Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 1365: I Won t, I Just Won t

After Xu Que said those words, the Divine Farmer Clan was dumbfounded.

“The old rules?”

“Do we have to offer Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines as compensation?”

“Didn’t we offer you 200 vines as compensation last time? Have you used them this quickly?”

“You have lowered the price. This time, you only asked for ten vines.”

The people from the Divine Farmer Clan were very dubious about everything Xu Que had said, and they all looked confused.

They were sure that a ploy by Xu Que was involved.

“Why do you all look so dazed? Today, I’m in a good mood and don’t want to harm you. Yet, you still don’t want to take out even ten Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines.” Xu Que’s expression turned gloomy as he questioned them with a frown.

“No! Elder Xu, don’t misunderstand us, we just…” a Guardian laughed hollowly.

However, Xu Que cried out in surprise, interrupting him before the Guardian could even finish his words. “Oh, my God, don’t tell me that you don’t have even ten Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines?”

After Xu Que had finished speaking, he sized up these people as if they were paupers before he shook his head and sighed.

“You ought to have at least five pieces, don’t you?”

“Five pieces?”

When the Divine Farmer Clan group heard this, their eyes opened wide. He had lowered the price to a horrifyingly low figure, and they were caught unprepared by this.

Yi Fang was the most infuriated by this move of Xu Que’s. When Xu Que had been sizing them up a while ago, his gaze had focused mainly on Yi Fang, and it seemed as if he was looking down on him.

Even though Xu Que hadn’t said anything, Yi Fang still found this insulting.

Yi Dan’s Guardians had taken out 200 pieces, while he couldn’t take out even ten pieces. Xu Que obviously took them for poor weaklings.

“How could he bear this?”

“How the h*ll could he stand it?”

“Elder Xu!”

Yi Fang promptly stepped forward and took out a storage ring. He said through gritted teeth, “Here are 20 Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines. Please accept it kindly!”


The storage ring instantly flew toward Xu Que.

Xu Que smiled and waved his hand. He intercepted the storage ring and used his Divine Consciousness to observe its contents. He confirmed that it really had 20 Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines.

“Hum? Pretty good. I now have 20 Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines,” Xu Que said as he nodded with satisfaction. He looked at them with a scary smile on his face.

At this moment, even Duan Jiude smiled and winked at them.

“Elder Xu, you’ve received the right amount. So please honor your word. And let’s drop this matter,” Yi Fang realized that something was amiss, and he promptly saluted Xu Que before he spoke.

“I won’t do so!” Xu Que replied suddenly.

“What?” Yi Fang was taken aback.

“I won’t do so,” Xu Que crossed his arms in front of his chest and spoke with a proud look on his face.

The Divine Farmer Clan members were dumbfounded.

“You won’t do so? You won’t do it?”

“What do you mean by this?”

“Elder Xu, are you implying…” A Guardian attempted to figure out what Xu Que was talking about.

“Really, do I have to state everything bluntly? It’s quite embarrassing!” Xu Que wore an embarrassed look and shook his head. “What I mean is that…I won’t honor my word.”


“Do you feel that you can’t make sense of this? Do you think that it sounds childish? Ha, ha. Simply put, it’s just that…I won’t honor my word,” Xu Que clearly enjoyed saying that with a sly smile.

The expression on the faces of the members of the Divine Farmer Clan changed drastically.

“F*ck! This old b*stard, we should have anticipated that this would happen. He made it too easy for us.”

The two siblings, Yi Zhong and Yi Dan, had only been guilty of a trifling matter, yet they had both been killed, and, to add insult to injury, they had to offer 200 Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines as compensation later. But now, they had been caught plotting to harm Xu Que. So how would it have been possible to settle this matter with 20 pieces as compensation?

“Elder Xu, since you have decided not to spare us, why do you have to toy with us like this?” Yi Fang’s expression was gloomy, and he questioned him coldly.

At this moment, Yi Fang didn’t think about begging forgiveness. He was clearly aware that begging forgiveness of this person would be useless, and, if he had been in his shoes, he surely wouldn’t have spared his opponents.

“No, no, no. You have misunderstood me. I’m not in the mood to toy with you.”

Xu Que waved his arm and shook his head before he spoke, “You probably don’t know this, but my power is quite unstable. Every time I fight, I must refine and absorb the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines to replenish my power. If I don’t do so, I wouldn’t be able to defeat even one of your Guardians.”


After Xu Que spoke, he waved his hand and a black Mystical Fire arose from his palm. It engulfed the 20 Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines and started quickly refining them.

The Divine Farmer Clan members opened their eyes wide and they quickly came back to their senses.

It turned out that this was the reason why this old man demanded such a large amount of Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines. They unexpectedly had this function.

“F*ck! If we don’t attack now, when will we do so?”


In an instant, the Divine Farmer Clan’s several Guardians exchanged glances. They communicated briefly before they attacked without the least bit of hesitation.

The power of their peak Golden Celestial Stage couldn’t be overlooked.

These few people had protected Yi Fang for many years, and they had a tacit understanding. They started using outstanding Magic Arts when they attacked.

Every person released two golden light beams from their palms, and when those light beams interwove, they formed thick golden lightning shackles. They seemed like thorns that flew toward Xu Que from all directions. The Guardians were trying to interrupt Xu Que and prevent him from refining the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines.

Xu Que looked apathetic and let out disdainful laughter. “He, he. What cheap tricks! Guardian Mo, I will let you deal with them.”

“Huh?” Mo Junchen had been just watching the fight, and he had assumed that the confident Xu Que would deal with everything by himself. He didn’t expect that Xu Que would ask him to fight.

Those were five Guardians at the peak Golden Celestial Stage, and, even though he had a first-rate Hell King’s Prison Suppression Physique, he still wouldn’t be able to take more than several beatings from them.

However, even though he felt helpless, he was still like an arrow on the bowstring that must be shot.

After all, Xu Que was most important source for dealing with these people, and he was the sole person who could summon the two souls. If Xu Que suffered harm, everyone else would die here.

Mo Junchen’s body shivered, and his Celestial Core Power surged throughout his whole body.


As a vibration was transmitted from his body and a tyrannical aura emanated from him, his body became tougher and stronger than before.

He had comprehended the Hell King’s Prison Suppression Physique through studying the Mighty Body of Hades, and even though his physique couldn’t surpass the Mighty Body, it still had many aspects similar to it, and it was the same for the Mighty Body’s unique tyrannical aura. It had instantly intimidated the few Guardians at the peak Golden Celestial Stage.

Mo Junchen could depend upon this to become nearly invincible among people at the same stage as him.

But this invincibility was limited to one-on-one or one-on-three, and now it was one-on-fine, and this brought great pressure on him.

This was why Mo Junchen could only release his full power right away, and he used the power of Hell King’s Prison Suppression Physique to the pinnacle. He charged onward in a spurt of energy and condensed his Celestial Core Power before he fused it with his fleshly body’s power. Soon after, he thrust his fist ferociously.


As a loud noise echoed, two golden lightning chains were extinguished, and they had only managed to leave a faint mark on Mo Junchen’s fist.

The expression of the Divine Farmer Clan members changed drastically and they cried out in alarm, “A Physical Cultivator.”

“Don’t pay attention to anything else and attack quickly. He can’t block you,” Yi Fang shouted loudly, and his shout helped the few Guardians come back to their senses.

They should deal with Xu Que and interrupt his refining process. They surely mustn’t allow him to refine the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines successfully, and, if they couldn’t do so, it would be them who would die.

“You should pin down the Physical Cultivator. As for the Second Elder and Fourth Elder, you should join hands with me and interrupt that old man,” the oldest Guardian shouted loudly.

The remaining four people immediately separated. Two of them attacked Mo Junchen, while the other two helped the oldest Guardian and started casting a Magic Art again to attack Xu Que!

Dazzling radiance shortly emanated from their palms and struck the ground.

As a loud rumbling sound echoed out, the ground split open and ten vines as thick as an arm came out of it. Those vines were filled with venomous stings and they went after Xu Que like snakes.

“He, he. I was waiting for you to hit me,” Xu Que said sneeringly. Lightning emanated from his feet, and he fused it along with the Holy Physique’s power. He had instantly disappeared from his former place and appeared in a place several hundred yards away.

The next moment, he waved his hand and sprinkled the liquid of a part of the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines that was refined completely on the Firestorm Wheels.

“It’s awful! Hurry up and obstruct him. He has already refined half of it,” Yi Fang shouted loudly.

Xu Que laughed heartily. “That’s right! Hurry up and come over to obstruct me. You should all come over. I’ll give you a chance to obstruct me.”

After Xu Que spoke, he lay on the ground and spread his legs. “Come over, come over quickly.”

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