“That’s ridiculous. I think I can get rid of you of your neck enough with 2 gold. Even if you risk your life, it’s nothing to me,” Artizea said.

“Anyone who has a vengeful spirit is helpful enough to not throw up anything even if they are set on fire.”

Terry said so and tried to put her hand into the furnace to prove what she was saying. Alice caught her hurriedly.

Artizea laughed bitterly.

“There is no need to do anything stupid to prove your determination. Wouldn’t it rather be useless if you get a big burn?”

“Then will you listen to my request?”

“Even if I use you, I can’t send you to the Roygar Grand Duchy as Marchioness Camellia’s maid, Terry. She already knows almost everything about you. That means Marchioness Camellia can easily find out.”

Artizea said so.

“And even if you’re useful, I might not grant your wish.”

“But you’re going to destroy Grand Duke Roygar and Marchioness Camellia, right?”

Terry’s father was a baron’s second son. The title was not inherited, but the rank was at the end of the nobility.

Her only sister caught the interest of Grand Duke Roygar. While Grand Duchess Roygar was dissatisfied with it.

Nothing really happened. Terry’s older sister wasn’t foolish enough to pay attention to a man with a wife.

Terry’s older sister even took refuge in a relative’s house in the western region to avoid it.

Nevertheless, Marchioness Camellia murdered Terry’s older sister to comfort her brother’s heart.

The murder was tricky. Terry’s sister’s murder was disguised as suicide.

Terry’s family did not believe she committed suicide. But it was impossible to reveal the truth.

Probably, even if revealed, it would not hurt Grand Duke Roygar or Marchioness Camellia.

This was so common that it wasn’t even worth paying attention to for long.

Having left alone, she abandoned her status as the daughter of a knight. And went into Viscount Weave as a maid.

That was eight years ago.

For eight years she realized how insignificant her existence was.

“There can be no absolute power in the world. The young lady is the fiancée of Grand Duke Evron and the sister of Lord Lawrence. For whoever it is, I know that one day the lady will fight Grand Duke Roygar.”

Terry looked at Artizea with clear eyes.

“If you use me to increase your chances of winning, if you can destroy them by doing so, it will be my revenge in the end.”

That couldn’t be enough. However, as Terry, there was no other way to take revenge except to be part of the weapon Artizea would hold.

Artizea knew some people with such determination.

And, like Terry said, such a person was useful.

“Good. I will use you. If you’re lucky, it might be part of the blade that will slice Grand Duke Roygar’s neck.”

“Thank you.”

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Terry was really pleased. It wasn’t difficult to put Terry into what was going on anyway.

Artizea intended to send someone to the Riagan Duchy in the south. She decided to put Terry in its place.

It is unclear whether there will be any future use.

However, the spy must be sent from a time when they could not even think of the hostile relationship before it becomes useful.

Thanks to Terry, Artizea was able to lay a stone that is completely separate from the information organization to be created in the future.

It wasn’t a plan in the original blueprint, but it was a big point.

“Rise up, Terry.”

Artizea took off her veil. It meant that Terry was one of her own.

Terry’s gaze touched Freil once.

But soon fell politely. If Artizea thought he was a person she didn’t care to know, she didn’t care either. That’s what loyalty is for.

Artizea gave her the marriage certificate.

Terry Ford became Lexen’s wife, who didn’t even know her face.

“You’re going to go to the South Sea under the name of Mrs. Lexen. You can tell the maid of the Weaves that you’ve become lucky to be the wife of a junior noble.”


“Since you said you had relatives of the Ford family in the south, it wouldn’t be difficult to get into the social world. On the way, you’ll receive a letter of introduction from the Duchess of Riagan’s maid.”


“From there, you’ll do what you can. If possible, try to earn the duchess’ trust. If you can be a maid, it’s better, and if not, you should at least be a friend of the maid.”

“Yes. “

“Okay, I’ll get back to you when you’re useful.”

Artizea gave her an ebony box lined with gold.

Instead of a wedding present, Terry took out the ring from the box and put it on.

Then she stood up. With the ebony box in her arms, Terry knelt again.

“I’ll pray to God for news.”

“The object you should be praying for is not God, but the devil.”

“Either way, it doesn’t matter.”

“Good luck,” Artizea said.

Terry went out.

Artizea offered Freil a seat this time. Freil’s mind was all confused.

He walked a few steps away from Artizea’s escort position.

“To send a spy to the Riagan Duchy, you buy the title of a western nobleman?”

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Artizea tilted the cooled teapot on her hand.

“The Duke of Riagan is not an independent power, but rather a servant who follows the orders of His Majesty the Emperor… But in order to encompass the empire, it is imperative to keep the southern powers in mind.”

Suddenly, the scale of the story expanded enormously.

Freil’s mind woke up.

“Are you going to jump into the battle for succession of the empire?”


“Are you serious?”

“Why do you think I’m not serious? Cedric’s mother was His Majesty the Emperor’s relative. From the lineage, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Cedric has the right to it in the first place.”

Artizea said plainly. Freil replied sharply.

“Don’t try to drag Grand Duke Evron into a pointless war.”

“I’m sure you’ve never thought of that before, Sir Freil. I couldn’t have been the only one to suggest that.”

Artizea smiled.

“Power is something that has the nature to exclude others. This is something you have to do to survive.”

If you do nothing, what’s in front of Cedric is purging.

The military authority who captured the hearts of the soldiers is dangerous. In addition, the people’s hero is even more dangerous.

If he has both of them at the same time and has an imperial lineage, he must be removed first, needless to say.

Had Cedric been stupid or incompetent, he would have been fine. If so, Evron would be able to secure safety by giving their hand to one of the two successors.

But Cedric is too good. Even if Freil himself is a figure in Lawrence or Roygar’s, he will surely try to get rid of him.

“I understood the words of the Lady. But how can I trust the Lady Heiress? Sir Lawrence is the real brother of the Lady.”

“It would be hard to believe even if I said that an unqualified person should not be emperor,” Artizea said. “So, what if I tell you that I covet the position of Empress? Is that believable?”

“The Lady has proposed a two-year contract marriage.”

Said Freil. If being the empress was the purpose, it would have been a proper marriage rather than a limited-time contract marriage.

Artizea smiled.

“I did.”

Freil bit his mouth in front of the smile.

“I want to prevent destruction. The only alternative was Cedric,” Artizea said softly.

“Lady Heiress.”

“The empire already lacks the vitality of its founding. The law has become obsolete, and there are more things that don’t do its work properly,” she said.

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“Now, the emperor is high and it is maintained. His Majesty is selfish and arrogant, but not incompetent, but can brother Lawrence or Grand Duke Roygar truly unite the empire like his Majesty Gregor? I don’t think so.”

“I won’t deny it.”

“The north will be abandoned, the west will be destroyed by monster waves, the east will be independent, and the south will be devoured by the Eimmel kingdom. The empire will be torn to pieces.”

Artizea closed her eyes and breathed a huge sigh.

She struggled desperately to maintain the empire after Lawrence became prince.

However, it would have been better to just leave it to pieces.

If it was going to perish anyway, it was better for it to fight and open a new era rather than be destroyed in the hands of the mad emperor.

If so, Cedric would have had a way to make a recovery.

Artizea felt anguish and placed her hand on her chest. And she tried to control her mind.

“But in Cedric’s way, he never holds power in imperial politics right now. In order to acquire power itself, a proper means is needed. Cedric’s justice can only be realized after taking power.”

Artizea knew her method might not be right, but it was effective.

She already had a successful experience.

It wasn’t a successful life, but maybe later she got tossed out, but that had nothing to do with the process of raising Lawrence as emperor.

Again, Artizea had confidence that she could do it.

Her role is to give Cedric power. As with Lawrence, the work after that was not hers.

“So it’s two years. To stand by His Grace, to do things that Evron couldn’t do.”

Freil said so and remained silent for a while. He was wise enough to understand the meaning of Artizea’s words.

His heart pounded.

The future, the size of the determination, the firmness, and the coolness of an only 18-year-old girl, Freil felt ashamed of himself.

“I understand what you mean. You’re right. I’m not going to tell His Grace about this.”

Freil breathed a small sigh.

Cedric’s loyalty and support all come from the fact that he was a just person.

By harming it, Artizea’s will cannot be fulfilled. But at the same time, she has to do something that his way cannot.

Eventually Artizea will fall apart, doing what Evron cannot do.

Freil knew he, himself, was the best person to help her.

Because he knows how to doubt.

He can doubt Artizea and doubt what she does. Conversely, he will be doubting any incoming information.

And it can be judged beyond Cedric’s knowledge.

What is needed for this kind of work is not loyalty. It is distrust and prudence.

That’s why she revealed everything to Freil even though she knew it could be a threat to her organization.

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He slowly knelt in front of Artizea. And, as in a pledge of allegiance, he bowed his head and kissed the back of her hand.

“You will need support, right? I will be with you.”

Artizea gave a small nod.

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