Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 1366: This Time, Let s See Whether You Still Won t Die


The few Guardians charging at Xu Que were taken aback, and they stopped in their tracks. They found this sight quite strange, and they were caught off guard.

“What is happening?”

“Why did this old man lie down?”

“He asked us to go obstruct him, didn’t he?”

“There must be some ploy here.”

“What, are you still in a daze? Don’t let him deceive you. He’s only trying to scare you, hurry up and attack!” Yi Fang shouted.

If it had been in the past, Yi Fang might have seen through Xu Que’s tricks. After all, Xu Que had been using tricks to intimidate people forever in the Heaven Continent, and his disguises and act gave people the false impression that he was an unfathomable man.

At first, Xu Que didn’t do it on purpose. However, when he discovered that most people misunderstood him, he went along with the flow and continued using tricks. This was a well-tried trick!

This was why Yi Fang could be considered quite smart. The two siblings Yi Zhong and Yi Dan had been deceived by Xu Que’s tricks and scared by them. That time, their Guardians didn’t dare to attack, and this was why both geniuses died at the hands of Xu Que.

Yi Fang had analyzed the previous events, and he had assumed that he could see through Xu Que’s tricks.

When he saw Xu Que taking these actions, he assumed that Xu Que was trying to use the same old trick to scare the Guardians before refining Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine sneakily to recover power and kill them.

This was why he mustn’t allow Xu Que to get his way, and he yelled at the Guardians anxiously. He asked them to quickly deal with Xu Que.

However, Xu Que already had the two Almighty Beings souls as partners, and the triggering condition for making them fight and kill enemies was Xu Que’s suffering someone’s attack or having someone reveal hostility toward him.

Yi Fang’s guess might have been correct in the past, but now it was beyond wrong, and what he had done was exactly what Xu Que wanted.

“Hurry up. We mustn’t give them more time. Don’t pay attention to the Physical Cultivator and quickly deal with that old man,” Yi Fang urged them again, and he even yelled at the two Guardians fighting Mo Junchen. He asked them to ignore Mo Junchen and attack Xu Que with their full power.

Upon hearing this, Xu Que was delighted. He had gotten everything he wanted, and this could be considered excellent service.

A while ago, he had refined most of the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines, and the amount he refined was tantamount to a bit more than ten pieces.. This amount was enough to make the two souls reach their peak state.

This was why Xu Que was quite delighted. Yi Fang’s actions helped him save a lot of time, and he didn’t have to take any other action. He could just directly make a hole in one…

“It does seem like Yi Fang has really revealed his true worth. He’s like a lubricant, and he’s able to help people reduce foreplay.” Xu Que was lying on the ground observing the azure sky, and he became lost in his thoughts.

As a matter of fact, when the two souls recovered their power, Xu Que didn’t have anything to worry about any longer, and he didn’t take Yi Fang and his few Guardians for a threat.

After all, they couldn’t pose any threat to him because there was a large disparity in power between them. This was why even if Xu Que wanted to get serious, he couldn’t do so.

“Was a battle where he didn’t have to fight interesting?”

“No, it wasn’t!”

“It really wasn’t! It was too boring, and this was the downside of invincibility.”

“Powerhouses are really lonesome!”

Xu Que let out a profound and sorrowful sigh before shaking his head.


Meanwhile, the Divine Farmer Clan Guardians had already charged at him. At this moment, they could only obey Yi Fang’s instructions and charge at Xu Que. They must obstruct him from refining the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines and recovering his power.

This was why it didn’t matter whether Yi Fang’s guess was correct.

They had already attacked of their own accord and shed all pretense of cordiality. This was why they must give this a try even if the odds of success were quite slim.


In an instant, a dazzling radiance emanated from them and formed thick light beams with sizzling lightning that interwove.

The light beams quickly gathered and the lightning emanated with a thunderous noise. Then they gathered at the center and fused together before they started transforming into an ancient giant tree atop Xu Que’s head.

The tree was giant and tall and it had a trunk made out of lightning. It used the world’s Spiritual Qi to make branches, leaves, and bear much golden fruit.

This sudden disturbance alerted Duan Jiude and his group.

“This is…,” Duan Jiude cried out in alarm.

“What a powerful Magic Art. It’s quite outstanding,” Mo Junchen said as his expression turned grave.

They had assumed that Xu Que had already won and that the battle didn’t have any more suspense. But the five Guardians joined hands to cast this Magic, and after they detected its aura and might, they couldn’t help but have a new level of respect for the Guardians.

However, this respect that they had for them wasn’t related to Xu Que’s odds of victory.

After all, Xu Que’s odds of victory were the two almighty souls.

Even if the five Guardian weren’t at peak Golden Celestial Stage, but the Daluo Golden Celestial Stage, Xu Que would still have 100 percent chance of victory.

“F*ck! If you want to fight, just fight! Why do you have to make this giant tree atop my head? It’s fortunate that it isn’t green, as if it was green, I would have surely stood up to trample you to death.”

At this moment, Xu Que scolded them as he continued lying on the ground.

He felt disinclined to even stand up, and he put his hands behind his head and raised one leg over the other. He was lying on the ground as leisurely as if it had been a sofa, and he seemed quite relaxed and carefree.

When he faced the ancient tree that emanated an imposing aura, he didn’t even consider hiding from it, and he just scolded his enemies.

Yi Fang’s eyes lit up due to this and delight welled up in his heart.

It was obvious that in Yi Fang’s eyes, Xu Que’s arrogant actions gave them a great opportunity to make a successful counterattack.

Not everyone knew what kind of Magic Art the ancient tree was, but he knew it clearly. This ancient tree was the Magic Art with the highest offensive power in the Divine Farmer Clan, and it was called the Divine Farmer Heavenly Tribulation Fruit.

Even though it seemed from its name that it was a type of spiritual fruit, as a matter of fact it was a Magic Art, and it could only be cast by the joint efforts of at least five people.

Every golden fruit borne by the ancient tree contained tremendous lightning power, and it nearly reached the legendary Ancient Catastrophe power. In addition, if all golden fruits in the ancient tree were detonated, their might would likely rival a true Ancient Catastrophe.

This was the power of a Heavenly Tribulation, and it wasn’t on the same level as Magic Arts.

“Very good, detonate all the Tribulation Fruits and take advantage of this to take his life,” Yi Fang shouted loudly and passed down instructions.

The few Guardians already had this plan. They were facing Xu Que and didn’t dare to take him carelessly. This was why they used their full power to cast their strongest Magic Art. They would struggle at the risk of their lives.

They wanted to use this Magic Art to summon the legendary Ancient Catastrophe and use it to deal with Xu Que.


In the end, the few Guardians bit their tongues and spouted blood fog that they sprinkled on the ancient tree. At the same time, they released Magical Seals and activated all the golden fruits on the ancient tree.

At this moment, every golden fruit started shaking and the destructive aura of a Heavenly Tribulation started permeating the region.

A crazy thrill appeared in the eyes of Yi Fang. He smiled and spoke in a mocking voice, “Old b*stard, let’s see whether you still won’t die this time.”

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