles of fabrics and laces, and all sorts of things that dizzy the eye. Cedric became very awkward.

Soon Sophie came and put down the tea with a refreshing scent on the table.

Alphonse guards the door outside.

Cedric took a sip of tea and sighs.

“I think I’ll get some. I couldn’t sleep much last night.”

“It seems like you are more tired of dealing with Emily than staying up all night.”

“It’s just that I’m not used to it.”

Cedric said with a straight face.

“Last night, various things happened. I apologize to the Lady for that, and I want to confirm something.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

“The next time we meet, I told you that I will bring Saintess Olga’s heart, but it has become difficult to keep that promise.

Artizea was not surprised or disappointed.

“You know everything.”

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Cedric sighed.

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The Villainess Lives Twice Chapter 26: Translator: effefille
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