Chapter 62

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On the way back, her mind was complicated and she couldn’t afford to worry about Cedric.

As soon as Artizea returned to the stronghold, she went straight to Cedric’s office.

She then looked at the entire map of the Grand Duchy hanging in the office for a long time. On the map, not only was Evron Grand Duchy on there, but even beyond the Thold Mountains in detail.

“When did you start the research project?”

“Since I inherited the title. Even before that, some of the young people planted and harvested in small fields. However, they had never tried to plant and cultivate in a large field.”

“To be honest, I’d like to tell you that it’s time to stop. Just making a field beyond the Thold Gate is not enough of an excuse. Karam is an enemy of the country. The temple calls it a race of demons.”

“No one knows how terrifying Karam is better than Evron.”

“That’s not enough. Lord Cedric.”

Artizea said.

“This is not really a problem with Karam, it is a political problem within the Empire. If you get caught, there will definitely be a person who will frame you for having a relationship with Karam.”

“But there are very few crops that could be food while still being able to grow in the middle of the winter on this land. For now, I think it’s really the only possibility to solve the food problem.”

Cedric said.

The food self-sufficiency rate of the Evron Grand Duchy was less than 30%.

That is why, in the past, Evron Grand Duchy was subjugated to the Krates Empire. They are relying heavily on supplies from the Imperial government.

All of the problems of Evron Grand Duchy come from lack of food.

The population cannot grow because of lack of food. Since the population is small, the industry cannot develop.

As the industry cannot develop, the standard of living of the common people fell behind. So, there was a vicious cycle in which productivity fell and food was scarce again.

In addition, the Imperial family used food supplies as a bargaining chip to shake the Grand Duchy.

The Evron Grand Duchy was not poor. There was honor, and there was wealth worthy of it.

However, enriching the entire territory is quite different from wearing fine clothes and decorating furniture with gold leaf within a family.

In case of emergency, even if you have money, it is of no use.

Artizea looked at Cedric.

“If the problem is to receive food in a stable manner, how about buying farmland in the south?”

“Stable supply is, of course, an important issue. But Tia, rather than that, we need crops that can be grown by our people.”

“If Cedric becomes the Emperor, it will all be solved. This task is very risky and inefficient. Even if the cultivation method is established, it will still be hidden and raised.”

“This land also needs a future.”

Cedric said so.

“If I really get to the position you’re talking about, the supply problem will be solved, but if you get supply from the mainland, then, in the end, military supplies come first.”

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“Lord Cedric.”

“You can’t be rich with food rations forever. And after I die, what will happen?”

Cedric looked at the map and said.

“Before becoming a part of the empire, people in this region said that war itself was a business. Because there was no industry to make a living. What’s the difference now? We are rationed food in exchange for war with Karam.”

“Lord Cedric ….”

“We need to get rid of the situation of getting supplies. Only by raising food self-sufficiency and activating trade can we escape the situation.”

“… would you rather give up part of the Grand Duchy?”

Artizea asked, even though she knew he loved the land.

It was also something she could say because she thought Cedric would not answer emotionally.

Artizea marked the position by placing a pin halfway between the Grand Duchy.

“Honestly, the productivity of this area is too low. Even if the fortress of Thold Gate is maintained due to its topographical advantage, it is not necessary to form a town up to this point.”


“If the population is concentrated in the south, the density of the population will increase and the productivity will increase accordingly. It will be advantageous to form an industry. And even better than that, it is to move all the common people to the south of the Elia Wall and abandon the north. Think about it.”

Cedric smiled lightly.

“You’re testing me again.”

“It won’t be easy in reality. I know.”

Artizea said.

“But from a purely practical point of view, yes. If Lord Cedric takes over the Imperial family, the Grand Duchy will be virtually gone. No one can claim the right to this land. The history of the Grand Duchy remains as a record. If you decide to wait, it’s not impossible.”

“I can’t do that. The history of the family is not a problem, but the possibility of peace with Karam disappears.”


Artizea opened her eyes wide. Cedric gave a short glance.

“We’ve been in a scuffle for over two hundred years. It’s unimaginable for the people of the mainland, but exchanges are happening in their own way. In fact, Evron Grand Duchy is geographically closer to Karam than to the mainland of the Empire.”

The north is barren. There are times when extreme cold strikes so that it is impossible to live exclusively.

At that time, there were choices to exchange here and there.

“It has become possible to communicate at a simple level. Rarely, there are mixed races. That’s why the gap between wars is getting longer.”

Cedric said.

“The day will come when the war will cease and Evron Grand Duchy can act as a buffer zone. I want to leave that possibility.”

“Is that what you want to do after Lord Cedric becomes the Emperor?”

“Well, it is.”

Cedric’s face turned a little red.

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“And so for Evron Grand Duchy. I want Evron to have the power to develop itself.”

Having said that, he spoke as if making excuses.

“I couldn’t take the first step, so I only had big dreams.”

“No….. “

Artizea bit her lower lip and fell into thoughts.

The future Cedric sees is much farther away than he is, and his vision is much higher.

She realized it anew.

Cedric said.

“I’ve shown this to you, partly because I have nothing to hide from you, but also because I need advice. Tia, you said you were going to move for me?”


“Then please help me.”

Artizea took a deep breath.

It will soon be half a year since she’s returned from the past and met him again.

This was the first time Cedric asked for anything.

It wasn’t until the first contract, when she was out of Milaira’s hands and Cedric had his Western Army’s ceremony that he had shown his will for.

Artizea closed her eyes for a moment.

The coordinator should fulfill the will of the master, and not try to fit the master into her frame.

[Marchioness of Rosan, do you see your judgment as absolute and Lawrence’s judgment not? If so, it would be natural that you were ousted.]

Cedric had said that in the past. Cedric was right. She didn’t believe much in Lawrence’s judgment.

She did everything for Lawrence, but Lawrence wasn’t a reliable person. It is even doubtful whether there is a philosophy for governance from the beginning.

But Cedric is different.

‘Because you are looking up.’

What he wants is not the seat of power itself, but what he can do on the spot.

So just because it’s her role to put Cedric in power, she shouldn’t hurt his will.

If this was what he wanted to do as an Emperor, then it was even more necessary.

Her heart pounded. She was excited.

It was the first time that there was a person in front of her who she could completely believe and follow.

“I wanted to see the Grand Duchy’s financial situation to fill the warehouse.”

“It’s important.”

Cedric answered plainly. Artizea said.

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“Then I’ll try to use my hand on grain prices.”


Cedric’s voice was mixed with criticism.

“Supporting Grand Duke Roygar is the focus of all circles and the great landowners of the fertile eastern region. They are largely involved in the requisition of supplies to the north.”

By average, there was a large amount of grain produced in the vast plains of the western region.

However, in the West, due to the monster wave, the annual yield varied greatly.

Nobles and landlords preferred to own land in the east rather than in the west. The west was run mainly by self-employed people.

The Imperial Family requisitioned the eastern landlords to compel grain.

Supplies sent to the north are the cost to protect the empire from Karam.

Nobody liked it. However, no one could reject it. Refusal was seen as a connection with Karam.

“If the price of the grain goes up, His Majesty will entrust the work to Grand Duke Roygar to facilitate the requisition, but Grand Duke Roygar is greedy, so it would be unfair to send the increased grain to the north for free.”

So Artizea touched it.

She had pirates pillage trade ships that exported grain to the southern kingdoms over the years.

At the same time, she freed the Marquisate of Rosan’s fortune and she bought a large amount of grain, and all the grain thus obtained was dumped into the sea.

There were dozens of fires in the West.

Grain prices skyrocketed. As expected, the Emperor entrusted Grand Duke Roygar with supplies to the north.

Just in time, in the southern part of the Eimel Kingdom, in order to meet the lack of wheat, they bribed Grand Duke Roygar and bought the requisitioned grain at a high price.

This was because the calculations were well-established for Grand Duke Roygar.

It was autumn. After a month or two, the empty warehouse could be refilled with freshly harvested wheat.

He then thought that he could go and send supplies.

But that year, Karam went South on a massive scale. Due to hunger, Evron was unable to protect the Thold Gate.

Karam almost broke through to the Elia Wall.

Indeed, it was the first time in a long time that the Empire was appalled.

The war ended within the winter of that year thanks to the success of Cedric, who defended his stronghold, and succeeded in killing the king of Karam.

However, Grand Duke Roygar took responsibility for the defeat. In the meantime, a secret agreement with the Eimel Kingdom was revealed.

Artizea was involved in the proposal of the agreement in the Eimel Kingdom. The agreement had been in her hands from the beginning.

Grand Duke Roygar was decapitated for treason.

She intended to use the same trick. Because it was a proven method.

But war had to be avoided. She already knew the year when the war would break out, so she could do that. In any case, a secret agreement is enough to cut the head of Grand Duke Roygar.

And in order to prevent Evron Grand Duchy from starvation, she planned to fill the warehouse in advance.

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