Chapter 43

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On the way back, the two added a little more about the wedding.

“Even if I want to ask Cedric for work, I can’t. I’m not trying to make you comfortable, but it’s because I can’t believe you.”

“Am I so incompetent?”

“Because there are areas that suit people, and there are areas that don’t. Can you understand why Countess Katasha and Countess Paella both wrote letters saying they would come in tan dresses?”

Cedric shook his head silently, as he couldn’t even guess.

“The two are competing with each other in the social world. They are having a war of nerves over the dress, saying the other person copied them. They’re trying to gain the upper hand by telling me in advance.”

“Should I care about that?”

“If you care a little, you can prevent the trouble, but there is no reason not to.”

“Well…… maybe, if I have my subordinates do that, I guess they would follow the rules and then tell them to settle for themselves when a fight arises.”

“Would Cedric like that?”

“I prefer to prevent the disturbance in advance. I don’t know how.”

He looked at Artizea with a look of attention. Artizea smiled.

“They don’t have to be seated at the same table, but you just have to sit them down with another person who needs to pay attention to.”

Artizea gave him the right answer.

Of course, it is a matter to think about where to actually place them.

Cedric finally shook his head.

“Don’t worry because Ansgar helps me well. I can’t ask Cedric for such chores.”

“No matter what you think, I don’t think I’m useful in the entire capital. It’s only that I saved you time to practice dancing.”

“Let’s step on each other’s feet and pretend not to know….”

On second thought, she felt cheated, so Artizea said so. As she thought about it, her cheeks turned red unknowingly.

“I know you don’t attend social gatherings very much, but when did you practice dancing like that?”

“I think I have a sense of rhythm. I learned it easily when I was young. I have been praised by my dance teacher many times.”

“You knew you were a good dancer, didn’t you?”

Cedric’s face also blushed.

“I didn’t mean to make fun of you. I mean it.”

“I don’t think you were trying to make fun of me. Thank you. It was the first time I ever danced like that at a ball.”

Then Cedric’s face turned redder.

Artizea answered plainly.

But when Cedric became awkward, she became very awkward, and bowed his head.

The two returned to the mansion silently, staring at different places.

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“Lady! You’re late!”

Sophie hurried out, saw Cedric and was startled, stopping her steps.

“I, I’m sorry, Grand Duke.”

“No. Is there anything urgent?”

“My lady, you really can’t do this. Did you forget that today’s the wedding dress fitting?”

“I didn’t forget. Is Madame Emily already here?”

“Yes. Honestly, you forgot your last fitting, but you have to do it right today. You don’t have enough time.”

Artizea sighed a little. It was troublesome.

Cedric was looking at her.

Cedric opened his mouth, but he was stunned. Quite a long time. That’s because it was a matter of determination.

“Shall we see it together?”

“The wedding dress fitting?”

“Well, first of all, I’m the groom, right?”

Artizea had a perplexed face. Awkward air flowed between the two.

It is common to invite a husband or fiance to the Tuvalet room. Even more, if it’s a love marriage, they would have seen the wedding dress together.

However, even though they lived in one house, the two were not close enough.

Rather, they were able to talk positively without a wall when sharing about political opinions or discussing practical and serious discussions.

However, when it came to a strangely personal situation, it was awkward and they couldn’t even speak.

Cedric hesitated when entering the Tuvalet room.

Even Artizea couldn’t tell him to come in either.

Cedric said with a slightly reddened face.

“I’m sorry to say something useless. I was afraid you might be embarrassed.”

“Oh, no.”

Artizea bowed her head.

“Then go in first. I have to go back out.”

“Yes. Go ahead!”

Artizea greeted and turned around.

Did Cedric have a schedule to go out? She searched her memories, but couldn’t know for certain whether she just couldn’t think of it or if she truly just didn’t know. It was because her head was blank, as if it had turned white for a moment.

Artizea took her mechanical steps to the Tuvalet room. She felt Cedric’s gaze still standing behind her back.

Even her left feet and right feet had cooled down, so she doubted that she was walking properly.

Sophie followed Artizea’s and whispered.

“Lady, why did you do that?”

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“What did I do?”

“It would be nice to ask His Grace to look at it.”

“It’s not like Cedric is going to change the design just by looking at it.”

“But still. I caught a glimpse at it, and it was really pretty. If you wear it, you will surely be like a princess.”

“I am not a child, and I do not want to be a princess.”

Artizea said so.

As she climbed up to the second floor, Emily greeted her with a bright face.

“Welcome, Lady Heiress. His Grace didn’t come with you?”

Artizea frowned slightly.

“I think I made a very nice dress in a short time. The Grand Duke will surely be satisfied.”

“He didn’t come with me.”

Sophie noticed that Artizea didn’t like it very much, while Emily looked visibly disappointed.

“Isn’t it because you’re more likely to rip off Cedric than me?”

“No, no way.”

Emily fiercely denied.

“It’s nothing but a wedding dress. It’s my clothes. All I have to do is to be satisfied, I don’t intend to cause trouble for Cedric.”

“How can you say that? And nothing else, it’s a wedding dress.”

Emily said as she took her sewing pins to fit Artizea’s body.

“I understand that you’re busy, but you can’t be too uninterested. As a woman who makes clothes, I don’t quite understand. Isn’t the dress the alpha and omega of the wedding, from beginning to the end, and even the flower?”

“I don’t have time. I have a lot of other things to do.”

“That’s right. It’s too tight. You have to commend me for doing this in as little as two months. It was fortunate that I was just bringing in many kinds of white cloth.”

“You’ve worked hard.”

“You’ve gained a little bit of weight on your arms and shoulders than when I measured it before. It looks much better. Your waist is a little better now too.”

She said it looked so precarious so far, and Emily snapped her pin into her waist. Then Sophie intervened.

“The butler and the kitchen are united to this purpose and are also pressuring His Grace, so she’ll be looking even better soon.”

“His Grace Evron?”

“Yes. He became the Lady’s personal snack messenger.”

Sophie put her nose up like it’s her own story.

“Stop it. Cedric keeps bringing snacks because it’s awkward.”

“I saw the butler serving midnight snacks in Cedric’s hand.”

“Maybe. What’s the big deal with talking about him to this person?”

Artizea scolded Sophie.

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But it was a serious story for Emily. She asked anxiously.

“Would you like to gain a little more weight?”

“Would I have to gain such weight in a month or two?”

“It will look good if you gain a little more weight. That’s right, but I’m afraid it won’t fit after sealing it in this state.”

Emily looked worried, and had a distressed face.

“If you get in trouble, I can just tighten the waist with a corset… Now, look in the mirror.”

Artizea turned to the mirror as Emily told her.

“How do you feel?”

“It’s well made.”

“Of course!”

Emily said.

The dress was designed to fit snugly on the upper body, and has a thin fabric from the waist with fine folds that spread out.

“It’s not the latest trendy style these days. The Lady’s overall body is slim, so this neat design would be more suitable than emphasizing the curve of the body.”

Artizea smiled bitterly, knowing that she twisted the words ‘dried’ so gracefully.

“If I had more time, I would have put on jewelry to make it shine properly, but I didn’t have enough time to do that. I was still able to get the fabric embroidered with silk thread.”

As Emily said so, she showed the fabric around Artizea’s waist.

It wasn’t noticeable because it was embroidered on white fabric with white embroidery, but every time the light hit it, it shimmered.

“It’s too simple as a wedding dress for someone who will be the Marchioness of Rosan and the Grand Duchess of Evron, but this is the best it can get.”

“Wow! But it’s really pretty!”

“You’ll look so good!”

The maids burst into cheers. Emily’s nose rose by a centimeter.

Artizea smiled bitterly.

“Yes. Do it like this.”

Artizea wasn’t the main character of the wedding anyway.

Now the whole society is listening to the wedding, how are the bride’s clothes, how are the gifts.

But what everyone really expects is a scandal.

How will Miralia, who slapped and trampled on her daughter, attend the wedding?

What attitude will the emperor, who is showing a favorable attitude to this wedding, take on Miralia?

What will the girl look like when she regains the Marquisate from her family’s grip in an instant?

Is it easy or not? Is it usable or not? Is the Grand Duke Evron corrupted or not?

Those are the real interests.

Anyway, the moment all attendees are revealed, the bride’s wedding dress will become a passing topic.

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However, Artizea was captivated by the strange movement inside of her chest. She seemed to be anxious, and her heart was pounding with tension.

Knock, knock.

Then she heard a knock on the door of the Tuvalet room.

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