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Honestly enjoyed this, the plot was pretty good and the world-building is solid, the only thing that I hate about it is that almost each chapter after chapter 21 seems to end in a *blush* indecent scene and each chapter seems to end with a hint of the future plot which is just filler for words and is annoying. The character personalities could also use some work, but despite what some people are saying about the main character in the comments although he is an atheist, he respects people's religious viewpoints and people don't seem to realize what churches used to be full of. Churches practically do the same thing now except they have adjusted it to modern society and megapastors are scams only willing to fuel their own pockets.


I don’t know why people are hating on this because if you have actually read the book and not just glance through the first chapters or so then you will realize this book is actually pretty good


Spoiler AlertDon't read the last paragraphs of the chapters, the writer gives you a spoiler or possible spoiler for free, too many sex scenes just because, the character is very contradictory, just a character who owns a harem just because and wins everything without much difficulty


To fellow readers😓, this novel is specialised for people who believe in secularism, atheism and don't care about devoting oneself to people who truly care for you when you can play them in the dark🤬 or betray their trust and faith in you when you got the chance to (poor adela). And and ...
Aahhh😤 I am tired and convulsed by his way of thinking, i dropped it at 39 as he was planning to break the faith of the people just because some churches got corrupted 🤨 like any aging human system.


I like kingdom building, war and OP technology this is my cup of tea. Starts off slow soooo be patient the author will give u some candy later. This is gooda gooda.


I really like kingdom building stories and this is the only good novel in that genre after Overlord . Many people say that he is pedo and stuff , but the thing is that this take elements from actual history . Very interesting novel and great characters .


its a fun story to read, the kingdom building is good.


Some people hate it because they say that the MC is pedo or they hate it because it goes against religion ..like honestly what are you doing people?? Its well written ,the story advances steadily ,and the overall characteristics are perfect ... Also its in the 1500 or smth so show some understanding


Love this novel definitely in my top 10. thing I most love about this novel is how the author has made rules for our MC and is sticking to them. Soooo many other novels make rules then break them down the line when they get inconvenient for the story. also, I'm a huge fan of the kingdom-building genre and this novel does that part so well. I also really like how are MC is smart and is not a pushover. so many authors make their MC stupid it's infuriating. you should give this a read it won't disappoint you. also the MC is not a pedo and this novel is not Nazi propaganda.
Spoiler Alertnow on to the specifics of the rules, I was talking about. it was explained at the start that are MC has a photographic memory he also was an Army engineer and was interested in history and other aspects of life as well. I have read till chapter 234 and the MC has not once to my knowledge gone outside the scope of what he knows he has always found other people with more skills in the areas he lacks to fill that gap. I also really enjoy how he has both sets of memories of both lives. it's different from what I have seen.


Genuinely some of the best world building I’ve seen and an incredibly interesting alt history plot with modern-ish technology vs. old technology.