Chapter 44

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Even though she didn’t answer to come in, the door opened.

Alice came in, her cheeks hot with excitement. As if she had run, she was gasping for breath.


“What happened?”

Artizea turned to her and asked calmly.

Alice seemed to come to her senses when she saw the colorful room filled with dresses, jewelry and fabrics. Taking her breath, she strides towards Artizea.

“Kaah! You’ll get dust on it!”

“You can’t step on it!”

Emily’s employees made a fuss, but Alice didn’t seem to be inclined to do so.

“My lady, the news came from the Marquisate of Rosan.”

Alice said quietly into Artizea’s ear.

Emily quickly noticed and distanced herself from Artizea. Sophie opened her eyes and tilted her head.

“Last night… No, this dawn, they said Bill died.”

“I see.”

It looks like Rye did the job right.

“Well done.”

Artizea praised Alice.

It’s too trivial this time. However, it is important to hear the news even a little earlier than others.

For Alice, the work of dealing with information was no different. She was commendable.

Alice grinned with delight.

“Yes. Nora came to deliver the news to me. She is a maid who worked in the laundry room.”

“I’ll remember.”

This is all due to the effects of offering bribes in the name of gifts.

She was told to let them know if there was any news, and she ran as soon as she knew that this incident had happened and delivered it to Alice.

Sophie heard the name Nora and opened her ears.

“Who is Nora?”

“Oh, that’s….”

“Bill is dead.”

Alice looked at Artizea, wondering if she had to hide it.

Artizea nodded her head in an attitude that was not in the slightest surprise or agitation.

Miraila’s butler died. Anyway, the news would spread even after half a day.

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Articles will also appear in the newspaper this week. There was no reason to hide it.

“Oh my gosh!”

Sophie was startled and stopped the scream with her hand. Emily shouted in surprise too.

Since Miraila had been to Emily’s several times, most of her staff knew about Bill.

Amazement and shock spread.

“Oh, how did that happen?”

“Last night the madam, alas.”

Alice stopped talking, and she quickly shut her mouth. It was noticeable that she had mentioned Miraila.

Artizea shook her head lightly and gave a sign that it didn’t matter. Then Alice said with confidence.

“It looks like the Madam hit Bill in her hysteria, so he got angry and went out for a drink in the middle of the night.”


“He didn’t come back until morning. The Madam got up in the morning and looked for Bill, but she was angry again because he wasn’t there. So the servants went around all the nearby bars and looked for him, and they found him. He fell down on the street and died.”

“Oh my God. Was it a heart attack or something like that?”

“No, but someone hit him with a stone from the back and stole his wallet. It’s a frequent crime in the neighborhood. Bill was unlucky to fall forward and hit his head wrongly and died in an instant.”

“That’s terrible.”

Sophie muttered to herself, Emily asked again.

“Did they find the culprit?”

“No. I reported it to the police, but there is no hope of finding the criminal.”

“I suppose so.”

“I heard they will investigate but there’s not much to say. I guess it’s hard to say that it was done and disguised by someone with a grudge. They said Bill took out his wallet at the bar and splashed money last night.”

Rye has never disappointed Artizea in this matter.

This completely hides the source of the book copied by Bill.

Artizea hid a satisfying smile.

Emily asked in bewilderment.

“Why the hell did he do that?”

“He would have said he lived this miserable life to get this money. The butler is not like that once or twice.”

Sophie answered in a small voice. But it was a tone of compassion.

“I hated the butler more than the Madam, but to hear he’s dead…”

“The Madam… What did she say? He was her favorite butler.”

“I think she was shocked. She fainted.”

At Alice’s answer, Emily turned to Artizea. Artizea returned the gaze with an indifferent expression.

Emily put her eyes down.

“I see.”

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Emily didn’t even say her next words, but Artizea knew what she had come up with.

She herself came here, and some time ago, Lawrence also left the house. Miraila was left alone in that house.

In such a situation, even the butler was killed. She must have wondered if it would be okay to just leave her alone.

As Artizea looked at her silently, Emily hurriedly lowered her gaze.

She is a renowned seamstress, so the ladies are friendly, but she wasn’t in a position to face Artizea and talk easily.

It was a sin to dare to come up with advice. In addition, Emily knew about Artizea’s inner situation. She was so sorry that she tried to show her sympathy for Miraila.

“I’m sorry, Lady Heiress.”

“What’s there to be sorry about?”

Emily politely bowed her head.

“Alice, the maid named Nora is not gone yet?”

“Yes. I urgently told her to wait for a while to inform you of the news, and then came up. Maybe she wants to see you.”

“I want to, but I can’t meet her because I’m in this situation. You can treat her to a cup of tea in my place.”

“Yes, thank you, Miss.”

Alice bowed her head to say her greetings and ran out. This is because she knew that the word ‘in my place’ means to give a reward instead.

As for Alice, she was able to make her face big.

Sophie hesitated and said.

“Miss, can I go out for a while?”


“Thank you! I worked in the laundry room before serving you, and I know Nora well. Thank you, I’ll be here soon!”

Sophie followed Alice.

Emily continued to work silently for a while.

When Sophie’s fuss disappeared, the Tuvalet room became very cold.

Artizea got bored and asked Emily.

“You’re done with the wedding dress, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but there were many things I wanted to show you…”

Emily said with a fretful face as if it was unfortunate.

With big guests like a bride preparing to get married, the combination of their demeanor, excitement, and accustomedness to large expenditures, creates a fearlessness to the world.

However, Artizea was not as excited as she thought and the least she could do was save her face. She was the first to have such great fortune and didn’t know how to use it.

But she had one thing that would make Emily happy.

She had lived a long time in the Marquisate of Rosan. The unit of money in the accounts book was far beyond the budget of a family.

“You’ve already taken the dimensions, so do anything else on your own. You don’t have to worry about the money.”

Emily’s cheeks rose brightly.

“When the Grand Duke said that, you said it was a waste.”

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“Because it’s not my money, but the money that Cedric uses.”

“It’s ridiculous to call it a waste!”

Emily said in a shrill voice, and at this time she was full of energy, causing Artizea to flinch.

“I know what you’re talking about.”

Cedric’s spending money on her also has functional value. It didn’t matter much.

Yet, she felt embarrassed for no reason. Maybe it was because she felt sorry for being treated as a bride even though it wasn’t even a real marriage

「This is ‘our marriage’.」

The sound of her beating heart seemed to be spreading to her ear.

Artizea rolled her eyes down and felt a strange heat rising from the corner of her heart.

Cedric needs to be careful with his words. She knows he’s not trying to seduce a woman, but his sincere face and sincere voice were overly powerful.

Artizea knew that she understood what he wanted to say.

In any case, the Artizea in his eyes is an 18-year-old who just got out of her mother’s grasp.

It must have seemed sad that she was focusing on conspiring rather than preparing for marriage.

‘Don’t be nervous, don’t be pressured, but still, because it is a marriage, enjoy all that you can enjoy as a bride.’

‘Because you are a kind person.’

She’s someone who didn’t deserve such consideration.

With that in mind, the heat moving in her chest cooled down.

And her head was full of work to do.

She couldn’t think slowly, like Cedric said. If she has six hands, she would be moving all of them.

There’s nothing good about stalling time. It is better to drop Lawrence as soon as possible.

Emily denied it when she found herself lost in thought.

“No. I don’t think you know me at all.”

“Madam Emily.”

“A man on the verge of marriage is the time when he invests the most in a woman in his lifetime. The upper limit is no different from what he receives at this time. You should not lower that limit yourself!”

“It’s okay. I’m the Marchioness of Rosan.”

Emily mumbled and bit her mouth.

“He’s not going to have any financial difficulties…”

“Don’t say anything, just do your job well. Don’t you know more about what you need for a cloth product? I don’t have time to take care of each one.”

“Lady Heiress.”

The happy marriage that Emily envisioned was not the concern of Artizea. It wasn’t going to happen.

It was Artizea herself that made the people around her mistake it for a love marriage, so she had nothing to say otherwise.

“It’s Sophie who manages my wardrobe, so tell her. I’ll pay a generous amount for her labor expenses.”

Emily sighed.

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“I thought you could see the light now…..”

“Isn’t making and wearing beautiful clothes that change reality?”

Artizea said that and finished her fitting, listening to Emily’s sighs.

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