The Villainess turns the Hourglass

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i like how the protagonist never really realized what unconditional love was, it showed how nobility and aristocrats were in the past. not all the nobles married each other for love and not all parents love their child unconditionally. Aria's family was very realistic


The fl & ml completely share there secrets with each other & they are partner in crimes!
Definitely my top fave couple in a romance genre.
The fl is cunning & wise too !!!


overall good read. it's easy to understand and easy to read. however, i was disappointed in the ending and the author just forgot about other characters other than ML and FL. Author tried hard to make FL smarter than others whose supposed to be smarter than her.


One of the best villainess stories
The mc is actually manipulative ( of course not when it comes to ml )
Characters are interesting and they are overal well written
The ending is also pretty good and satisfying so i recommend this to everyone who is interested in villainess stories


Aria is such a lovable character. All the characters main or sub-role were also likable. There must be an army of Millie haters now xDDDDDDDD


Really good novel. Her vengeance is great and well done. The evolution and plans of the main character are fantastic. The story have a few plot holes, a few characters are bit clichés and they drink a lot of tea!


i should admit i like the main story, but seriously, i can't ignore how i'm bored with author's writing style.

this boredom mainly caused by scripted dialogues, cliche romances, unimportant point of views from unnamed side characters, antagonists with lack of intelligence, unending praises for our FL beauty, FL lack of empathy despite the "brother" has done no life threatening advances in her second life, FL faking innocence for what family means while her mother do nothing that can be described as neglect (maybe when FL were younger because her mother HAD TO WORK), or maybe FL narration that irks me that i find her so self-centered.

i did say i like the main story, but this uncomfortable feeling i got when i read this book can't be ignored.

i like how FL goes in the manhwa though, and like i repeatedly said, the main story is likable and it makes me finish this book though i gotta skip paragraphs like crazy.


Aria is cunning, and she and Asher are the perfect couple. The plot of the battle for power is captivating, and this story is one of the best isekai novels out there!


It was my first novel and I finished reading it within a week, because it's just too good! I recommend manhwa readers to read the novel too because while the manhwa has pretty drawings you can feel what Aria really thinks and how she changes thorough the story in the novel and also, well, you can see Mielle's death earlier here ;)


I finished it in 2 weeks, when I'm a total beginner at reading this kind of novel. I really recommend it for those who don't read much like me, you'll get hooked!! It was really interesting, the female protagonist stayed faithful to herself til the end. She's the powerful one in this novel ;)