Throne of Magical Arcana

Chapter 802: The Afterworld

Navathe, the third floor of hell, was known by the sorcerers of the main material world as “Burning Metropolis”.

On this floor of hell that did not seem to have an edge, there were no plains, mountains, rivers, hill, or deserts, but only a magnificent city made of iron. However, since the underground fire was burning incessantly the whole time, even iron could be scorched. As a result, most of the iron buildings were in heated redness. Every pale ghost that approached was sizzling with black smoke, as if they would be vaporized into nothingness at any point.

The suffocating smoke enshrouded the sky, and all kinds of devils wandered in the iron city. They were quite in order themselves, but they treated every soul that entered the hell and the demons that had been captured cruelly.

It was said that at the bottom of the Burning Metropolis, in the middle of the infinite fire, there was an enormous prison where different intelligent creatures were caged. The most direct proof was that when somebody walked on the burning ground, they would often hear moans and cries that came from nowhere.

A squad of little devils escorted a group of fuzzy, pale souls toward the tower at the center of the Burning Metropolis. Now and then, they waved their special whips, making the souls that had entered the hell scream in pain. The more painful the captives were, the more excited the little devils were.

“No wonder so many posthumous customs are popular, and no wonder the Saint Truth was spread so fast…” In a huge business team, Lucien, who did not change his appearance and clothes, sighed in interest and pity. It was the first time that he had entered the hell.

According to the studies of the Congress of Magic in the past, after a human died, their soul would perish on the spot if they did not have special techniques, but in the river that flowed between the hell and the abyss, souls would pop up without their former memories and looks. It was impossible to tell their identities. Such souls would either degenerate into demons and devils in abyss and hell, or be crafted into “soul gems” that could cast special spells or abilities. Such gems were the hard currency in hell.

As for the nature of the soul and how it was generated, it was a conundrum in current arcana studies.

However, after the World of Souls was discovered, the arcanists had reasons to believe that one of the destinies of a soul was the World of Souls. If the posthumous customs could form corresponding spaces in the Realm of Gates, the souls who had strong willpower could certainly enter it too.

Perhaps because of his empathy, the idea occurred to Lucien that, after the Congress suppressed the Saint Truth in the main material world and while it explored the vast cosmos and other dimensions, it would also be necessary to get hell under control. Of course, considering the Congress’ capabilities right now and the enemies it was faced with, there would be a long time before the goal was fulfilled.

“Get the hell under the government of the Congress of Magic… That’s something that the Magic Empire dare not even think about.” Lucien floated on the street. All the stones on it were red. If one were to put an egg on the street, it would immediately be boiled. Other than devils who were born in fire, even knights could not stand such heat for a long time. That was why the souls and captives were in such pain.

The business team Lucien was with was an “Alternate Dimension Trade Group” that the Congress of Magic organized. It had come openly for business. After all, devils were not virtuous saints who did not need food, resources, and entertainment. They too needed the resources that the hell did not have to craft weapons and improve their strength, and their luxury lives had to be maintained. So, they would ask the devil followers to gather resources for them in the main material world and then exchange for such resources fairly.

Such trade certainly couldn’t have been done without sorcerers who were good at collection and alchemy. On the other hand, the Congress of Magic needed the special materials of hell. Also, monopolizing such trade could help curb the devils, in case certain greedy people provided strategic resources for treasure, strength, and peace of their souls after their death.

Of course, it was also because of such trade that sorcerers were considered more evil in the past.

Two devils with dark red skins walked to them from another street. Kicking away the soul of a human, they said to the leaders of the “trade group” respectfully, “Esteemed sorcerers, the duke is waiting for your goods.”

The devils dare not show any disrespect for the guests of the Iron Duke, or they were likely to become the items that the duke offered to the sorcerers as part of the trade. Every part of a devil was a material, and they could be used as servants. Under such a threat, they behaved differently when they were faced with general humans and when they faced with the trade group.

Seit, the leader of the trade group, nodded proudly and turned to look at Lucien. “Your Excellency, are you going to the Iron Tower?”

As a senior-rank sorcerer, how could he not know the famous grand arcanist Lucien “Atom Controller” Evans?

Raising his head and looking at the red tower at the center of the Burning Metropolis, Lucien smiled and said, “I’m not going. I don’t think the Iron Duke wants to see me.”

On the top floor of the Iron Tower, the Iron Duke, who was in utter black, looked down solemnly. A top legend who had caused the demise of many other legends was certainly not the best “guest”, particularly so for himself who was only level-two legendary and who could only resist level-three legends with the Burning Metropolis.

“If you ever need us, you can contact Colin in ‘Balance of Souls’.” Seit did not pursue any further. It was not wise to ask about the plan of a grand arcanist recklessly.

The Balance of Souls was the “alchemical cabin” that the Congress of Magic established in the Burning Metropolis.

Lucien nodded and soon melted into the crowd of devils and few “merchants” in the iron city.

“The Lord of Hell must’ve known that I have come to hell. Will he stop me?” Lucien knew very well that the hell was to some extent an incarnation of the Lord of Hell. No matter how he snuck in hell hiding his traces, it would’ve been barely possible to deceive Maltimus. So, he might as well come openly. “Now, I’ll go to the Silent Hell on the eighth floor first and see if I can find the special Stellar Core. It will also be an indirect test of Maltimus’ attitude. Then, I’ll go to the primeval hell below the ninth floor.”

The moment he made his plan, Lucien suddenly sensed something and looked at the other side of the street, only to see a young man walking toward the edge of the Burning Metropolis with a bag of materials and a smile of satisfaction on his face.

The only living people here were the sorcerers and the few devil followers who came for the trade. So, the young man was undoubtedly a soul, as could be seen from his floating state and his transparent body.

However, the souls in hell were either ignorant and stupid or full of hate and regrets. None of them kept their sanity. The young man’s soul, however, was sunny and brilliant, giving Lucien a feeling that he was still alive.

“I also ‘smelled’ the air of the Silent Hell. Has he come from there to the Burning Metropolis for business?” Lucien speculated.

The Burning Metropolis was the center of trade in hell. On the other floors of hell, for various reasons, only secret deals were conducted.

Realizing that the weird young man’s soul came from the Silent Hell, Lucien, whose curiosity had been triggered, tailed him and tried to figure out where he was going.

“Grandpa, Grandpa, the ‘Stone of Poltergeists’, ‘Elven Leaves’, and ‘Steel of Burning Volcano’ that you asked for have been bought.” The young man reached a remote corner in the Burning Metropolis that was barely frequented by devils.

Outside of an iron building enshrouded in a fire, a haggard old man was standing there holding his stick. Before him were bottles of the “Fire Liquor” that devils liked most. He seemed to be the boss of a tavern who had come to the Burning Metropolis to shop for goods.

A human being? Lucien was slightly stunned. Was there any human being living in hell without being torn apart and eaten up by devils?

Right when Lucien was about to spread out his spiritual power and check if the old man had any magic cover, he suddenly raised his head. “Maman, why didn’t you say that you brought a guest here?”

The “young man” Maman turned back in shock and saw Lucien who did not hide his traces. “I… I don’t know him…”

“Forgive me. It’s just that I wanted to get to know your grandpa, so I followed you here,” Lucien said casually.

Maman scratched his head in confusion and shyness. “My grandpa is just an ordinary tavern tender. There’s nothing special about him. You might have mistaken him for someone else, my dear guest.”

“An ordinary tavern tender?” Lucien was amused. It would’ve been ordinary in the main material world, but this was hell.

The skinny old men stooped and sorted his liquors, before he looked at the “young man” with his cloudy eyes and said, “Maman, go buy another hundred bottles of ‘Water Soul Wine’ and deliver them to the old place.”

Maman nodded and ran off merrily.

“A very special soul…” Lucien said softly.

The old man’s eyes suddenly glittered. “What do you want?”

“Nothing. I’m just a bit curious.” Lucien smiled. “I don’t mean you any harm. If you’re from the Silent Hell, I would like to ask you about something.”

The old man eyed Lucien up and down. “Are you a sorcerer? Judging from your attire, you should be from the Congress of Magic. Has Douglas ever taught you not to enter the hell without a good reason?”

“Do you know Mr. President?” Lucien raised his eyebrows. Judging from his tone, he seemed unaware that Mr. President had advanced into the demigod level.

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