The Witch Hunter System
The Witch Hunter System

The Witch Hunter System

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The Witch Hunter System novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Harem, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Pointbreak. 425 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Dual cultivation isn't a choice; it's a necessity.

After being struck by a truck like most lucky protagonists (or unlucky ones), Vaan found himself transmigrated into the body of an orphan in the world of witches and demons.

However, they didn't always exist.

Demons terrorized the world ever since the Gehenna Realm descended over 300 years ago. but along with them, came mana, giving birth to witches to combat these demons.

Since then, the world of men was dominated by witches, establishing the seven witch kingdoms, which safeguards at the forefront of the demon invasion.

In order to survive in the matriarchal society of the witch kingdoms, Vaan, like all other men who cannot use magic, had to learn how to service the witches to survive.

Nevertheless, it did not come without its own benefits.

Years of research have led the world to the discovery of intimacy between men and women could increase the witches' mana absorption.

But at the same time, men could absorb some of this mana to improve their physique and lifespan.

Thus, since then, an intricate relationship was formed between men and witches in the red-light districts. Love became casual, and dual cultivation is common.

As a prodigy in the art of pleasing women, Vaan lived a smooth two years since his transmigration as an orphan.

However, everything came crashing down in a heartbeat one day when his life was nearly taken, and Lady Eniwse whom he served went berserk.

Even so, that was not the end.

With the awakening of the Witch Hunter System, watch how Vaan takes on the world and becomes the lord of witches.

Note: Contains lemons.
Hunting witches does not necessarily imply killing witches if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • slacker4life 1

    yo, i just started reading this yesterday and i already catch up to the new chapters. can somebody tell me when the new chapter will release? and how often does the author release new chapters?

    • flssdd 2

      Right now the release is 2 chapters a day ofc sometimes it might be 1 chapter only or a skip, but the usual standard is 2 everyday

  • Arg0ht 1

    are the chapters published frequently? I saw that the author had taken a long break...

    • Partner_Killer 1

      The current release rate seems to be about 2 chapters a day

  • Greeeedy__ 1

    MAJ 8/10

  • Szotyitizedes 3

    Summary sounds dope Actual review?

  • Greeeedy__ 1

    after 50 chap i have to say that i'm dissapointed.. the plot is cliché, like a real cliché you will see everywhere.. a protagonist who can gaine power by killing or having s*x with witch, good plot armor, with every cliché you can guess from adventure fantay reincarnator>Slave boy being bullied > "death" > system > vengeance + chasing after a lover > the person who was killed was the city lord kid > escape > meeting mercenary + young mitress > look how coool the MC is > massage + s*x (the most ridiculus cheat that a mc can have) > loook how coool the MC is > scheme > sudden attack !!!!> mc save everyone cuz he's the best you know he did read book from the library of a witch with knowledge of thounsan year of magic in just 2 year > new city >suspicious ppl > sexy m*lf who is op and beautifil > assassin !!!!!!... that it. i will keep reading cuz the comment keep making me curious of why this novel have this much goood comment event in the official website..

    • IfeanyiFidel 2

      Haa don't judge a novel from 50 chaps, for example look at TAPOV the first chapters were info dumps

      • Greeeedy__ 1

        yeah i did redeem myself after 80 or so chap this novel is good

  • Prarki69 2

    Finally back but don't even remember the plot *sigh*

  • Unemployed_Guy 15

    Finally in the top 💯.

  • PointbreakWN 1

    Hello there

  • haikooo12 4

    how's the mc's personality?

    • empty_ 1

      he has one of the best personalities you can find

      • haikooo12 4

        aight imma dive into this, hope it doesnt disappoint me😌

      • haikooo12 4

        bro why r u level -1?💀

      • G1ufck 1

        I don't even know what it means☠☠🤷‍♂️

      • Valeron 4

        Bro has negative karma level💀

    • supremebing3 2

      Godly that's all I can say

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  • Zetnowvip 1

    Let’s go! Finally, new chapters!