Tranxending Vision

Chapter 822 Cheeky Girl

The stone mountain wasn’t very tall, standing at about one thousand five hundred metres tall. However, its terrain was very steep, making it difficult to climb. Its plain facade made it easy to underestimate. Xia Lei and the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team had to trek two hours on foot to reach its summit. With this geographical layout, even if the Hattori clan decided to scale the mountain, they would require at least two hours to reach the peak. Not to mention, they would be faced with heavy fire from seven XL2500 sniper rifles while they made the tough journey. There was no way they could utilize the advantage they had from outnumbering their opponent.

“If they do decide to use the military helicopters, we’ll be in trouble. Stones are everywhere on this mountain. It is sufficient to shield us from close quarter combat but it wouldn’t do any good against helicopters. The damage from the debris resulting from explosions would be equivalent to them dropping shrapnel bombs,” mentioned Alessio. Though he had faced his fair share of battles, it was this one in particular where he felt nervous.

Xia Lei reassured him. “Don’t worry. I’ve destroyed two of the American military helicopters before. Think about it. A helicopter of that size would only be able to carry its pilot and co-pilot. How would the entire Hattori clan travel here? If they all took helicopters, most of them would probably be the paramilitary ones. At worst, they’d be equipped with machine guns or some sort.”

To attack armoured targets was the main task of a military helicopter in battle. Helicopters that were intended to transport people to battle would have no way of fitting weapons and ammunition along with its passengers. Usually, they’d add heavy-duty machine guns to the sides of the cabin and have someone control it for support. It was a fact that Xia Lei had successfully destroyed two helicopters of that sort.

“Hehe, there really is nothing to worry about when fighting alongside you.” Alessio smiled sheepishly. His analytical skills were no match for Xia Lei.

“You’re such a liar.” Yelena interrupted him.

“What did you say?” Alessio glared daggers at Yelena. “You think I’m a coward? Since when did I not stand in the front lines of a battle?!”

“Alright, enough. Stop fighting.” Xia Lei stopped them before a brawl could break out. The man took out a simple map he had sketched and laid it flat on a stone. He started to give out orders. “Alessio, you’ll be stationed at this point. Yelena will be here, E’er Demutu will be here. Sa’im, you’ll head over there and Anjum Khan, here.”

Six circles were drawn on the map, which had covered the full circumference of the peak. There were some high grounds and lower grounds. It was a stupendous arrangement. If the Hattori clan had used the helicopter to get here, their vehicle would be attacked from any direction. The combination of the XL2500 sniper rifle and armour-piercers would find no problem in destroying the pilot or oil tank.

“What about me?” Tsukino Kyoko stared at Xia Lei. “Where would I be positioned?”

“You’ll stay with me here. You’ll fight with me while protecting her.” Xia Lei pointed to Ning Jing, who laid on the stretcher.

Honestly, he wasn’t quite sure if there was any part of Ning Jing left anymore. Her face was most definitely not Ning Jing’s and her consciousness had traces of Gu Kewen. It was just bizarre. He couldn’t decide if it was still appropriate to refer to her as Ning Jing.

“Alright.” Tsukino Kyoko nodded.

The other five quickly moved out, headed towards their designated spot.

Xia Lei and Tsukino Kyoko busied themselves with arranging their weapons and explosives, bracing themselves for the battle ahead. Other than the two XL2500 sniper rifles they had, they had access to two gust assault rifles, Viper pistols and one Hellbound One-soldier Cannon. The Hellbound One-soldier Cannon was the only heavy firearm the team had brought over from China.

Replies from the five quickly rang out from the transmitter. They were ready.

Now, all that was left was to wait until their prey entered the trap.

“Boss, have you ever considered an alternative scenario?” Tsukino Kyook said as she adjusted the XL2500 sniper rifle in her hands.

Xia Lei glanced over. “What kind?”

“You mentioned that the two Hattori offspring, Hattori Geppa and Hattori Mei were seemingly cowardly people. If your analysis was right, wouldn’t the CIA require more time to gather more men to head here? Would they not come because they fear you?” Tsukino questioned.

Xia Lei looked at the watch on his wrist. “I’m sure the Hattori clan will be here. They’re probably on their way now.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” Xia Lei stared ahead into the direction of New Delhi. “Each overseas trip I make is a chance for the CIA and FA Organization to capture or destroy me. And every time I return home is a missed opportunity. Do you really think they’d give up on this rare chance?”

“They won’t.” She answered.

Right at this moment, from an explosion crater behind them, came Ning Jing’s voice. “Oh gosh! I’m itching everywhere! Anyone there? I don’t wanna stay here anymore.”

Tsukino Kyoko turned her head back, her brows scrunched up in disdain. “She’s so fussy. How about I knock her out? She’ll only be a liability if this continues.”

“I’ll handle this.” Xia Lei carefully moved backwards with a lowered stance. He then jumped into the crater.

The battle between the Indian and Pakistani troops had left behind multiple craters, which had ultimately served as Ning Jing’s temporary hiding spot for now. There wasn’t much space inside but it was enough to fit the stretcher bed. Xia Lei’s sudden presence had made the room even more cramped.

“Ah, you’re here. Please don’t leave me.” She stared at Xia Lei pitifully, one arm trying to reach behind to scratch her itch.

Xia Lei squatted beside her and grabbed her arm. “Don’t scratch it. Itching is a good sign of recovery. Your wounds might be infected if you continue to scratch it.”

“No! I need to scratch it! It’s crazy itchy!” She pouted.

“Hey! Listen to me!” Xia Lei’s expression hardened, pretending to be mad. Behind this facade, was plain sorrow. Though she was in ‘Ning Jing mode’, her condition after going insane had rendered her intelligence not more than that of a ten-year-old.

“Your name is Xia Lei, right?”

“Yeah, I’m Xia Lei. Do you remember me?”

“No, not really. But I find you very friendly.” She cocked her head and stared at Xia Lei intently. “Can I call you Uncle Xia?”


“Uncle Xia, can you please help me scratch my back? I’m so uncomfortable.” She pleaded.

“Alright, I’ll scratch your back for a bit. After that’s done, please listen to my instructions and stay here. Don’t move around, okay?” said Xia Lei.

“Alright, I will.” She seemed obedient.

Xia Lei extended his hand to the back of her waist. She had removed the dressing around the area. A new dermal layer could be clearly seen on the exposed span, it looked pale and supple. Some scars remained but it’d probably fade soon. Then, he caught sight of her butt crack. He helped her scratch the reddish raw area. “Is this alright?”

“No, move your hand downwards.”

Xia Lei heeded her request and gave the new area a few scratches.

“Please scratch slightly downwards. Quick, I’m so itchy.” She couldn’t take it any longer, opting to lay on her side to ease Xia Lei’s movement.

Xia Lei was stunned. His palm was already on her coccyx. Any lower and it would reach her butt. Was it even appropriate for him to do so?

“Uncle Xia, quickly! I’m begging you! It’s too itchy!” She squirmed, displaying a childlike cheekiness.

Xia Lei decided he had enough of this. He heaved a deep sigh to painstakingly reach his hand downwards. What he could feel was a soft, spongy mass that stirred his emotions into a hurricane.

He let his gaze fall on her, thinking about the Ning Jing before the ordeal. She was a girl who lived a turbulent life. Was it a good thing that she was reduced to this state? If she had lived a life like before, she would have never experienced joy.

“You’re so nice, Uncle Xia. Can you move your hand further? Pretty please?” Her tone was sickeningly sweet but it sounded very cute.

But Xia Lei had a problem with that. Move his hand further? Jeez, was she not aware that there were some parts to keep private from other people? Had she lost all her female dignity and the ability to understand social cues?

“Weird. Why is it getting more itchy even when you continue to scratch? What’s going on?”


Children often asked the weirdest things, but the girl within Ning Jing was definitely crossing lines. Her question was undeniably suggestive.

“Boss! Something’s happening!” Tsukino Kyoko exclaimed, her voice riddled with anxiety.

Xia Lei frantically pulled his hand out from within her dressing.

She hurriedly grabbed Xia Lei’s wrist. “Uncle Xia, no! Don’t leave me, I’m scared.”

“Behave yourself! Now is not the time!” Xia Lei was genuinely angry now.

“Hehehe…” Her tone took a drastic change. It suddenly became hollow and cold. She mocked, “Is there someone after you? Are you going to die?”

Why was ‘Gu Kewen’ showing up now?”

“Remember to notify me when you get shot. I’d love to see you bleed to death.” She said.

As soon she had uttered her last word, Xia Lei landed a hard chop on the pulse point of her neck.

She finally fell silent, slumping weightlessly back onto the stretcher. The loosened dressing had exposed her smooth, slim waist and the lower half of her breast.

Xia Lei sighed audibly, then made his way out of the crater. He just couldn’t imagine how he’d manage her moving forward. She had Zhu Xuanyue’s face, a face adorned with near-perfect features like that of the fairies depicted in legends. She even had both Gu Kewen and Ning Jing’s personalities. Three souls dwelled inside one body, switching back and forth from time to time. Xia Lei head started to throb as soon as he pictured the addition of Zhu Xuanyue’s personality to the mix.

Returning to his spot, Xia Lei gazed at the scene ahead. From afar, four helicopters were approaching them. Tension began to stir in his chest.

Flying right in front of the formation was India's newest LCH military helicopter, which was a standard military-use aircraft equipped with rocket launch pods, cannons and surface-to-surface missiles!

Following close behind the LCH helicopter were two regular helicopters that had machine guns on both sides of its cabin.

And at the very back of the formation was a Chinook aircraft!

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