The Villain’s Mother

Chapter 174: Even if she was only his wife in name, she must have saved the world in her last life to have such good fortune! (2)

Chapter 174 – Even if she was only his wife in name, she must have saved the world in her last life to have such good fortune! (2)

Song Tingshen was meeting his friend, He Fei, at a teahouse. Strictly speaking, the two of them didn’t have any business dealings. It’s just that He Fei’s business was going to cooperate with a company in the capital city. He Fei wasn’t clear about the situation in the capital city, so he contacted Song Tingshen to find out.

After they finished talking about that, He Fei said with regretful expression, “I heard you brought your wife to Teacher Wang’s birthday celebration. I said I was going to go, but the flight was delayed, so I didn’t get back in time. What a pity. The last time I saw her was at your son’s first lunar month birthday celebration. About three years passed by in a flash.”

He paused, then asked, “Why didn’t you bring her and Little Wang to our meeting?”

Song Tingshen cast a glance at him in askance. “She’s not feeling well. She’s resting at the hotel. You’re transferring some of your business to the capital city. There’ll be opportunities to meet in the future.”

He Fei thought that was reasonable and nodded. He asked out of curiosity, “Your relationship with her is pretty good now, right?”

He Fei had discerning eyes. Back then, at Little Wang’s first lunar month birthday celebration, he could clearly sense that Song Tingshen and Ruan Xia didn’t have a good relationship. The two of them had no sense of intimacy. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say they were like ordinary friends instead of a married couple.

Song Tingshen obstinately said, “Our relationship has always been okay.”

He Fei smiled. He snapped his fingers. “Alright, I can tell that you guys have a good relationship now. Congratulations.”

He had asked similar questions before. In the past, Song Tingshen’s response was silence and a “It’s none of your business” expression.

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For Song Tingshen to give a verbal response, it was enough to show that his relationship with Ruan Xia was pretty good right now.

Seeing that Song Tingshen didn’t say anything, He Fei sighed. “The first marriage is the best. The two of you have a kid. That means you guys have a shared goal and a person you both care about. To speak more realistically, the reason why you work so hard is because you want to give your child a good environment and future. We’re both men and clear in our hearts that even if you get divorced and look for a new wife, she won’t be as important as your son, right?”

Impatient, Song Tingshen said, “We won’t get divorced. Don’t make these conjectures.”

He Fei cupped his hands. “Okay, okay, I won’t bring it up again.”

After Song Tingshen said goodbye to He Fei, he thought; what’s wrong with these people? How could he get a divorce? He and Ruan Xia would never get divorced.

Ruan Xia didn’t find out that Song Tingshen had met with his former classmate, He Fei, until dinner. That name was familiar to her. She had heard his name when they were at Song Tingshen’s great-aunt’s home. She tentatively asked, “Is the friend that you met today the same person you mentioned at your great-aunt’s home?”

Song Tingshen didn’t expect Ruan Xia to still remember. He nodded. “En, it’s him.”

“Then did you tell him that your great-aunt’s family isn’t good? After all, isn’t his younger sister in contact with what’s-his-name?” Ruan Xia didn’t remember Song Tingshen’s cousin’s name, so she addressed him as “what’s-his-name”.

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Song Tingshen briefly froze in surprise. “No.”

Ruan Xia was surprised. “Aren’t you really good friends with him?”

Logically speaking, shouldn’t he let his friend know something like this? After all, if his friend’s younger sister was tricked into marrying a family like that, it would be like jumping into a living h*ll.

Puzzled, Song Tingshen answered, “Although he’s a good friend, it’s not good to meddle in someone’s family matters.”

Ruan Xia was doubtful. “Really?”

It seemed that men and women handled this sort of issue very differently.

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