Chapter 49

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Ahead of the wedding, Artizea invited the Marquisate of Rosan’s relatives.

“Nothing is going to be different from what it has been.”

That was the first thing Artizea said.

All of the direct descendants of the Marquis of Rosan died.

Despite doubts about her lineage, Artizea was forced to inherit as the only descendant.

At that time, the number of people who rebelled against what Milaira did was not small.

However, at the time, no one had the legitimacy enough that Marcus believed and to serve as master. No one was competent enough.

The years have passed without any access to the authority of the Marquisate of Rosan.

Some lined up for Milaira, but most were unsuccessful.

After losing the Marquisate’s glory, a significant number of them lost their family business and went bankrupt.

After Rosan, some completely cut off relations with the Marquisate and planned a way to live. Some of them were quite financially successful.

However, no one returned to the society where Milaira was.

There were many people who expected something to change as Artizea became the Marchioness of Rosan after becoming independent from Milaira.

[Even if she inherits the title, it is because of marriage. Isn’t she a young girl who is only 18 years old? You’ll need a guardian.]

[To capture the heart of the Grand Duke Evron, as expected, the blood cannot be deceived….. No, I’m saying that because I think it’s great.]

[I heard that she fought and split with Milaira, but if so, wouldn’t she need a relative to take care of her from now on? And even more so if she wants to do well as Grand Duchess Evron.]

Such whispers spread among the relatives who gathered in the capital after a long time.

Some of them tried to contact Artizea first.

Until now, Artizea has ignored them all. Because she already knew that none of them could be useful.

However, she thought she had to make sure at least once in order for them to be quiet in the future as well as in the weddings.

So she invited them to the capital and to the wedding. And gathered them in one place.

Artizea appeared with Marcus and sat down at the head of the table.

She spoke straightforwardly without even saying hello.

“Whoever objects my inheritance rights to the Marquisate of Rosan, tell me now.”

Not one or two were dissatisfied with Artizea’s arrogant attitude.

[The little girl.]

[She was only acknowledged as Michael’s daughter because the previous Marquis wanted to prevent the scandal, but isn’t she actually an illegitimate child whose father is unknown?]

However, none of them could argue.

No one knew who Artizea’s biological father was.

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But there was no doubt that she was one of Michael’s children.

Artizea’s face, and how the previous Marquis’s attitude to hurry up and deal with the scandal proves it.

And by the emperor’s recognition, the right of inheritance became firm.

Now, the powerless side could not dare to take on the inheritance right.

Artizea looked over the crowd.

They were those who could only give in in the past and in the future.

“The Marquisate of Rosan will not merge with the Grand Duke of Evron. I will be married as an individual, not as a family to family.”

That was what she promised in case of her divorce.

“Also, I don’t plan to use incompetent individuals just because they’re close to blood. So, like I said, there’s no difference.”

Artizea said expressionlessly.

“I know that the descendant line has been too indifferent so far. From now on, I will do my duty. I will give a pension to the house where it is difficult to live, and if only the elderly and children remain, I will take care of it.”

Artizea said again.

“Marcus will take care of everything as my representative, so contact him if you need anything.”

“I would like to ask you one thing. What of the inheritance in case the Lady Heiress dies? Will all the children born become children of the Grand Duke Evron?”

A middle-aged man asked aloud.

It was rude. And it was also a fearless act.

It was a far cry to bring up the issue of inheritance to a family head who was only 18 years old.

Besides, it was the same thing to tell a little girl about her future child.

But Artizea did not shake or blush.

“The firstborn will be the successor to the Grand Duchy of Evron, and the second child will be the successor to the Marquisate of Rosan.”

It was so on the prenuptial contract.

Of course, there was no chance of having a child. Artizea said dryly as if to recite the contract.

The man who considered Artizea to be a little girl and tried to humiliate her, rather flushed at her calm response. Marcus glared at him.

“Then I think I’ve told you everything. You can comfortably stay until the wedding and then go. I’m busy, so I don’t think I have time to greet everyone one by one.”

Artizea stood up from her seat.

Even though Artizea said she had no time to greet them, several hurriedly followed her.

“Lady Heiress, Lady Heiress, ah.”

Marcus, blocked those trying to follow Artizea, standing in front of her.

“Go away. I need to talk with the Lady Heiress.The butler who abandoned the master and ran away…..”

“That’s what I have to say.”

Marcus said coldly.

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“I haven’t forgotten yet. What did the people here say when I said I’ll accuse the poisoner?”

He said with a big glance.

“If you bow down at that time, do so till the end. Unlike before, this time there will be no flaws. The person you’ll be bowing down this time is not the master’s poisoner, but the rightful master.”

No one was willing.

This is because there were none left, but even if there were those who were left, they would not have forgotten the past and came here looking to see if there was anything to benefit from.

Therefore, Marcus, like an old dog, showed his teeth to them without hesitation.


The wedding took place in one of the residences owned by Marquisate of Rosan in the capital, not in the Great Duchy of Evron.

The main reason was that until then, the cleanup was not finished.

The animals were still grazing in the middle of a ranch and the garden, and the cluttered troops came in and out. Internal repairs were not finished.

It would have been better to use an empty mansion rather than creating a hall for the ceremony.

This mansion of the Marquisate of Rosan was not usually a house to live in, but it was used at least once in a season for entertainment.

It was better than the Evron mansion, which had only accumulated long years without ever changing the interior.

Of course, Artizea wouldn’t have brought a large number of people into the mansion, even if the Grand Duke’s mansion was beautiful.

The interior wasn’t the problem, but the interior repair wasn’t finished.

It was no different to advertise that they were making secret passages, safe houses, and other new fixtures by inviting people now.

It was the end of summer.

To stop the sound of cicadas, boys hired separately ran around the garden carrying buckets of water. They couldn’t get rid of them all, so at least they can try to get rid of the sound by dampening its wings.

The door of the whole mansion was open to greet guests.

Candles were placed all over the place for the evening reception, and a golden glass of liquor was distributed to all guests.

The archbishop, who was especially invited, also shared his virtues.

The only door closed was the bride’s Tuvalet room.

The inside was true to its splendor. Emily decorated it with white lace and light pink silk.

Thanks to the pink roses decorated in various places, it was full of good scent.

“Oh my God. That’s really nice.”

As Countess Eunice came in, she made a fuss.

“I guess His Grace really cares about the Lady Heiress. Oh no, now you’re the Grand Duchess.”

“Not yet.”

“If you marry, you will inherit the title immediately. I’m telling you, weddings should be like this.”

“I heard that Countess Eunice’s wedding was also gorgeous and spectacular.”

“It was because of my father.”

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Artizea shook her head lightly.

She thought these roses were a waste. There was no reason to cherish it, but there was no reason to decorate as well.

The bride’s Tuvalet room is a place that is only open to her close friends.

However, Artizea didn’t have any relatives or friends to invite.

She was expecting a visit from only one or two guests with political purposes.

So, maybe the people below prepared the decorations to fit the illusion of a love marriage. Especially Sophie.

Artizea couldn’t even imagine that Cedric had picked and sent flowers himself.

Countess Eunice asked.

“You said you’re going on a honeymoon to the north?”

“Yes. Cedric has to man the Grand Duchy in the winter. It takes too much time to go to other regions and then return to the north.”

“It’s still a honeymoon…. It’s too bad to spend in the desolate North. Grand Duke Evron is too much. A honeymoon doesn’t come twice.”

“Cedric hasn’t been back to the land for three years. We can go somewhere else anytime we want.”

Artizea smiled with a visible smile.

“Well, with a wonderful husband, is the North a great place? Even buried in the snow, it would be hot.”

Countess Eunice smiled.

Artizea did not understand what she was trying to say. So she pretended not to know.

“I like to travel in spring and summer. There will be opportunities at some point.”

Now is the best time to greet the vassals of the Grand Duke. They should also look at the situation in the north.

Artizea only knew the Grand Duchy in writing. Its desolate land and tombs were all that she saw in her eyes of Grand Duchy Evron.

That wasn’t enough for her.

This is a place that Cedric values.

To protect it properly, it was necessary to feel it with her body and confirm it with her eyes.

“Well the Lady Heiress is not an ordinary person. There must be something more important than enjoying your honeymoon.”

Said Countess Eunice wriggling.

Knock, knock.

Someone knocked on the door.

Countess Eunice laughed loudly.

“Has the impatient groom come already?”

Before opening the door, she heard a call outside.

“Her Majesty the Empress has arrived.”

Countess Eunice was frightened and stood up.

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