Chapter 91

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Artizea stared up at Cedric in a daze.

“May I come in?”

Cedric asked as Artizea hesitated. Artizea stepped back in confusion.

She didn’t think he couldn’t come in or that she would hate it, but she was so surprised that she just wondered what this was about.

It was four days ago that Lysia left.

She was told that it took three days on horseback to go to the fortress at the Thold Gate. So she thought it would take at least three or four more days for Lysia to return.

And there’s no way Cedric can return at this point.

The dispute could not have ended so swiftly.

It was not a problem of returning the kidnapped Karam child.

20,000 warriors gathered. When that number is gathered, it doesn’t end by saying,’The situation is over, so scatter’.

Individual interests, interests between forces, and other interests will be intertwined.

Most of all, if they have gathered that much, they will think that they have to fight.

“What happened? When did you arrive?”

“I just got here.”

He would. Cedric was wearing a windbreaker cloak covered with dust and snow. As soon as he entered the stronghold, he seemed to go straight to Artizea’s room.

Cedric said.

“Originally, I was going to write a letter, but the word seldom comes out.”


“There are some things I need to tell you, some things I’d like to discuss with you, but I couldn’t write the first sentence. That’s why I just came.”

“Are you having a big problem with something?”

She asked so nervously. She couldn’t accept Cedric’s words saying that the first sentence could not be written literally.

She wondered what more perplexing and serious things had arisen that couldn’t be explained with more than just a few sentences

Cedric smiled and looked at her.

“Well, it’s a serious problem that I need your advice, but I’ll put it off first. This is more urgent.”


Artizea blinked her eyes.

“I wanted to come see you before you left for the capital.”

Half was true, the other half was a lie. This is because there was no need to come in such a hurry if he were just coming to see her. But it was true that he wanted to come.

Cedric opened his arms and embraced her.

Because he moved so slowly, Artizea could tell that she would be hugged by him. But, knowingly, she was startled and stiffened her body.

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A soft touch pressed over her lips. By the time she realized it was a kiss, he had already had her feet in the air.

“You got lighter?”

“That, I don’t.”

Artizea barely replied.

Cedric lifted her lightly with one arm and unbuckled his dusty cloak with his other hand.

The belt and coat, with his sword and gun hanging from it, fell to the floor.

Artizea impulsively bent her body and wrapped his face with her two hands.

Cedric’s face was a little cold. It was because he was outside with the cold wind for a long time.

“Are you busy?”

“I’m not.”

“How about your body? Do you feel sick?”

“No, I’m not sick.”

Artizea said, trembling her body. It seemed that her body temperature had risen a few degrees. She even felt hot at her eyelids so she couldn’t keep her eyes open properly.

Cedric laughed.

“That’s a relief.”


“I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold out if you’re in a bad condition like last time.”

The end of his words became a whisper.

His hot breath was mixed up with hers. Cedric put Artizea down on the bed.


When Artizea opened her eyes, it was dark everywhere.

Her body was hot. It’s been a long time since she slept so warmly. To be precise, it was the first time ever since she got off a ship coming to Evron Grand Duchy. In the port city, she was so exhausted that she was in a state of fainting rather than sleeping.

Interestingly, it made her realize, by the temperature more than the feeling, that her body was falling asleep in contact with Cedric’s arms.

Her body was quite comfortable. She could hardly feel the stiffness of her fingers or the soreness of her shoulder, which was usually painful every time she woke up.


Still, the sound of pain came out. Her muscles, which she usually didn’t know existed, appealed for their presence here and there.

The bed rocked. Artizea looked back subconsciously.

Cedric, lying next to her, reached out his arm and lit a candle. And he turned his body toward Artizea.

Artizea stared at his face in a vague mood. It was still an unrealistic feeling that this man was lying next to her.

Then Cedric stretched his arms towards her. Cedric’s arms were lightly wrapped around her stomach.

Artizea closed her eyes tightly. She could hardly open her eyes and look at him.

“You can sleep if you are confident that you could sleep until morning, but it would be better to open your eyes for a while. It’s still evening.”

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A soft voice penetrated into her ear. A trembling passed over Artizea’s skin.

Cedric caressed her cheek this time as she closed her eyes.

“Don’t pretend you’re asleep when you’re up.”

His arms were wrapped around her waist again. Artizea was dragged to him. Cedric hugged her tightly once more, and poked her.

She was completely awakened.

When she tried to open her eyes, Cedric’s face was in front of her. Artizea had her eyelids down again this time.

Cedric’s hand swept her hair.

“If you don’t open your eyes, I’ll kiss you.”

It became a situation that she could escape or not escape. Artizea hesitantly raised her eyelids.

Cedric didn’t keep his words. That’s because the moment their eyes met, he touched her lips again.

It was only after Artizea’s body, unable to breathe properly, lost strength that his lips fell. Cedric put himself down on the pillow and hugged her on top of him.

Artizea lay down for a while, with her shoulders bent.

Cedric made a languid face. Unlike the drowsiness and fatigue when he was tired, it looked like he was buried in bed and hated to get up.

Artizea looked at the face in an unfamiliar mood. She knew for the first time that he could have such a face.

Her stomach rumbled. She didn’t think it was an empty stomach, but she was very hungry. It was unusual for her to feel hunger like this, so she felt strange.

Then Cedric threw his laziness away and sat up. He then scratched his messy hair.

“Should we eat?”


Perhaps he heard the rumble, Artizea’s face turned red.

“Wait a minute. I’ll come back.”

“Call someone. The maid will be waiting.”

“I have to change my clothes anyway. And… I feel like I don’t want to be disturbed now.”

Artizea was able to understand his words.

It was dark and warm inside. The white fur on the wall reflects the light of the fireplace and candles, turning the room into a warm color.

The warmth was like an afterglow. It was a heartfelt and desperate space, as if there were only two of them left in the world.

At that moment Artizea knew, she wished that time would last forever.

If there was nothing in the world, only she and him existed, she would be able to be happily buried in his arms as it is, with no more thoughts, no more sin, no more shame.

However, they cannot help but open the door.

Cedric stood up. And from the bed, he picked up the coat and boots that fell here and there.

“Where’s the key?”

He asked, pointing to the door that was connected to his bedroom.

Artizea sat up carefully, covering herself with a blanket. It was because she was too embarrassed to answer while lying down.

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“Next to it, it’s in a drawer.”

Artizea pointed to the small decorative table next to the door. Cedric opened the table drawer and pulled out the key.

The locked door opened. Cedric left the door open and crossed over to the room over there.

A cold wind blew through the open door. There was a sound of him throwing a pile of clothes on the floor and him pulling the string.

As it got colder, she wanted to lie back with the blanket on, but Artizea carefully got out of bed.

When she saw the cold air coming in from Cedric’s bedroom, she wasn’t sure about going through the dressing room to look for pajamas. If she called the maid, they would prepare her bath water and even bring her clothes to dress, but she didn’t want to.

Putting a robe over her bare body, Artizea approached the fireplace. She then filled the kettle with water and hung it on the fire.

Soon Cedric returned with a plate of sandwiches and a bottle of milk in one hand. As soon as the door closed, it warmed up.

“First of all, eat something simple. The butler said he’d prepare a proper dinner and would bring it here but I told him not to.”

“This is enough for me. But for Lord Cedric, this may not be enough.”

“It would be on my side if I didn’t eat and it lasted long.”

“I’m not talking about survival skills.”

Artizea said as if it were absurd. Cedric laughed lightly.

“Whatever you want to eat, I can bring it from the kitchen later. Sit down. Would you like to wait for tea? Or have milk?”

“I like tea better.”

Cedric brought his teaware. Artizea sat in front of the fireplace and watched him move.

The bare feet in his slippers stuck in her eyes.

“Is there something wrong?”

“It’s nothing.”

It was a gaze that meant nothing. She just became unfamiliar with the realization that they had become a real couple.

Cedric made tea. Artizea put the sandwich cut into bite-sized pieces in her mouth.

Artizea didn’t like cold food at all, but she felt unsure now, perhaps because of her warm body.

There were boiled egg whites and apples cut thickly between the mashed potatoes and yolk. It tasted fresh whenever she cut it with her front teeth. It was slightly stimulating to see if there was a little mustard.

“You want milk in the tea?”

“Yes, please.”

Cedric poured milk into a glass and poured a thick tea on it.

Artizea gratefully accepted it. And she laughed.

“Our Grace Grand Duke Evron is taking care of tea.”

“If you put it like that, it’s water boiled by Marchioness Rosan.”

Cedric smiled.

She ate a couple of sandwiches and thought she would get some sleep afterward. Artizea could only ask.

“By the way, was it really important to run here in such a hurry? What about Lysia?”

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“She will come slowly. I was in a hurry because I was worried that you would leave immediately without waiting for my reply.”

Cedric replied, putting sugar in the teacup and stirring it with a spoon.

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