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Trash of the Count's Family (Web Novel)

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Trash of the Count's Family (백작가의 망나니가 되었다) is a Korean isekai webnovel series written by Yoo Ryeo Han (유려한) in the Action, Comedy, and Fantasy genres. The novel is still ongoing though it is currently on-hiatus due to the author's family circumstances. There are currently 7 volumes, some chapters have been translated into English and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Beginning with the awakening of our main character, Kim Rok Soo, in a different world, he finds himself possessing the body of a minor villain inside of the novel [The Birth of a Hero]: Cale Henituse. As he tried to avoid being beaten up as in the original novel, his actions directly lead to the original plot derailing and he finds himself dragged into the center of many conflicts happening in the world.


I can't be a trash forever...

When I opened my eyes, I was inside a novel.

[The Birth of a Hero].

[The Birth of a Hero] was a novel focused on the adventures of the main character, Choi Han, a high school boy who was transported to a different dimension from Earth, along with the birth of the numerous heroes of the continent.

I became a part of that novel as the trash count (tcf), the family that oversaw the territory where the first village that Choi Han visits is located.

The problem is that Choi Han becomes twisted after that village, and everyone in it, are destroyed by assassins.

The bigger problem is the fact that this stupid trash who I’ve become doesn’t know about what happened in the village and messes with Choi Han, only to get beaten to a pulp.

“…This is going to be a problem.”

I feel like something serious has happened to me.

But it was worth trying to make this my new life.

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  • Luminous Jan 24, 2021

    Omg Istg the latest chapter scared me. Author better not or I will throw hands☹️ please, don't let Eruhaben die huhu

  • Aqua_Ventus Jan 20, 2021

    Someone, please give me some novels/story/book/manga/anything that I can read that is like this! :D After reading this I suddenly stop playing games, started reading books, and now I need help to find more xD. I, please send help. No please send me tips on what I should read. ( •̀ ω •́ )

  • SlyphinChan Jan 19, 2021

    CALE'S ABILITY IS SO FCKING PAINFUL!!😭 I HOPE HE'S GOING TO BE OKAY!😭😭 And Raon is so cute that I want to hug him and cry!!! He'll do whatever it takes to save his human!!😭❤️

  • lnUser08977 Jan 19, 2021

    whaaaaaaa!!!! I've been rereadng this for a while, do your best translators!, I'm so excited for what's gonna happen next!

  • faalia Jan 17, 2021

    what is this ... this is one novel that i have a hard time reading. I can feel this chill in my chest, because i keep getting this feelings that something is clogging my breath and i have a hard time handling my emotions. At this moment im stopping myself reading past chapter 646 and taking a deep breath and closing my eyes to control my burst emotion and steeled myself to read the continuation. Believe me, never i thought reading a novel could be too much for my own heart

  • castalia Jan 16, 2021

    is it just me that's like, yeah, i got worried if Cale's hurt but his peers' reaction makes me feel otherwise HAHAHAAHHAAHAHAH it makes me want to hurt him more or smth, you understand me? OMG AM I BAD NOW HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA . especially the other dimension part where he's restrained and bled as hell BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH AND WHEN CHOI HAN BLURTED THAT OUT IN THE MEETING THAT SON OF A GUN AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

  • Rasheelhenituse Jan 16, 2021

    I really really really love this novel so much, the confusion on the early chapters keeps being resolved as I read and what makes this interesting is how everyone misunderstood Cale everytime he talks about his dream of being a slacker 😂 I hope no one dies tho...well with the WS and his lackeys as an exception.

  • Hadil Jan 13, 2021

    Omg i love it i love it so much...the final battle is starting i know it's going to be epic ah i hope I can read more chapters fast...thank you Mr. translator i hope you keep up the magnificent work

  • Luminous Jan 13, 2021

    bro what! Latest chapter is lit. dang why is rok soo's second power sounds so painful lmao. Thanks for translating!!

  • Calm Jan 10, 2021

    Does the story get any better after 247... I'm truly trying to understand why people give such a high rewies to this novel, I don't see anything great about it. Overrated. 6/10 at best. (of course everyone has their own opinion and I know that I didnt read enough to actually give a foul rewie but I will probably drop it here so just sharing my experience with you'll)

    • Aqua_Ventus Jan 20, 2021

      I don't think you should say that it is overrated. A lot of people love this story and I understand this is maybe not something for you. Maybe it is like Zenny04 said, you like a fast reveal of information? But if you want to understand why a lot of people like this story, try to read it until the last chapter. Of course, you don't need to, but this is only my opinion.

    • Zenni04 Jan 18, 2021

      Well,no offense and just stating.if your cup of tea is the fast reveal information pace and general fan service like other isekai novel, this one is not your cup. It's detailed and the plot ahead is not revealed. Only a bit of hint here and there in one sentence. For me, its my second time re read after i rushed reading just to know how it progress, and it's still great the second time.

    • eyljee Jan 17, 2021

      Lmao just because it's overrated doesn't mean it gets worse hundreds of chapters later. Try reading it and you'll understand why it's rated high.

    • Callmeprincess Jan 11, 2021

      Don't say it's overrated when you didn't even read one third portion of the story-_- This novel is the best I've ever read bcs the plot is really great and there are plot twist which makes this more entertaining. And also the little detail you think that not so important n forget bout it BUT at later chapter it will be the key to something or another big secret thats so mind-blowing!!! So the conclusion, try to read until the latest chapter first...or maybe you just have not so great taste, well I understand then

      • Hadil Jan 13, 2021

        True so true this novel just makes my heart go wild and i literally feel like dying when waiting for the new chapters i love it so so much

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Melhor protagonista que já encontrei, a personalidade dele, a atitude dele, a sorte (ou falta de sorte) dele é muito engraçado. Cale é de longe o melhor protagonista de todas as novels que eu já li.

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I won say anything else this is good just that is enough to justify its greatness I love this anyone if you are looking for something good to read thisis the way

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thumb_up 0 comment 0

Cale is seriously the BEST male protagonist in a novel I've ever read. His personality is just amazing. I've never liked a character this much! It's definitely worth reading damn. The story is just amazing

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really good plot, and it also ignores that normal trope of main character's having big ambitions and save the world shenanigans, and finally a story that does not empathize romance

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oh my God, how can someone make a novel like this this is so amazing, how can the autor have mind to think about story like this, ohhh i like it so muchhhh

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Ever since I started reading the novel until today, no novel has met my expectations as much as this one And it will never be replaced.It has strong characterization and very strong storytelling,The characters, especially the MC, overcome difficulties with their own ability, and there is no harem.I love Cale .I like his way of thinking and behaving.Just read it and you will get addicted to it.

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thumb_up 0 comment 0

Amazing!! I looooove the novel, it’s one of my favorite novel. I don’t have words to express my feelings. I like all characters (Cale forever<3)

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thumb_up 1 comment 0

Amo de coração, quero que seja mais e mais reconhecido porque merece. Uma das poucas obras em que eu consigo gostar e me importar com todos os personagens, eu sou meio suspeita pra falar de TCF porque se me perguntarem eu digo que é tudo perfeito, não consigo ver defeitos nessa preciosidade, recomendo pra todos.

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UNO card: Stop using ancient powers until you caught up Blood, or draw 25
Cale: * holding 25+ cards* watch me do it again.

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thumb_up 2 comment 0

This is one of the best novel I have read , hehe , I already read it so many times . It's manga is also amazing but there's only around 30 chaps... I really am waiting for new chaps of this novel and manga !
Characters and plot is amazing and enjoyable !!! thank you

( idk y the updates are slow now a days but it doesn't matter as long as there's updation hehe ^-^ )

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thumb_up 0 comment 0

I love the novel so bad! I don't know how I would live if I didn't find it! Also, when does it update? Once a week or other days? Just asking so I don't need to check on this website every hour waiting for a new chapter...

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thumb_up 0 comment 2

Literally my favorite web novel. This surpassed solo leveling and the beginning after the end for me. Cale is such a relatable character and the plot is SO good. Let’s not even get into the fact of how everyone cares for each other as family and their relationships just seem so real and raw.

Also Alberu and Cale for Best Bros 2021!!!!

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I love how the Author keeps us on our toes for every second of the story, constantly giving us reasons in the later chapter as to the questionable scenes in the earlier ones. Almost every single mention of a specific object, detail or event, etc. Either in Cale’s past life as Kim Rok Soo, and his current one, is essential and important to the plot details/content of the story to keep it moving.

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In most reincarnation novels, it is about op mc and his harem. So it is interesting to read this type of stories at first because mc move with his brain. Later, the plot became more interesting and I can't help but read it non-stop. I can feel that the creator put so much effort for plots. I like every characters even White star because he is cute when he is angry as his plans being destroyed.. LOL. I also like how Cale got headache with his allies saying " a good combination for destroying things", "scary old man", "he is crazy", etc. I like how Cale take care of the three kids. Anyway, I can say that this is the novel I had ever read!!

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One of the best novel that I've read 😍 I need more updates .😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍I just wanna say thank you to my friend who recommend this

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