Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle
Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle


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Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Josei, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Tian Qiqi. 599 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The headlines bring shocking and mind-boggling news.

“Ling Sheng boarded Movie King Huo Ci’s sports car, and the duo are suspected to be dating!”

“Huo Ci and Ling Sheng entered and left the same condominium. They are confirmed to be staying together.”

“Screw off, these blind bastards. He’s my biological father!”

Third Master Jun, likewise, reacts with a similar reaction. He spits. “Whoever posted these will be blacklisted, never to be seen again in the media industry! I shall see who else has the guts to spread rumors about my wife and father-in-law.”

Third Master Jun is the most affluent man on earth and this places him at the apex of the world order. However, he is troubled by the fact that the Movie King Huo Ci, despite only being a few years older than him, is his father-in-law.

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  • yanjiajie

    It was interesting read but after 150+ it goes way go downhill. This novel is alike with a korean movie "Speedy Scandal" and it is adorable. But I grew annoyed reading this novel because of cliffhangers, fragmented ideas, confusion (which is which who's who), etc. I do not feel annoyed to FL's father, it is understandable. Spoiler AlertHe love her, but he doesn't know how to show it because he is prideful. Hahaha.

    2 months ago 0 Likes
  • Nee

    Honestly, her father’s attitude ruined this book for me. I can understand he’s a tsundere but there should be a limit. There were so many things he said and did that didn’t just make sense and he never took it upon himself to apologize to his daughter or his grandchild. The most annoying part was that the fl and her child kept putting up with his bullshit time and time again. Even if this book has a good plot, the way the father was portrayed ruined it for me.

    4 months ago 3 Likes
  • Schnee30

    So, whose her mother? Is it the one who gave Huo Ci that sports car? If she is i wonder if shes also a celeb? If not why did she left her own child. And theres that mystery woman that manager said Ling Sheng looked alike. And, now we know why he was so mad at Third Master Jun but, so far it sounds like it was him being BS against Jun. And who and how did Ling Sheng got pregnant? She didn't know the father if i remember correctly. Wow, this story left me with so many questions.

    7 months ago 5 Likes

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Such a lovely story. All the characters are intriguing and have fascinating backstories that keep one on the edge of their seat in every chapter. Definitely must read!


Eu gosto de todos os personagens, até mesmo os vilões, o único personagem filho da puta que eu odeio é Huo Ci! Mano que cara insuportavel, que fica empurrando seus problemas pessoais para a filha dele com a desculpa de estar preocupado com ela, e eu odeio como a protagonista age como se o pai tóxico dela tivesse razão e sempre agindo na passiva. Alguém mata Huo Ci por favor.


I enjoyed this so much i finished in one day T^T I want moreeeeee it was hard at first to grasp who is who but it was funny at every turn of events 💕👌🤭


Must Read. The story is fast paced nd interesting every chapter. FL is too fierce and ruthless. she doesn't forgive. The characters are also funny.


Wow! I just read this on a whim and did not really expect much since I only like martial arts stories when it comes to Chinese LN. But, damn! It was so good that I didn't even notice I catch up with the latest chap. It was so light and chill for that I just keep on reading. Definitely waiting for more chaps.


I’m at 108. I like the plot. It’s funny tho and They seem to be more mysterious than I expected which is a good thing (Iike the mother and former husband of FL) but the love and romance between protagonists in my opinion is quiet lacking like when all the love begin?