Chapter 68

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When Artizea came out of the bathroom, the Tuvalet room was in complete silence.

Sophie roughly wrapped up the wounds on her head. She couldn’t find a physician and was helped by another maid to stop the bleeding.

It was because she had to come back before Artizea left the bathroom.

Thanks to that, the bandages wrapped were poor. The blood oozes out a new red color, and it starts to unravel.

Artizea looked at Sophie quietly. Cold air settled in the Tuvalet room.

The maids bowed their heads in fear, even though it wasn’t their fault.

Artizea was a master with very little expression of her emotions. Even though she was angry, she would be quietly and fiercely angry.

But they didn’t expect her to show such cold anger without moving an eyebrow.

Sophie gave a hard smile and said.

“Madam, please change your clothes first. You need to prepare for the banquet.”

“You go and show the wound to the physician. Paula, take Sophie to the physician.”

“Yes, Madam.”

Paula crossed Sophie’s arms and led her out in a hurry.

“Rize, bring me the jewelry box.”

Rize handed over the jewelry box she was holding to Artizea.

There was a crack as the box made of agate and gold fell to the floor. There was also blood on the corner.

“I can’t believe it. Even though Aubrey doesn’t show me the respect I deserve, I never thought she would throw my jewelry box on the floor to destroy it. She even beat the maid I brought from home.”

Artizea’s voice rang coldly.

“Go find Aubrey and bring her here.”

“Ma… madam, please dress up…”

“How can I be dressed up after being insulted by my own lady-in-waiting?”

Artizea said so.

The maids were terrified and panicked.

An older maid took the lead and offered a bow to Artizea.

Then, she rushed the other maids out.

“You go and tell Margaret what just happened. The rest of you go and quickly look for Aubrey. If anyone finds her, go inform Margaret first before bringing her here.”

“Isn’t the first thing to do is to come and ask for forgiveness?”

“You know Miss Aubrey’s temperament. Soon after, if there is a real big deal, it’ll only be a mess. And how worried would Margaret be?”

“That’s true.”

“Anyway, find her before it’s too late.”

After the discussion, the maids scattered.

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Margaret was in the Grand Hall.

Artizea has given her full authority over the life of the stronghold. So it was Margaret’s job to prepare the event for the New Year’s banquet.

She cared for heating more than anything else.

Charcoal with less smoke was spread here and there, and tapestry was hanged in layers where drafts could penetrate.

However, if the ventilation is poor, the smoke may build up. She had to pay attention to keep the warmth flowing without the cold wind hitting the seat of the Grand Duke and Duchess.

Artizea was an easy mistress.

She did not compare the desolate Grand Duchy to the Capital. She didn’t get fussy with what to wear and sleep on, and didn’t even try to press down on people below her.

When Cedric said that he was marrying Miraila’s daughter, she was worried in so many ways.

But now that worry has completely disappeared.

Her behavior was decent and calm. She was generous to everybody, but she had an air of superiority.

The number of people who voluntarily stepped over increased. Many of them were treasurers.

The economic situation in the province, which seemed to have been stagnating forever, began to move with vitality.

Recently, she has also had a good reputation with the maids.

It was a flaw that she wasn’t eating well. She had to try hard so she wasn’t cold. Still, there was nothing difficult about it.

Margaret once served Cedric’s mother. In fact, it was much harder then.

Cedric’s mother was kind and good, but she was too young. She got homesick and she was always sick. She made the people around her feel sorry.

Compared to her, Artizea did not feel young, even though her age was similar.

She’s not a young mistress to look after, rather she was a supervisor you could count on.

It was the Grand Duke’s wishes. No, it’s more than that.

She was the one who suited Cedric and complimented his shortcomings.

‘You two good luck, so you can give me some good news next spring…”

Aaron was already looking ahead.

Margaret pinched the back of his hand for those nonsense.

[Because the Grand Duchess is not so healthy. Before that, she will need supplements and a lot of nutrition, gain some weight, and exercise to stay strong. She’s still young, and it’s better to stay in a warm place.]

So Margaret also said some nonsense that the next spring is just perfect.

Anyway, the only concern now was Aubrey.

“Aunt Margaret.”

While she picked up a candlestick and checked the ebb and flow of the wind, she heard a voice calling.

A beautiful girl wearing a cozy fur coat was entering the grand hall.

The roughly loosened red hair was scattered by the wind and got disheveled. Her lively cheeks and a small nose were dyed red, as if struck by the cold breeze.

The girl was wearing furry leather pants and boots that reached her thighs. She wore a short sword and a gunpowder container on her waist.

She seemed to be dancing to the air with a brisk gait. Her red lips were lush, and her green eyes were clear like a forest.

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If she had only a bow and a quiver on her shoulder, it would look like the goddess of hunting had just popped out of the picture.

Margaret was startled, she asked.

“Lysia, did you come on a horse?”

“Don’t worry, aunt. The banquet dress will be arriving soon. I just came a little early because I was frustrated.”

“What do you mean early? Everyone was here a few days ago, but only you are late. Today is the banquet, but you just came now.”

“Because I was a little worried. You know. Our village situation. I hesitated until the end.”

“Yes,” said Margaret, and she sighed.

The name of the village where Lysia lives was the village of rebels.

The rebel village did not have an official name because it was a village that was not displayed on the map.

When the predecessor Grand Dukes were killed for treason, all the vassals, knights, and employees in the capital were also killed.

The village of rebels is the village where their families lived in hiding.

The village was completely hidden. Because if it was revealed that he had hidden the rebels all this time time, it would be a blow to Grand Duke Evron.

So they decided to live in silence to the end.

It was also possible because the years of living while comforting each other with the same pain were not short, and they had already become one community.

Only young people were carefully stepping out one by one, reclaiming the family name and starting to find new homes.

That is why she has long thought about whether or not to come to greet Artizea.

Margaret laughed.

“It’s okay. Because Her Grace already knows about the northern town of Thold.”

“Yes, I saw you wrote it down on the last letter. I guess His Grace really trusts her.”

“Well. At first, I was worried about this and that, too. But he’s really a perfect match to the Grand Duchess. No, it’s much better than that. It should be said that she fits perfectly with the insufficiency of the Grand Duke…”

“What a relief. “

“It was the best because the Grand Duke is more than anything else.”

Margaret laughed.

“You’ll be surprised to see him too. He didn’t look as bright as he does now.”

“He was a bit blunt in my memory, even though he was serious and sweet.”

“Yes, he has such a sweet face, and I only knew it for the first time. For that alone, I, Aaron, and everyone else are all grateful to the Grand Duchess.”

Then Margaret sighed, thinking of Aubrey.

Aubrey is too immature. She treated Cedric so familiarly three years ago, and that was acceptabled because she was still young.

She is now 18 years old, so she deserves to know up and down. Even Lysia, a few months younger than Aubrey, knows what’s right.

Margaret shook her head and looked at Lysia.

“Anyway, I was relieved because you came here.”

“What’s going on?”

“So, it’s an issue that has something to do with you. You know that Grand Duchess said that she would choose her lady-in-waiting from among the Grand Duchy?”

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“Yes, because you wrote it in the letter.”

“Aubrey, she became the first lady-in-waiting of Her Grace.”

Margaret was about to lament.

Just then, one of the maids ran in haste.

“Margaret, we’re in trouble!”

“What is it?”


The maid lowered her voice and explained to Margaret about what Aubrey had done.

Margaret became lost in thought.

“I’m going to go to the Grand Duchess. Lysia, do you know where your place is?”

“Yes. I can go alone, so don’t worry.”

Margaret hurriedly left the Grand Hall. She was going to see Artizea.

Lysia looked around the banquet hall with a moved feeling for a moment.

“It’s nice to be warm.”

In the absence of Cedric, the stronghold’s New Year’s banquet was a small banquet where only those who had time gathered.

Remembering when Cedric was there, it wasn’t very beautiful. Although there were many people gathered, the atmosphere was somber and it was always like a memorial service.

But today it was different. The decoration is also bright and the band is practicing dance songs.

Lysia smiled, saying that it was a good idea to bring her only banquet dress.

What kind of person is the Grand Duchess? Her heart was thrilled.


Artizea sat in her armchair, silently waiting for Sophie to return.

Alice asked carefully.

“Are you angry?”

“I wasn’t very angry.”

However, it seemed clear to her that it wasn’t true.

“I really didn’t know Aubrey would do something like this.”

The best thing was for Aubrey to realize her position first.

However, she did not seem to admit that she was only in the position of the servant.

It was better to make sure if she wanted to rebel. She even thought Aubrey would one day.

But she didn’t think Aubrey would hurt Sophie. She thought Aubrey was immature, but she didn’t know it was this much.

Sophie returned after the bleeding stopped. The bandages still smudged by a little blood, but her complexion looked much better.

Sophie said with an anxious face.

“I’m sorry, Madam. I shouldn’t have aroused Aubrey’s temper…”

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“It was going to explode anytime soon. It’s not your fault.”


Sophie said in a crawling voice.

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