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Iskarrota 2
Chapter 366 2 months ago

I came looking for mystery/horror story. Got a badly designed vrmmo with a twist. Only solo scenarios with mc are interesting. Everything else becomes annoying pretty quickly. Dunno why but author thought it was good idea to turn thriller game into action game, everything boils down to combat. And people in this novel keep playing as if it was a good action game xD instead of changing games and go play some hack and slash they stay in thriller paradise xD The only thing that can convince me to keep reading is the mc.

Reink 1
Chapter 332 2 months ago

If you below 18 years old and wanna read funny pop culture reference filled story with very mild horror/thriller elements, it will be decent read. If you looking for actual horror story skip this one and never return to it.

mandamG9 3
Chapter 1 one year ago

it's a good novel
I enjoyed it and the characters are amazing , the plot is fun and enjoyable!
this one is one of my fav novels and I like the way author has written this novel since it's easy to understand and it is also fun reading it.
Puzzles and missions are really interesting ( thought some can be really hard and might take some time to follow up with MC , I mean to understand the puzzles and all)

Rexus 0
Chapter 1 2 years ago

Really good novel.
I've pointed out the pros, now cons.

-There times when the puzzle solving aspect in a scenario becomes a bit too complicated. Which will make you wrack your brains in trying to follow along with the mc's thought process.

-There is a main storyline but the author keeps it really conspiscious. It is a virtual reality game so the purpose of each scenario is to challenge players and reward them in the end dependant on performance. Although the stories behind each scenario is interesting, the focus on a main storyline is progressively slow, but I think that adds to the anticipation of a big reveal in the later chapters.

-There should be more chapters revealing his daily life. Because those type of chapters are just too hilarious to have them only appear few times after each scenario.

-Next is one is that the mc is... just too awesome. Pls nerf (jk)

-More shipping moments author. After 400 chapters we only get a couple good moments. Pls, I'm craving for them

-Just a personal opinion but... The update is slow. It was insufferable to try reading future chp on mtl as the names and sentences get jumbled up. The novel is too good to let it upload a few chapters per week. The wait is killing me

Dertonel 2
Chapter 1 2 years ago

It's great, i recommend reading this if you like horror, and a smart mc. It has a lot of references in game like scp, movies, and some other stuff