Tranxending Vision

Chapter 902: Dark Humour

The opening ceremony for the forum themed ‘The Peace and Stability of Asia’ began with a speech from a politician. Every special guest was expected to present something based on the theme. Among these guests were representatives from some Japanese consortium, a few Korean politicians and a few influential figures in politics and business from the Philippines and the Western countries.

While everyone else talked about noble, far-fetched ideas on stage, Xia Lei was bored out of his mind. As he allowed his eyes to travel along with the audience seat beneath, his gaze stopped on Shentu Tianyin. Shentu Tianyin was staring at him as well, flashing him a slight smile in response. The man returned the gesture and immediately felt troubled. He was undeniably intelligent but he could never sort out his private life.

After all, intelligence quotient and emotional quotient were two vastly different things.

Shentu Tianyin brought out a pen and began writing in her notebook. She flipped the book around to show Xia Lei a line of words.

Xia Lei could make out the message from a distance. ‘Come have lunch with me later’.

As he found himself about to nod, he thought about Fan Fan’s stern reminder to not meet Shentu Tianyin in secret or he’d be sleeping on the couch for the rest of his life. Immediately, his neck went stiff and he did not respond. The warning from his two pregnant lovers must be taken seriously. He really didn’t wish to offend them then get chased out from bed to the couch.

Another reason behind his inability to nod was the fact that Fan Fan and Liang Siyao were both carrying his offspring. The tolerance they showed to acknowledge one another was a rare occasion. As a man, he too should not indulge in his shallow desires in favour of being a good husband and father.

This was seemingly the reason why he hadn’t laid a finger on the four female knights. If this had happened before Fan Fan, Liang Siyao and Jiang Ruyi were pregnant with his children, he would have gladly succumbed to his desires for the four sisters.

Shentu Tianyin stared at Xia Lei intensely.

Xia Lei made a smart move to shake his head and point to his eyes as if hinting that he couldn’t read her tiny handwriting. Shentu Tianyin placed the notebook down and as she prepared to write it in a bigger font. He immediately turned his head to the side.

As if on cue, the host’s attention had landed on Xia Lei. The man smiled at him. “Mister Xia, could you tell us more about your hopes and dreams for the future of Asia?”

Xia Lei focused his concentration on the question. He spoke into the mic placed in front of him. “My hope for Asia is simple. I just wish for it to enjoy eternal peace and stability. Only people who have experienced war would understand how precious that is to us. Asia needs a stable environment for development.”

“Mister Xia.” A representative from the Japanese consortium interjected. “I learnt that you’re an arms dealer. The momentum of the Thunder Horse Organization’s development has been nothing but fierce and your weapons are given the limelight in Middle Eastern wars. You’re a man who provides access to terrifying weapons and yet you’re here talking about the preciousness of peace and harmony? What kind of sick joke is that?”

Everyone else made no move to stop him for the forum’s nature had allowed open challenges. Following that, Xia Lei could feel more gazes on him as they anticipated an answer.

Xia Lei had expected Folsom to make his time here difficult but it was a surprise to have a Japanese start the fire. He smiled at him. “Allow me to answer your query. From the dawn of human development until now, we have never stopped researching for better weapons. In prehistoric times, we defended ourselves with sticks and stones. Stronger tribes will conquer smaller tribes for their food resources and women. It is not much different in modern times too. Stronger countries will use war to plunder weaker countries and rob them of their resources. I’ll spare you no example for I fear that you might be offended.”

The expression of the Japanese consortium representative darkened for Xia Lei was implying about his origin country. During the Second World War, The Land of The Rising Sun brought terror to the entirety of Asia, especially to China. The crimes they had committed on the Chinese territory were countless, the Japanese soldiers were literally vile savages.

“History is in the past. We are now in a time of peace and modernization. Every country is cutting down on funding resources for their military and making an effort to reduce their nuclear weapon arsenals. You, on the other hand, are making strides in more dangerous weapons. Your answer is not much of an answer, you’re just trying to deviate the question, no?” The Japanese representative retaliated.

With schooled nonchalance, Xia Lei answered him, “In contrast, my motive behind the creation of better weapons is for peace. We’re literally rebuilding everything from ruins that were resulted by a very dark period of our country’s modern history. Throughout these years, we have been bullied and exploited. To avoid the repetition of history, we need to be strong. When we are strong, there will be less opposition. Where there is less opposition, there is peace.”

“You’re being unreasonable.”

“Okay, how about I use your country as an example? You’ve invaded us and even stole away our land and minerals. Not to mention, you’ve made our women suffer from humiliation and destroyed a good part of our historical relics. How can we live in peace with a neighbour like Japan around? Currently, your country is home to strong American troops, aircraft carriers, military submarines and the world’s most advanced fighters like B2 and F35. If you’re trying to make a point that weapons are a representation of war and therefore, not peace, Japan should first have the American troops leave Asia. Didn’t you make some changes in your peace constitution to allow more freedom for war initiation to your troops?”

The Japanese representative paled, rendered speechless by Xia Lei’s fiery comeback.

“Japan is not the same Japan it was during the Second World War. You’re aware that the Americans will protect you. So here’s the question. Where have we offended you by strengthening our own defence?” questioned Xia Lei.

The Japanese representative snorted slightly, obviously displeased with the situation. He chose to back down after Xia Lei’s mini-speech.

Metaphorically put, if Japan and China were two men who lived in a village named Asia, the situation was as if Japan had given China a beating of its life when the latter was bedridden and vulnerable. The assault had rendered China near death but now that the man had recovered and grown stronger, Japan started talking about peace in fear of the consequences of past actions. Every time China produces a high-tech weapon, Japan would feel the need to comment extensively and invite America to help hinder China’s development. This was Japan’s mentality.

Seeing that the man had fallen silent, Xia Lei too did not press further. Instead, he continued, “Weapons were never the obstacle to peace but its guarantee. War has always been the result of conflicts of interest. What we want is not the peace donated by others. What we want is to control our own peace. Therefore, the Thunder Horse Organization is determined to create advanced weapons to aid our country to obtain that peace freely.”

His words could be directly interpreted as, ‘As long as you do not violate my interests, we shall enjoy peace. If you violate my interests, we will have no peace. I would prefer it if we didn’t fight but if we do, I’ll beat the ever-living shit out of you!’

The main motive the higher-ups needed Xia Lei to attend the forum was clearly relayed by Fan Fan. They needed his lips to tell the world this message and he was determined to do his best!

“That’s all from me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I’ll end my speech with this. The advancement of history forward and not backwards. Thank you for your attention.” Xia Lei nodded his head down as a sign of respect.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Shentu Tianyin was the first to clap. The way she looked at Xia Lei was filled with excitement and admiration. The Xia Lei now was no longer the same man she married. At his current height, she could only look up to him now!

The main hall echoed with thundering applause.

“What an interesting speech!” The host smiled. “Mister Xia, there is a special segment for this year’s forum. You’re about to participate in a public debate about our theme with Lockheed Martin’s CEO, Madam Folsom. We look forward to your performance. This way, please.”

The host moved aside and gestured an invitation.

Xia Lei looked at the two erected podiums in the middle of the stage then cast a glance at Folsom. He pondered to himself darkly, “That Japanese was the vanguard, huh? Jeez, not another debate. I just want to bring my women around the beach to sunbathe…”

Though his heart relented begrudgingly, Xia Lei stood from his seat and walked towards his designated podium.

Folsom followed suit and went to her designated podium.

The debate between an American arms giant and a Chinese arms giant on the peace and stability of Asia was ironic.

The main hall fell silent in anticipation.

Folsom was the first to speak. Her English was wonderfully enunciated and fluent. “Firstly, I’d like to thank the organizers for the invitation. It is an honour to be here. Asia holds a vital position in the world. As the protectors of peace, America genuinely hopes that Asia will enjoy a peaceful and stable environment to grow stronger and contribute to the greatness of mankind.”

A round of applause erupted.

Folsom gestured to Xia Lei for his turn.

Xia Lei laid his palms firmly on the sides of the podium. “Welcome to Asia, Madam Folsom. It is a pleasure for me to exchange my opinions with Madam Folsom. I hope this will be a wonderful session.”

Folsom replied, “Thank you. Just a short few years ago, there was no Thunder Horse Organization on this vast continent. Now, Thunder Horse had already claimed the crown being the ace of China’s military industry. As a businessman, Mister Xia’s achievements are undoubtedly successful. Many media had even described your rise to fame as a miracle. Personally, I admire you very much.”

Xia Lei flashed her a smile. “Thank you.”

There was an abrupt change of tone. “Mister Xia, though you have achieved impeccable results, some of your decisions and actions fill me with regret. Thunder Horse Organization’s weapons had made it into the battlefields of the Middle Eastern and Southern America. Before my arrival, I did my research and found that Thunder Horse’s XL2500 sniper rifle, gust assault rifle and the Hell-bound One Soldier Cannon had played a crucial role in the Middle Eastern feud. A certain amount of Thunder Horse’s weapons had made it into the hands of the terrorists. For the sake of rapid development and flow of customers, you’re willing to sell your weapons to terrorists. Think about those crying women and children, what do you feel about that?”

Folsom wasn’t here to play.

This was not bound to be a friendly debate.

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