Chapter 912: No One Loved Him

Nangong Lengyu’s gastric illness was an old problem. She was discharged on the ninth day of the lunar new year and had already promised Ling Sheng early on that she would fetch her to stay with her.

Ling Sheng was starting work on the tenth day of the lunar new year. The lame school drama would be filmed in Beijing’s 15th Middle School. Coincidentally, the Nangong Family’s property was nearby, so she could stay there after the place was tidied up. It just so happened that she didn’t have to stay in the film crew’s hotel.

So what if Huo Ci did not agree? He could not stop her from seeing her biological mother. What would others think of him and gossip about him? He had to do what he had to do to save face.

However, the brat, who had been bowing her head and shedding tears in front of him in reluctance the day before, was so happy that she started humming when she packed her luggage the next day.

Could it be that last night, in order to live with that woman, she had said all sorts of nice words to coax him?! It was all an act!

Ling Sheng was packing her luggage, her whole body radiating happiness. She was even humming a tune as she called out to her son. “Xiaoqi, bring your pajamas to Mommy.”

Xiaoqi ran out of his room excitedly with his pajamas in his arms. In a hurry, he bumped into a pair of long legs. He rubbed his head and looked up with a silly smile. “Grandpa.”

Huo Ci gnashed his teeth secretly, his eyes blazing with dark flames as he looked at the mother and son in front of him. Each of them was happier than the other. How fantastic! They were so happy to leave him. Did they want to ditch him so badly? Dream on!

Upon hearing Xiaoqi’s shout, Ling Sheng finally saw her father standing at the door with a dark, handsome face. She immediately put on a flattering smile. “Father, why don’t you sleep a little more? Do you want to eat? I’ll make you breakfast.”

Her mother had said that she would pick them up at eight o’clock. They could also enjoy an authentic dim sum meal at the Swan Grand Hotel; she had already booked reservations for them.

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However, she had not expected her father, who usually did not wake up until late noon, to actually wake up at seven o’clock. It made her feel scared inwardly, especially when she saw the dangerous look in his eyes!

Her mother had just been discharged from the hospital, and her uncle, a workaholic, had already left the night before. He was a director, so he could not leave the film site for even a moment. However, her mother would also get gastric aches as a stress reaction to the Nangong Family’s Old Master whenever she saw him. She was angry with him, and did not want to see him either.

In the end, looking at her mother, the heavy responsibility of taking care of her fell on her. She had discussed it with her father for two days and said all kinds of words of praise. He had only relented last night and was willing to let her and Xiaoqi go over to stay with Nangong Lengyu.

Xiaoqi would start school on the 16th day of the first month of the lunar year too. He wouldn’t be able to stay there for long anyway, before being brought home in a few days.

“Humph!” Huo Ci let out a cold snort. He was about to flare up when he heard the doorbell ring. He frowned and glared at her before gritting his molar teeth. “Open the door!”

F*ck, she had said she would come at eight o’clock but bloody hell, it was only seven o’clock now! Look at all of them. Why didn’t he see them care so much about him usually? They must be deliberately pissing him off!

Upon seeing her father’s expression, Ling Sheng’s scalp tightened. Under his death glare, she ran over to open the door and press the elevator button.

Xiaoqi kept feeling that Grandpa was very scary today, so he did not dare provoke him either. He had packed all his favorite toys into a separate storage box he had prepared. Upon seeing Grandpa leave, he heaved a big sigh of relief.

Nangong Lengyu came slightly earlier to help them pack up. Upon seeing Ling Sheng carry two big suitcases, she smiled and said, “There’s no need to take these clothes if you don’t have to. I don’t lack clothes for you to wear. Don’t take your makeup either. They’re too heavy. I have everything there.”

Ling Sheng had woken up very early. She took out the things she had packed and condensed them again and again. In the end, she took fewer and fewer things. There was almost nothing left.

cHuo Ci returned to his room to sleep, but he could not fall asleep no matter how much he tossed and turned. The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable and sullen he felt. That heartless girl and brat! No matter what, he had already raised them for half a year. How could they treat him like this?

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This won’t do!

He could not tolerate this!

He knew that stinky brat’s character the best! She yielded to anyone who fed her. If she left this time, she would definitely be bribed and wouldn’t go home!

It had not been easy for him to raise this brat for half a year. He had just gotten close with her, no one was going to snatch her away!

Xiaoqi was packing his toys by the side when his smartwatch rang. It was from Grandpa.

Upon seeing Xiaoqi run out of the room on his short legs, Nangong Lengyu smiled lovingly and asked, “Xiaoqi, we’re leaving soon. Where are you going?”

Xiaoqi said, “To poo!”

Ling Sheng frowned. When he had gotten up early in the morning, he had already pooped once. She looked at her son’s back view and thought about checking if he had diarrhea when he came out. When she thought about it carefully, she realized that he had not eaten anything rotten either!

Her luggage was already packed.

Nangong Lengyu had said that it was cold outside, so she had wrapped Ling Sheng up thoroughly. She had even put a scarf on her that she had just brought over. It was the same style as the one she was wearing.

Xiaoqi ran over and stood at the door. After hesitating for a long time, he made up his mind and shouted, “Mommy, Grandma, Xiaoqi is not leaving anymore. Xiaoqi is not leaving with both of you.”

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“Why?” Ling Sheng frowned as she looked at her son. Everything had been settled yesterday, and he was so happy just now too. Why was he suddenly unwilling to leave?

“Xiaoqi doesn’t want to go anymore. Xiaoqi wants to stay at home to keep Grandpa company. Mommy, you and Grandma don’t have to worry. Xiaoqi will take good care of himself and Grandpa.” Xiaoqi made up his mind before saying earnestly.

“Xiaoqi, why did you suddenly change your mind? Didn’t you say you wanted to stay with Grandma and Mommy?” Nangong Lengyu thought of the reason immediately. That scumbag Huo Ci must have said something to the baby to make him change his mind.

“Xiaoqi is not going anymore, Grandma.” Xiaoqi’s expression was very serious. “Grandma, you should leave with Mommy! Xiaoqi is not going.”

“Why? The child already said he’s not willing to go. Do the two of you still want to force him?” Huo Ci walked over to watch over him. He was afraid that the brat would change his mind after others cajoled him with a few words because of a soft temperament. He only looked at Ling Sheng. “Xiaoqi already said that he wants to stay at home with me. You’re not filial but why are you still stopping Xiaoqi from being filial to me?!”

“Father, how am I not filial to you? I’m the most filial to you.” Although Ling Sheng said that, she thought to herself, like I’d believe your nonsense. You’re already an adult, yet you don’t keep your word. How can you do this?!

“Xiaoqi, did he tell you something to make you stay behind?” Nangong Lengyu shot him a cold look. Her words were already very polite. She knew for sure that he had done this.

She just wanted to stay with her daughter and grandson for a while. They had also agreed that Xiaoqi would come home for the start of a new school term on the 16th day of the lunar month.

He had agreed too, but he changed his mind so easily today. He was already so old, yet he was so petty. Was he still a man?!

Xiaoqi shook his head. “No, Grandma. Xiaoqi wants to stay behind and keep Grandpa company.”

Grandpa was so pitiful. Grandpa had even cried just now. Grandpa had said that other than Xiaoqi, no one else loved him. Mommy had Grandma, Granduncle, and Dad to love and dote on her.

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