When Lily saw what happened, she froze, eyes wide as she stared at the monitor. Then she watched as Mikaela removed the knife and hid it in some sort of a safe just under the Duke's table. Not long after, she opened the door and started shouting.


"Help! Help! The Grand Duke…." Mikaela's words were hoarse but even Lily who was watching the video could see the calmness in her eyes. They planned all this!

"It seems that I was right all along," Lily said. "Disable the electricity in this palace right now. Let's leave."

"Understood." Qin Yuanfeng answered. Of course, he immediately understood what is about to happen.

"Send that video to Eliza and Levi. Leandro will become the Grand Duke. Tell them to lay low." Lily said as they started leaving the room. Since everyone was still busy with the Duke, they didn't notice Lily and her company leaving. Of course, this was also because, for the first time in history, the palace had lost its electricity. All the generators were broken for some reason and it took them hours to fix it. Because of this, they were forced to vacate the palace as its security were already compromised.

However, it was also at this time that Mikaela started telling the guards that it was Zhou Jingren who stab the Duke. Of course, when the guards arrived at their room, it was completely empty. No one seemed to know where Lily and Zhou Jingren went.

Meanwhile, Lily, Zhou Jingren, and Qin Yuanfeng we're already traveling outside of Luxembourg towards a private plane that was already waiting for them. Lily does not know the details of the news but she had already received a call from Eliza telling her that everyone is already looking for Zhou Jingren. Soon, the whole EU will try to look for him. Of course, this was the worst-case scenario.

As expected, they really wanted to use Zhou Jingren to control Lily. A mocking smile soon made its way to her face as she thought of Mr. Neeson's words back then. The other clearly emphasized that Fred had to suffer because of Lilian. The hidden meaning behind his words was simple, Zhou Jingren would soon suffer once she refused to do their bidding. And since she did refuse, the Order did try to frame Zhou Jingren.

If Lily's analysis were right, the order must have wanted to keep Zhou Jingren some sort of a hostage. Like someone that they could kill anytime once Lily would not do their bidding. How cruel. She thought.

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"The bunker." Lily didn't continue her words as she looked at the silent Zhou Jingren.

"The location of the bunker will be revealed to the next Grand Duke at the coronation. This will be revealed by the previous Grand Duke." He said. "We are safe." They are currently on their way to Germany where Bei Tian was already waiting for them with a private plane to Sweden. Everything had been prepared in advance. Because of this, Lily and Zhou Jingren were able to stay calm.

"What about me?" Qin Yuanfeng eyed Lily. She had already told him the worst-case scenario on this trip and he honestly does not like it.

"Wait for me," Lily said. "All stocks of the Facci Group is already under your name while Bei Tian now owns Zhou Capital."This was something that Zhou Jingren and Lily did after Harringfort revealed himself. This was a precautionary measure that they had to do once they decided to disappear for a while.

Of course, Lily's priority was her wealth. How could she just leave without any assurance that her company will stay with her once she comes back? "I will come back."

"But…" Qin Yuanfeng didn't expect this to happen. The original plan was for them to accompany Lily while she gives birth. He and Bei Tian were supposed to go with them in Sweden and act as the guards. But with the thing that had been happening right now, that is no longer possible. Pursing his lips, Qin Yuanfeng lowered his head. "I will protect Facci Group."

"Hmmm." Lily nodded. To be honest, she is not that mad about the current outcome. She is already heavily pregnant. She needed a place to stay for a while. The safer, the better. Lily would not even care that it was underground. However, how could Leandro and Mikaela just allow Lily and Zhou Jingren to leave like this?

"President… we have a problem." Secretary Go's face was grim as he turned towards Zhou Jingren and Lily. "I just received a signal from Bei Tian. Someone seemed to know that we are heading there… Leandro just arrived near the private plane with the military of Luxembourg."

With this statement, Lily started to laugh like a crazed person. She closed her eyes for a few seconds before her expression turned cold. "It seems that a fight is going to happen." She said calmly. Even if she saved Leandro from the poison, his greed still won in the end. "He was indeed stupid." She said. "A dog will always act like a dog. Even if the master is already dead." She uttered.

The car came to a full stop.

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"Plan B?" Zhou Jingren said.

Lily let out a sighed as she looked at the way where they came from. Luxembourg was a nice place. "The Duchess and the Duke?" she asked.

Qin Yuanfeng who was watching the palace immediately answered. "They are not in the palace and so is Eliza and Levi."

"Good." Lily's gaze turned towards Zhou Jingren. "Let's go to Plan B." Did the organization really think that they could get Zhou Jingren away from her? Isn't that such a foolish thought? Lily sneered. She was never the type that would just go the tiger's den like a damn sheep. She was no sheep. She was the Lioness. She watched as Qin Yuanfeng and Zhou Jingren's gaze turned complicated before she said. "Blow the palace up. Send the news to some international news station that would indicate it was someone from Belgium." Harringfort is clearly from Belgium. This is just a small taste of what Lily would do in the future once they continue to disturb her peace. "Blow it up." She added.

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