The Villain’s Mother
Chapter 322: All of my motherly love will be given to you (3)

Chapter 322 – All of my motherly love will be given to you (3)

By the time they got home, Little Wang was already back from kindergarten. He was sitting on the carpet and doing simple math problems. Seeing his parents coming home, he dropped his pencil and rushed into Ruan Xia’s arms.

“Mom, if you came back any later, I was going to call you!”

Song Tingshen and Little Wang’s names appeared the most frequently in her phone records. Little Wang had a phone watch. As long as he wasn’t in class and thought of his mom, he would call her. He would complain that he didn’t like the taste of the food in the kindergarten cafeteria and tell her about the minor disputes between his buddies. In short, Little Wang was responsible for most of the calls in their small family.

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He was a prodigal when it came to calls. He would call his parents in kindergarten and call his buddies when he got home. He was very busy with keeping close contact.

At the dinner table, Little Wang never stopped talking. He shared everything that happened in kindergarten today with his parents. Song Tingshen and Ruan Xia very patiently listened to him and would occasionally ask him questions. The two parents quite like such moments.

Ruan Xia sometimes lamented that though they were in a book world, they weren’t the protagonists. There were no ups and downs in their life. After the crises of Qin Yu and Song Corporation’s future had passed, everything had become calm. Wasn’t that how real life should be?

She had developed a sense of belonging in this world a long time ago.

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The real reason why she didn’t want a second child was very simple. People were selfish. If you let those experts on Weibo and those online keyboard warriors be judges, they would say she was wicked beyond redemption for not wanting to have a child. However, she genuinely had no interest in pregnancy and childbirth. Even though she now had a relationship of deep feelings with Song Tingshen, her resolve hadn’t shaken. Towards the idea that you should have children for a man if you love him, she couldn’t blindly agree to that idea.

Of course, she now had a second reason for not wanting to have a child, but she would never tell anyone her second reason.

She had inexplicably come to this world and gained a husband and child. It was like being allocated something by the country. She had no choice in it and couldn’t refuse. This bizarre experience could only rot in her stomach. For Little Wang, she was his biological mother. For Song Tingshen, she was his wife and the mother of his child. They didn’t know that this body’s soul had changed.

Human nature was complicated. Even she didn’t know if her love for Little Wang would change if she had a child with Song Tingshen. Her love for Little Wang had developed from their daily interactions. If she got pregnant, with two hearts beating in one body, she might fall in love with the baby the moment she knew of its existence. She didn’t know if her feelings for the two children would be equal.

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Ruan Xia was telling Little Wang a bedtime story. Lying next to him, she watched as he got sleepier. His eyes slowly closed. She smiled, lowered her head, and kissed his forehead.

Human nature was complicated, and the human heart was uncertain.

You’re mom’s child, mom’s only child. All of my motherly love will be given to you.

“Good night, my precious baby.”

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The Villain’s Mother Chapter 322: All of my motherly love will be given to you (3)
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