Chapter 30

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Artizea stopped by the Tuvalet room for a while before going to the terrace where the tea party was prepared.

Now, her Tuvalet room was overflowing with flowers and gifts.

Sophie greeted Artizea.

“Welcome, Miss. Are you going to change your clothes?”

“No. I just came to check. Are all of these flowers gifts?”

“Yes. I brought the ones from the Grand Duke of Evron to the bedroom, and I wrote down exactly who sent the gifts. Among the rest of the gifts, flowers and lace from the women were decorated on the terrace today.”

“And? “

“It was discussed with the butler to separate the gifts received from men over the age of 40 years old. Additionally, expensive gifts such as jewelry or those from unmarried young men were all returned.”

Sophie responded nervously, unsure of whether she may have acted out of line.

“For the wedding, I have made a list of items in need of attention and put it in the warehouse for you to check and decide at a later time.”

“Well done.”

Artizea replied lightly.

Sophie relaxed and laughed. Sophie was hired as the chore maid of the Marquess Rosan, but was assigned to Artizea’s maid for her interest in dressing up.

It was one of the few occasions that Bill treated Artizea as the lady of the house.

Even if she was a maid serving a lady, the salary she received was no different from that of a servant maid.

When there was short of work, she was called to the laundry room that everyone hates. It was not a treatment for the maid who aids the lady that was going to be the successor.

Sophie liked Artizea, so she wasn’t dissatisfied with how poorly she had been treated..

But Artizea had often been ignored and only had shabby clothing in her possession, so Sophie always felt sorry for her.

The situation then turned over within a month, Bill was kicked out and his employer changed.

The rude ones were expelled, and all important positions were filled with people who were polite to Artizea.

Most of them were from the Hanson family, who changed their name, and former employees who were close to them.

Invitations and flowers arrived like a mountain every day to the young lady.

It was rewarding to have served the lady through tough times, because both Sophie and Alice were recognized as Artizea’s closest aids.

She was also in charge of the full wardrobe, jewelry, and Tuvalet room that overflowed with flowers and gifts.

Some people used the gifts as a bribe for Artizea asking to deliver letters to Cedric.

It seemed that the heavens and earth had opened up.

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At first, she also felt anxious. She was afraid that Miraila and Lawrence would come back anytime and overturn everything.

But now she was just proud. As far as Sophie, who is only a maid, knows, Artizea is now a celebrity in the social world.

Politics and public opinion were infested with the case of Baron Yetz, but it was not the only topic in the social world. Grand Duke Evron’s engagement couldn’t help but make headlines.

Cedric has always worked in the interest of the people as he grew up and eventually taken over the title. Who will be Grand Duke Evron’s relative? Who will occupy the shield of the North and the hero of the West.

Refreshingly, few people talked about Cedric himself in that engagement.

The part to be interested in Cedric was the fame and influence he gained from this incident rather than the engagement.

On the other hand, Artizea suddenly became a socialite celebrity as much despite her lack of involvement.

Whether Cedric decides to join hands with Lawrence, and what will happen to the Duke’s wealth? Even with that alone, the nobles could debate all night long.

As such, Artizea’s name was mentioned a lot. People wanted to know what she was like.

The women told more romantic stories than what existed.

There was no one who did not wonder how she became connected with Cedric.

It was all wonderful. From meeting by chance due to a damaged carriage in a suburban temple; to Cedric and Artizea dancing at a Duke’s ball; a proposal gift that sparked the case of Baron Yetz; and a year’s worth of dresses from Emily’s boutique.

Even the young men of marriageable age showed interest as if they had found a pearl on the beach.

Some men asked Artizea for a date or sent gifts.

Artizea dismissed such interest. Sophie thought it was terribly strange.

She’s known for a long time that Artizea doesn’t show her feelings much.

But still, it wasn’t really stupid.

Sophie used to think that Artizea was just a young, immature girl.

But one day, Artizea suddenly became really calm.

Though she had experienced a lot throughout her childhood, it seemed as if all of that disappeared.

Even the beautiful gifts that would have made her heart flutter in the past were no different from a cobblestone on the side of the road.

It was a pity for Sophie.

“I’ll do you a new hairstyle, my lady.”

“It’s okay. It’s just a light tea time.”

“Yes. It’s your first time hosting a tea party like this.”

Artizea smiled.

“It’s a common thing for the guests.”

“Then wait a minute.”

Sophie rearranged her dress again. Artizea flinched when Sophie slightly pulled up her sleeves to reveal her bracelet.

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“These days, the shorter sleeves are in style.”


“Because it’s gotten a lot hotter. It will be summer soon.”

Artizea did not answer. But her cheeks were a little red.

Sophie became satisfied. The bracelet was fine, and it was good that the Lady was engaged to a nice man. And more than that, it was good that Artizea’s face changed like a girl when she talked about it.


Guests had already arrived on the terrace.

Among them, Artizea and Miel, the daughter of Keshore, were the only ones that were really acquainted. Artizea was the first to greet her among the other four guests.

“Welcome, Lady Miel.”

“Hello, Lady Artizea. I’m glad you invited me here.”

Miel smiled brightly, greeted and held Artizea’s hand.

“How are you today?”

“Maybe because of the good weather, I’m in great shape. I can even accept Lady Artizea’s invitation like this. I used the bath product that you gave me last time. Once I put it in the water, afterwards, my hands and feet were so nice and warm. I was able to walk for a long time.”

“Even in the hot weather, I feel much better after some warm water.”

“Thank you for always taking care of me. I don’t know if my father fully conveyed my gratitude. Oh, this is my cousin Hazel.”

The girl who was waiting next to Miel greeted her with a reddish face.

“Hello, Lady Rosan.”

“It’s nice to meet you. I am Artizea Rosan.”

Artizea bowed politely, bending slowly at the waist.

“Thank you for inviting me. I really wanted to meet you.”

Hazel greeted her as if she was seeing a childhood friend whom she hasn’t seen in years.

Neither Miel nor Artizea knew much of the guests because they were hardly socializing.

The other guests who were invited this time were introduced by Hazel, as the two people had a small social range. All were girls of marriageable age.

Of course, they weren’t really unknown to Artizea.

She knew most of the socialites, so she had basic information about all the guests.

Some of these people didn’t have any special biographies, but some would become a noble lady in the future.

Artizea was particularly interested in Hazel.

Hazel was intelligent, had a good memory, and was sociable. And was rather snobbish.

She knew that Hazel would show off her personal connections without being offensive, and she was also a player in spreading news.

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She wasn’t a bad person to get close to.

Artizea and the guests sat down. All the guests looked at her outfit and the mansion with twinkling eyes.

Although Artizea’s dress looked modest, it was made of luxurious cotton fabric.

The undecorated design looked rather classy, ​​and the diamond bracelet over her slender wrist was rather emphasized.

The eyes of some of the guests quietly passed through the bracelet. It seemed to be the bracelet that was widely rumored to be given by Cedric as an engagement gift.

As news of their engagement came out in a newspaper article, two-line diamond bracelets became popular as a gesture for love in the last month.

Wasn’t it a gem whose name circulated as the Saintess Olga’s heart, that started the incident?

It was not just diamond bracelets, a second line of crystal bracelets that were being sold at a commoner’s price was also being used as a gift for marriage proposals and was thus being sold in large quantities.

“So it turns out that Sir Alphonse isn’t here. I heard that he’s always around.”

Someone asked with curiosity.

It was also a famous story that Cedric sent the strongest and most reliable man among the Knights of Evron to Artizea.

“Yes. He’s not here today because he’s on urgent business.”

It was then. A maid came running to her.

“Lady! Lady!”

“What are you making such a fuss about? Can’t you see the guests?”

Artizea rebuked the maid. But the maid said urgently, turning pale.

“The Madam is back!”

There was a loud noise from outside. She heard Bill yelling and someone screaming.

Artizea stood up from her seat at a slow pace. It was because she didn’t want to look strange to others.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be away for a moment.”

“Ah yes.”

Miel had a pale face, not knowing what to do.

It was when Artizea had just opened the terrace door. Miraila was right there.


Miraila looked at Artizea with an angry face.

From behind, a maid was clinging onto the hem of Miraila’s dress after repeatedly informing her that Artizea was entertaining guests.

Artizea laid her eyes down with a calm face.

Miraila’s gaze glanced from head to toe. After that, she saw the flowers and lace on the terrace.

“There are rumors that you caught a man and you’ve been very spoiled.”

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Miraila said sharply.

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