Chapter 66

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Artizea picked up a fluffy rabbit fur doll.

It has a round body the size of two fists and long ears lined in pink. The eyes are shiny glazed black stone.

By itself, it looked just like a real rabbit.

The soft, fine fur was swept on her palm. Artizea smiled without knowing it.


The maids admired.

The treasurer Jaden, who brought the rabbit fur doll, sighed with relief.

It was only a month ago that Artizea had Jaden do this.

Artizea checked all the financial books of Evron Grand Duchy. Then she acknowledged that there is no way to deal with the grim situation of the Evron Grand Duchy.

No matter what, as Cedric said, human resources were a problem.

There were many resources. There were also a number of profitable mines, and projects that could be done by leaning against the vast coniferous forest were also available on the spot.

But they couldn’t afford to develop it. All healthy and young men who could be the core of the labor force were enlisted.

Otherwise, most of them were engaged in agriculture. This is because the man’s strength was needed to plow the frozen ground.

It is a difficult place to raise livestock. It was inevitable to use human resources.

Most of the other industries were women.

Everyone was working without a hitch. Otherwise, it was difficult for the entire province to survive together.

In addition, the same was true of growing mines or other industries.

The mainland of the Krates Empire is a fertile land full of vast and productive power. The products in remote areas like Evron Grand Duchy are not competitive.

There is even the cost of transportation. In some cases, it was difficult to profit from trade.

It is also important to keep in mind that traffic is cut off in winter.

For that reason, Evron didn’t even have a merchant guild, let alone the business.

Even if there was a business that could make money, they couldn’t even invest heavily in it. This is because the food self-sufficiency rate that is still maintained will also fall.

If this was not the Evron Grand Duchy, it could have been solved by growing other industries and purchasing food.

People will flock where money goes, so population problems can also be solved.

But this is the Evron Grand Duchy. Even if food is purchased, transportation takes time.

Moreover, the transport route was too limited.

When it was peaceful, it could be resolved by purchasing it from the mainland. But it always had to be thought about when it was impossible.

If the imperial family blocks the supply even for a year, they will not be able to withstand it immediately.

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Like the mainland, when food is scarce, it does not have the ability to withstand the next harvest.

That reduced population will never grow again.

Therefore, they had to maintain the current production as much as possible.

As a result, they were in a position to put agriculture first, even though they knew what a competitive business it was.

Artizea turned to the fur and leather business.

First of all, she thought it was important to increase the efficiency of the existing business and make room for finances.

[The leather business is the main source of income. We have to continue hunting anyway.]

Aaron explained.

[If we do not hunt, wild animals will invade human areas. It can also serve as military training, so the army is doing it in units.]

[Most of the leather is handed over to the business as it is.]

[Yes. I know it’s a bargain price, but I don’t have enough room to figure out the actual market price sold in the mainland and distribute it directly there.]

[Have you ever bargained?]

Aaron had an embarrassed face.

[Is it so severe?]

Even Artizea didn’t even know the wholesale price of leather, but it was clear from the record that it would be denting.

She didn’t rebuke Aaron because Artizea knew it would be anyway.

Aaron is a soldier. He is only in charge of such a business as the manager of the estate due to the circumstances of the Grand Duchy, who has not developed commerce.

Expecting great skill is too harsh.

The same was true of the treasurers. They were sincere and meticulous. They were the ones who did what they had to do without mistakes.

All were very loyal. In the past, even a lot of money couldn’t make a traitor.

Instead, there was no one with outstanding abilities. To be honest, she wondered if there was anyone under Cedric who was so capable.

Perhaps it is because the Evron Grand Duchy itself is lagging behind the commercial industry.

As Artizea knew, the vast majority of talented talents under Cedric were soldiers.

Artizea took a new piece of paper and wrote the last year’s price, and wrote the new price next to it.

[Do not sell below this. I’m sure they will be crying about the market price or the shipping cost, but don’t listen. If you feel like your heart will be shaken, tell him to come to see me.]

[Ah, I see.]

[Speaking of the Evron leather, even I, who doesn’t know much about this industry, has heard the name, so let’s bargain with the idea that it doesn’t matter if the deal is cut for about a year or so.]

Artizea said coldly.

[There’s a problem with only three places at the business and offering the same price. They must be doing something in collusion.]

If caught, she won’t let it go.

It wasn’t something to be done right away, so she left it only in memory, and Artizea finished the word.

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[Next is the fur.]

[Ah, yes. This is pretty good. There are so many things that are used domestically, so the processing technology is good.]

The treasurer in charge answered politely.

[But it’s not an item that’s sold all year round and it’s a luxury item. If too much is sent out, the price will fall, and the profits will decrease, so we are adjusting the supply.]

[We need to increase demand significantly.]

The treasurer looked at her with an embarrassed face. If that was possible, no one would have worried.

[Let’s reduce the distribution level. Sir Aaron, I don’t think there are any merchants from Evron working in the capital….]

[Yes, there should be.]

[Look for them. Someone you can trust.]

[What are we going to do?]

[Let’s make stuffed animals and fur ornaments.]

Artizea said so.

[No matter how hard you try, we can’t lead the trends like fashion, but anything that hasn’t existed before is different. It would be nice if it was a product that could show the luxury of fur to the fullest.]

At Artizea’s words, the treasurers blinked.

The first one to understand was Jaden, a junior treasurer.

[Oh, I see. You can make something like a prop or a doll that is light enough to not be strange even if you bring it to a banquet and that looks valuable enough to show off to others, right? Using a lot of fur. Then it will continue to sell in the summer.]

[You’re quick to understand.]

[Even if we start with high-end products at first, the trend will eventually go down to the middle class, so the demand for fur leather itself may increase tremendously. Hopefully it will be a great deal. If you think that the Kingdom of Iants is rich even from selling only embroidery fabrics.]


[But, Grand Duchess, fur leather is different from the Iants embroidery. No artistry, no monopoly. Fur leather would be produced in the mainland as well.[

One of the treasurers refuted.

[So, we should make it while thinking about its beauty and texture, not just a cold weather tool. There’s no place that can supply more quality fur leather than Evron. Even if it is behind in the final production, it is always beneficial if it is trendy. If it’s an ornament, it can also be sold in the South where it doesn’t require cold weather.]

Instead of talking, Jaden exclaimed as if he realized it.

[Hopefully you can sell it to the Southern Sea, can’t you? If it’s a trend in the capital social world?]

Artizea clapped twice.

[You will be responsible for this job.]

[Yes?! I’m a junior official, are you serious?]

[ A person who understands what they are trying to do should take over the job.]

Artizea said so.

That’s how Jaden became in charge of this.

[It’s a product to be shown to the social world. Make it any way you like, whether it’s jewelry or precious metal. Give the prototype to your wife and daughter.]

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Artizea said so.

Aaron asked anxiously.

[I understand what you mean. But would it be so easy to make it fashionable in the capital city?]

[Don’t worry. Whose daughter do you think I am?]

Aaron and the treasurers bowed their heads with a sorry face, thinking of Miraila.

But at the same time, they also thought that it was possible. Her mother is the Emperor’s mistress, who has dominated the Empire’s social world for over 20 years. There will be plenty of experience in this kind of thing.

And after several failures, these dolls were made in a month.

“Is the black one fox fur?”

“Yes, it’s not a black fox, it’s dyed.”

Artizea lifted the elongated fur. It looked like a doll, but it was enough to wrap it around the neck and use it as a decoration. Even if she put it on her shoulder, it was pretty cool.

“The pupils are blue crystals.”

“I told you to use jewelry.”

He said that he would give the prototype to his wife and daughter, so it would be nice to have the most expensive one.

Jaden said with a sad face.

“For my wife, this jewel is expensive enough. How can I satisfy my own selfish desires when you have entrusted me with such an important task?”

“Is that what you think about or your wife?”

“My wife told me to say this.”

Jaden confessed with a shameless face.

Artizea made a small sound and laughed.

“You have a wise wife, you’ll be successful in the future.

Jaden only scratched his head. Artizea called Aubrey.

“Aubrey, go get my jewel box.”

Aubrey, who had been standing behind Artizea the entire time, moved.

Artizea stroked the fox fur in a satisfed mood.

Knock, knock.

Then she heard a knocking on the door. The maid ran and opened the door.

Cedric walked in with a plate of cookies and stopped when he saw Jaden.

“Oh, are you busy?”

“No. The business is almost over.”

Artizea turned and said, the big hand gently approached.


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A bite-sized snack came in her mouth.

Inadvertently, the scent of baked apple spread in her mouth as the crunchy outer pie material broke.

Artizea covered her mouth with her hand, turning red.

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