Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 1086: I swear upon my Nine Tribulations Sword!

In an instant, eleven out of the twelve Supreme Martial Artist’s eyes lit up.

Only Lan Muxue had yet to regain his composure and therefore, nothing could be inferred from his expressions.

All the others, including the Dharma Supreme, let out a sound of surprise.

Le’er was standing right here, in front of the crowd. Her petite body appeared to be like a slim bamboo in the post-rain mountains, exhibiting a clear and limpid feel.

Ye Di stared with his eyes wide open.

He stood up, without any regard for his composure. Suddenly, an extremely vexed feeling permeated his mind.

In his mind, he thought, ‘What’s going on?’

‘The random girl that was caught, actually had an innate ethereal body?’

‘I am really old and muddle-headed! I should have taken a closer look myself. If I had done so, why would I have brought her in front of everyone?’

‘All these old b*stard, every one of them is farsighted and looking ahead with wisdom.’

In the blink of an eye, all of them were staring straight. Suddenly, it seemed as if twenty-five kittens had sneaked into each of their hearts, and there are hundreds of fingernails scratching the insides of their hearts.

Which of the Supreme Martial Artist was not dazzling in their eyes? The moment they saw such a little girl with her innate caliber that could not be concealed, they knew that they were witnessing the real treasure!

Furthermore, she was a treasure that did not belong to anyone!

“Ye Di!” Xiao Se scolded righteously, “The Ye Clan’s way of doing things is too out of the norm, such jerks! When settling disputes one should not involve third parties. Why did you kidnap a little girl back here? This is really driving righteous people like myself mad! This is too much! Too excessive! So much worse than our Xiao Clan.”

Xiao Se waved his hands and said amiably, “Come little girl, come to my side. I will protect you. I will beat whoever dares to bully you!”

Ye Di was glaring with anger. He thought in his mind, ‘I didn’t see you so agitated just now. Only when you saw the person, then did you become so agitated. You are obviously trying to undermine me!’ “You are right! Brother Ye Di, this matter was really not done right.” Ye Qingchou said while shaking his head and sighing. He continued, “What a cute young lady, what a pretty and nice-looking young lady! You all actually bear to take action on her? I am fuming mad over this! Come little girl, I shall help you redress any injustice. Whatever wrong that you have suffered, I will redress them for you. Come to my side.”

“That’s right! The little girl is really cute. The Ye Clan’s way of doing things is really… Ai, come little girl, take a look, I have many good things over at my side. Come, I shall let you play with them… See see… they are good, right?” Chen Mengchi said while fearing of missing out.

Ye Di was fuming mad and he said, “Shut up everyone! This little girl is the guest of my Ye Clan!”

“Your guest?” In this critical juncture, who would back down from their position? Everyone answered back sarcastically. “Brother Ye, the way you said this without any embarrassment is really a wonder.”

“Stop fighting!” the Dharma Supreme said with an authoritative voice, as if giving the final word, “Little girl, what is your name?”

Chu Le’er was exceptionally intelligent. Although she did not know why the various old men were fighting over her, she realized that the current situation was very much in favor of her.

Hearing what the Dharma Supreme said, Chu Le’er blinked her long eyelashes and with a pitiful and timid voice, she replied, “My… my name is Le’er.”

The Dharma Supreme nodded and smiled. “Le’er, it’s a nice name. Happily growing up, very nice, very nice.”

The various Supreme Martial Artists in the crowd rolled their eyes.

This name of Le’er was, of course, a nice name. However, it was also rather common. There were probably millions of other little girls who were also known as Le’er within this Nine Heavens. Why did the Dharma Supreme not compliment others about their names as well?

However, when the Dharma Supreme answered in this way, the crowd understood in their heart. ‘Most likely, the Dharma Supreme has taken a liking to this girl’s innate talent…’

Everyone shut their mouth up wisely.

“How old are you?” The Dharma Supreme smiled gently. It was all warm and cordial.

“Twelve years old…” Chu Le’er replied as she gently rubbed the front of her clothes.

“Twelve years old…” Even the Dharma Supreme was a little startled. With her body, she did not look like a twelve-year-old girl. More like an eight or nine years old.

“Come over, let me take a look at you,” the Dharma Supreme said.

Chu Le’er looked up timidly and quickly glanced at the surroundings, before walking over with her head lowered.

Everyone was fuming mad, but who dared to steal a disciple from the Dharma Supreme?

Although an innate ethereal body was not as great as the innate spiritual meridians, their difference was in fact minimal. However, it was not a bit inferior compared to the mysterious Yin body found in the disciple of Feng Yurou.

It was even superior in certain aspects.

This was because, while an innate ethereal body could practice any kinds of martial arts, the mysterious Yin body could only practice martial arts of the Yin nature.

Furthermore, this was an innate ethereal body that had not gone through any cultivation before! It had the utmost potential to be cultivated for great things in the future.

The Dharma Supreme placed one hand on the wrist vein of Chu Le’er. His eyebrow twitched before he finally sighed in deep thoughts and said, “So I see, it’s really a pity.”

The crowd was very surprised and thought in their mind, ‘Why the pity?’

“She had been blessed with an innate ethereal body, but also with an incurable chronic disease!” the Dharma Supreme said, while his eyes were filled with a sense of pity.

With his level of cultivation, without the appropriate herbs, there was also nothing that he could do about the injuries of Chu Le’er.

“Chronic disease?” The various Second Grandmaster could no longer retain their composure anymore. They stood up and walked forward to take a look, before returning to their seats and sighing. Everyone fell silent.

The eyes of the Dharma Supreme flashed with a thought. ‘I shall search for these herbs, it’s a waste to give up an innate ethereal body just like that. In my entire life, I may not find another one like her again…’

Looking at these elderly men, Chu Le’er was a little disdainful deep down in her heart.

She thought in her mind, ‘Just based on your caliber and you want to be my Teacher?’

‘Seeing how I have a chronic disease and you all straight away gave up! Not a trace of hard work at all!’


‘My Big Brother had suffered quite a bit and put in a lot of hard work for my disease. His cultivation may not be anywhere close to you. However, his love and care towards me are definitely a thousand times more! Ten thousand times more!’

‘A bunch of jerks!’

At this moment, a gentle voice came from outside and said, “Is this the Xiaoxiao Hall?”

Chu Le’er said with exuberance, “Big Brother!”

She turned her body and rushed towards the door.

The faces of the various Supreme Martial Artist turned pale, as they returned to their various seats. Ye Di said, “Is this person outside Chu Yang?”

The tall and upright figure outside stepped through the door. He said indifferently, “Yes, that’s me!”

It was really Chu Yang who came.

The moment he came through the door, he felt a petite body pounce into his arms. That was Chu Le’er!

Chu Yang was overjoyed. His younger sister was fine and that was really great. It seemed like these group of people kept to their principles after all.

“Chu Yang, the few of us have some questions to ask you.” Ye Di spoke gloomily.

“I’m just about to ask.” Chu Yang walked into the hall with no fear.

His eyes scanned the surroundings and he was suddenly hit with a thought.

Although these people did not recognize him, they were all people that Chu Yang knew clearly.

In last night’s battle, all these old folks were present.

The Dharma Supreme, Ye Di, Xiao Se, Ling Fengyun, Li Xiangsi, Chen Mengchi…

They were all legendary characters, who could easily cause a stir in the Nine Heavens. Yet, they were all present here today, just to verify some facts with an insignificant character like Chu Yang.

The world was really fantastic.

Chu Yang thought for a moment and realized why they had taken the effort to make it such a serious affair.

It had many serious implications for this matter.

If this matter was not resolved properly, it might result in an endless enmity, with endless unrest between the Nine Super Clans. Therefore, even though their status was lofty, they had no choice but to find out this matter personally. Furthermore, since everyone was around, there would not be any worry about a one-sided story in the future.

It seemed like they were making a fuss over a minor issue. However, it was actually the best way to avoid any future conflicts!

In addition, with everyone here, there would not be a problem of lowering their status, as compared to the others.

Chu Yang laughed coldly in his mind.

He thought, ‘All of you wanted to avoid any future conflicts. Why would I do as you wish?’ With this, he was determined.

Seeing how Chu Yang had not given any signals for so long, Zi Xieqing who was waiting outside knew that Chu Yang had his own plans and therefore, could only wait on patiently.

All twelve of the Supreme Martial Artist gave a gloomy and serious look at this moment, as they looked on quietly at the person in front of them.

A young chap like him, without doing anything, with just his mouth and nothing concrete, could stir up such a war between the Nine Super Clans, causing the deaths of over five hundred Martial Saints and above exponents!

At this moment, they even had the intention to kill Chu Yang.

However, they were all a little shocked at first glance.

They thought in their mind, ‘This guy seems to have only the cultivation of a First Grade Monarch Level? Even though for his age, it was already a feat.’ However, it was still world’s apart from the impression that these people had initially.

How could he be at just Monarch Level! Furthermore, it was only the First Grade!

“Let me introduce to you.” Ye Di said gloomily. He was the right-hand man of the Dharma Supreme and therefore, the responsibility of introducing was naturally his.

“This is the current Dharma Supreme, the worthy Number One person in the Nine Heavens, the ruler of this world!” Ye Di raised his hands to pay his respect for the Dharma Supreme.

“Ah? Excuse me for my lack of manners! The Dharma Supreme!” Chu Yang looked at the Dharma Supreme with a shocked look. He continued, “The Dharma Supreme, I… I am also a law-enforcement officer.”

Everyone thought in their mind, ‘You are a law-enforcement officer as well?’

All the Elder Masters almost fainted from the news.

“Oh?” The Dharma Supreme looked at Chu Yang as if in deep thoughts.

“I am the South East law-enforcement Pharmacist! I represent the South East Law-enforcement officer for the current Medicine Banquet.” Chu Yang hurriedly identified himself. “Chief law-enforcement officer Han Xiaoran is my sponsor…”

Even the Dharma Supreme was startled for a moment.

The various Second Grandmaster also began to feel uneasy. They scolded their subordinates in their mind, ‘Damn it. Such important news, how can you miss out? It seemed like this new guy had just drawn himself closer in relationship with the Dharma Supreme, the moment he got here.’

“Oh!” the Dharma Supreme nodded his head and replied, “You shall answer honestly to any questions later on.”

Chu Yang said respectfully, “This is obvious. I will answer to my best abilities! If there is any conspiracy or untruth, then I shall suffer the punishment of the Nine Tribulations Sword! Never to be born again!”

This was a really serious oath!

To die under the punishment of the Nine Tribulations Sword and to never be born again! This was almost the most serious and deadly oath in the entire Nine Heavens.

The crowd had a strange expression on their faces, the moment Chu Yang finished his words.

They thought in their mind, ‘He dares to take such a deadly oath, could it be that he was truly bright, upright and had nothing to fear?’

“I am Ye Di, a member of Ye Clan, one of the Nine Super Clans within the Nine Heavens.” Ye Di introduced himself with a calm face.

“Excuse me for my lack of manners!”

“This is Xiao Se, the Elder Master of Xiao Clan.”

“Excuse me for my lack of manners!”

As he was about to introduce the next person, suddenly someone grumbled with dissatisfaction. “You should just say that you understand and that’s enough. F*ck, every reply of yours is as good as calling out my name! You have called out so many times that even I almost wanted to reply… Damn you!”

Everyone suddenly laughed out loud.

“This person speaking is the Elder Master of the Shi Clan, his name is Shi Jing [The pronunciation of his name is similar to the Chinese word for ‘Excuse me for my lack of manners’].” Ye Di introduced, as he tried to hold back his laughter.

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