The Villainess Lives Twice
Chapter 6: First Meeting (2)

Chapter 6 – First Meeting (2)

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Artizea nodded. There was no other reason why Miraila could be in such a bad mood.

Lawrence was already 22 years old.

Even the most spoiled son, at this age, would like to be away from his mother and have more freedom.

This is especially true for someone raised, like Lawrence, to be self-centered about everything.

“Did he say where he was going?”

At this point, Sophie realized that Miraila’s attention had turned to another subject, so she continued to do Artizea’s hair.

Miraila only sighed at Artizea’s question.

Artizea then consoled Miraila with her words, as she used to do.

“Lawrence has many friends, and many things to do… so it can’t be helped.”

“Yes. I know. Your brother is a wonderful man, so many people are behind him.”

Miraila lamented.

“I hope he’s not captivated by some bitch.”

“Don’t worry. My brother is a intelligent man.”

“But the problem with women is different. No matter how great a man is, if a woman decides to seduce him, he will eventually succumb to her. Because sexual desire is a male instinct.”

Miraila used to say that all the time. Artizea always wondered if that was wisdom or prejudice based on her own experience.

Anyway, Artizea already knew what she had to answer. Miraila wanted to hear something that was comforting to her.

“How could my brother do that? Mother has raised my brother with great dedication. He is not that kind of person.”

When Artizea was much younger, she used to pay attention to Miraila’s words. But now, she knew that Miraila only cared about her own interests.

Miraila nodded at her words.

“That’s right, your brother is different from other men. Still, I am worried about him. After all, when a man falls in love with a woman, he forgets about his mother. You won’t, will you?”

“Of course not, Mother. I’ll always be by your side.”

Artizea said politely and Miraila smiled with satisfaction.

“That’s obvious. You’re my daughter.”

While they were talking about it, Sophie finished curling all of Artizea’s hair.

Sophie had a good technique for making hairstyles, but she exaggerated and her curls were too short.

Miraila seemed satisfied with the hairstyle.

“Have a nice day. Remember to donate some money and try to freshen up. You should always pay attention to the temple.”

“Yes, mother.”

Artizea responded obediently.

When Artizea was 15 she had the idea of creating an information network, so she suggested donating to the temples and distributing money to the priests. Also, buy maids and servants from the imperial palace.

Miraila had tried several times to do similar things before.

However, she failed on every occasion, because compared to the large amount of money she spent, she did not have very good results.

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In the end, she succeeded after putting Artizea’s words into practice.

Even so, Miraila acted as if she had planned everything herself and that Artizea was only the errand person.

However, Artizea was not upset. In a month at most, everything would change.

She didn’t want to argue or be beaten up over such a trivial matter, so she acted as before, as if she knew nothing.

“My lady, are you all right?”

Once Miraila left, Sophie asked her with concern. Artizea nodded her head.

“It’s nothing new, is it?”

“Yes… but still…”

“Put my dress on.”

“Oh, yes.”

Sophie hurried.

Artizea wasn’t wearing a corset.

As a child, Miraila would force her to wear a little corset to make her look a little better.

However, when Artizea’s body began to look like a grown woman’s, she prevented her from wearing any tight clothing, saying it would make the men think dirty thoughts.

Sophie put a bustle on her and dressed her in a dark green striped dress.

Finally, Sophie sat her down on a chair and put her hands in Artizea’s hair.

Then, while massaging her scalp, she extended the curls she had previously curled for a perfect hairstyle.

The curls were extended to the right level.

Artizea’s hair had a nice color, so she looked beautiful with her hairstyle.

Artizea looked awkwardly in the mirror and fiddled with the tips of her hair.

“What do you think? You do not have to worry, by the time you return you will have your hair down. In any case, just spraying water can remove it.”

Sophie said cheerfully. Artizea didn’t know how to react.

She had never paid attention to her appearance.

However, it was the first time that a maid had broken the dress code, with the intention of making her look pretty.

When she was satisfied, she would give a silver coin to the maids as a token of her appreciation for their work.

‘Is it okay that I look pretty in the first place?’

Artizea had always had an obsessive anxiety about whether it was right for her to do something for herself.

‘I have to get away from my mother as soon as possible.’

She made a firm decision.

“You do not like?”

Sophie asked with an anxious look. Artizea shook her head, opened the dresser drawer, took out a silver coin and gave it to Sophie.

“On the contrary, you did a good job today.”

“Wow! Thank you very much!”

Sophie accepted the silver coin with both hands and bowed her head.

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At that moment, you could hear the sound of the door opening.

Alice came in after finishing what Artizea had ordered, and was surprised to see Artizea.

“My lady, you are very beautiful today!”

Sophie secretly made the V sign behind Artizea.

Artizea noticed and fixed her gaze on Sophie. Sophie hummed and shrugged her shoulders.

Alice, who was livelier than Sophie, said cheerfully.

“You look really pretty! It would be great if you always looked like this.”

“You’re good with words. You won’t get anything out of flattery. Did you do everything I asked?”

“Yes, I also packed the lunch boxes properly and put them in the carriage.”

“Good job.”

Artizea also gave Alice a silver coin.

Sophie finally gave her a little hat decorated with a couple of flowers.

Artizea took her beige umbrella that had a green line on the end to match the dress and went out with Alice.

The change of the future had just begun.


At that time, Grand Duke Cedric was in a barracks outside the capital.

Cedric was the emperor’s nephew. His mother was the Emperor’s sister.

Shortly after the death of the previous emperor and the ascension of the current emperor to the throne, Cedric’s parents were falsely accused of being conspirators and were killed.

At that time, almost the entire imperial family died, except for the children of the current emperor.

However, Cedric, who was a baby, and Roygar, who was 12 years old, survived the political purge.

The emperor had three children with the Empress, besides Lawrence with Miraila.

However, all of them died before their 10th birthday due to some illness or accident.

It was rumored that the emperor was cursed for killing a close relative.

There were even rumors that the ghost of the late Empress Dowager haunted the graves of the innocent Grand Duke and Grand Duchess Evron, shedding tears of blood.

The emperor caught and executed all the people who spread such rumors.

But his violent personality decreased as he aged. Moreover, the successive deaths of his children also left a strong impression on him.

The emperor eventually restored the Evron Family to its original position.

Cedric was disappointed with the power. So, although his family was reinstated, he remained silent protecting the Grand Duchy Evron without thinking of entering the political arena.

But when Cedric’s reputation rose, the emperor summoned him by force from the north, and put the Imperial Western Army under his command to restore order to the western region, which was plagued by monsters.

In the west, there were waves of monsters.

This meant that the monsters, which had gradually increased in number over the years, were attacking the habitat of the humans.

When the situation became grave, more than half of the western plains were devastated by the monster attacks and food was as scarce as in times of famine, and even rumors were spread about the practice of cannibalism. Human trafficking was also common.

Ordinary people lost their homes and wandered around. Industries, including agriculture, were destroyed.

However, the Crates Empire, which had lost its foundations, could not even intervene in the western region.

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Cedric had to start with rebuilding the Western Army.

Then, after a long expedition, they conquered a large area outside the borders and established a fort.

For a while, they would not have to fight the growing population of monsters. It was a great victory.

However, the emperor had not yet given the approval for the ceremony of the triumphant return.

For that reason, Cedric stayed for two months in some barracks outside the city.

“Now is not the time to be stubborn.”

His lieutenant, Freyl, lamented.

“Let’s dissolve. The ceremony is not important. It is enough for you, Your Grace, to enter first, bow to the Emperor and say, ‘The army is well, all has been made possible by His Majesty.’”


“Then His Majesty will thank us for the hard work, offer us some benefits and a feast. That’s what everybody does, isn’t it?”

“These soldiers who have suffered for over a year without replenishing their troops and without supplies deserve to receive such an honor.”

Cedric said firmly.

It would not be difficult for him to enter and bow to the Emperor.

But it would not be right.

“There’s no need for a grand ceremony, but we have to enter the capital officially. Rewards for battle merit cannot be based on money alone.”

Cedric seemed serious.

“And we cannot dissolve, Freyl. Although we achieved a great victory, after a few years, the same thing will happen again. What do you think will happen?

“In that case, His Majesty will have to act quietly and meet with the Grand Duke Evron.”

“If the West collapses, the whole empire will be in danger.”

However, Cedric couldn’t help but sigh slightly.

“I know what you’re talking about, Freyl. We can’t stay like this forever.”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“I thought I’d ask the Archbishop to intercede as a mediator.”

Freyl showed a doubtful expression.

The emperor was not on good terms with the temple.

“Well, will that work?”

“I have to try. Anyway, I was planning to go to the temple because I had a disturbing dream.”

“A dream?”


Cedric nodded.

In his dream a woman appeared who he had never seen before.

It was a woman with platinum-blond hair, she was crying incessantly without saying a word, so much so that her face was soaked with tears.

In a way, this could even be considered a nightmare.

But instead of feeling fear, for some reason he felt sorry for her. He felt desperate and suffocated, as if his chest was being squeezed.

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It was a dream that left a bitter taste in him in many ways.

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The Villainess Lives Twice Chapter 6: First Meeting (2)
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