Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 1367: One Couldn t Afford to Offend Him

“Heavenly Tribulation?”

Xu Que was taken aback. He had already detected that familiar aura.

Boundless heavenly might descended forcefully from the sky. It was lofty, boundless, and sought to subdue all beings.

However, Xu Que was already used to heavenly might, and not just heavenly might, even Heavenly Tribulation.

Purple Cloud Heavenly Tribulation and Ancient Catastrophes were nothing out of the ordinary for him, and he didn’t find them challenging or difficult.

“Hee, hee, I assumed that you would do something great, yet after this great disturbance, you have attracted just a wisp of an Ancient Catastrophe,” Xu Que said as he chuckled with an indolent look on his face before he stuck his finger in his ear and expressed his disdain.

Yi Fang laughed coldly and said, “Elder Xu, why don’t you take a clear look at it. It’s two wisps, not one.”

He pointed at the sky with his finger.

Two thick golden lightning bolts were among the raging clouds and they seemed like faintly discernible giant dragons among black clouds. They were making threatening gestures from time to time and emanated a boundless aura.

The great heavenly might could make people feel as if two giant dragons’ eyes were glaring at them and make their hearts shiver with fear.

Xu Que laughed and spoke again, “Huh? So it’s really two wisps of an Ancient Catastrophe. I’m really scared to death! Ha, ha, ha.”

“Why are you laughing?” Yi Fang frowned and shouted angrily.

In his eyes, Elder Xu shouldn’t be having this reaction after the appearance of an Ancient Catastrophe.

“It seems as if he doesn’t understand the might of an Ancient Catastrophe,” a talented youth of the Divine Farmer Clan stepped forward and spoke with Yi Fang.

Yi Fang shook his head. There were only two explanations for Elder Xu’s reaction after seeing the Ancient Catastrophe.

He either didn’t understand the Ancient Catastrophe’s terrifying might or he didn’t fear an Ancient Catastrophe at all.

But didn’t the second explanation have greater odds?

It was unlikely!

Cultivators were afraid of Heavenly Tribulations and respected them. In general, if a cultivator ran into a Purple Cloud Heavenly Tribulation, it would be difficult for him to survive unless he was a genius with a great aptitude.

As for Heavenly Tribulations at the rank of an Ancient Catastrophe? They were feared by all cultivators.

Those were the most commonly seen Heavenly Tribulations in the Gods’ era, and it was rumored that they could kill even Gods and Buddhas. In the Gods War, innumerable Gods and Buddhas had been killed by the Ancient Catastrophe.

The higher one’s stage, the more afraid one would be of an Ancient Catastrophe. This tribulation was especially used to kill Gods and Buddha, but its might still wouldn’t become too low just because its target was at a low stage. Even if one was at a low stage, the Ancient Catastrophe’s might would still be the most terrifying among all kinds of Heavenly Tribulations.

This was why no matter what one’s stage, one would still have a high chance to die in an Ancient Catastrophe, and even if one survived, one would suffer heavy injuries.

The Sage Sect’s powerful Divine Being of Taoist Fetus was the person with the best aptitude during the recent past, and when he advanced into the Heaven Celestial Stage he ran across a wisp of an Ancient Catastrophe.

At that time, he was protected by many Almighty beings, all kinds of Celestial Artifacts, and he possessed many high-grade spiritual elixirs. The Divine Being of Taoist Fetus revealed his whole power, yet the outcome was still shocking.

The four limbs of the Divine Being of Taoist Fetus had been destroyed by the Heavenly Tribulation, and his whole body had been broken apart. Only his upper body was left.

However, he obviously survived and became stronger than before.

But this was still a special case. After all, he was the Divine Being of Taoist Fetus and other cultivators weren’t on a par with him.

Now, it seemed like Elder Xu had trained his body, but even if it was the case, so what? Was he on a par with the Divine Being of Taoist Fetus?

All people were equal in the face of a Heavenly Tribulation.

“If your stage level and aptitude were high and great, this only means that you will face a Heavenly Tribulation with a more terrifying might.”

Moreover, it seemed like Elder Xu’s body was sick, and he couldn’t release his full power. This was why, even if he didn’t die in the face of the Ancient Catastrophe’s two wisps, he would lose a layer of skin, and anyone here would be able to easily kill him.

This was why Yi Fang believed that the reason why Elder Xu wasn’t afraid of the Ancient Catastrophe was most likely that he didn’t know the might of an Ancient Catastrophe.

After all, most of the Heaven Continent’s cultivators didn’t know the Ancient Catastrophe, while the Divine Farmer Clan’s secret art was quite precious and they rarely cast it.

It was only after the Sage Sect’s Divine Being of Taoist Fetus faced an Ancient Catastrophe that many knowledgeable old men took out ancient records and recounted the history of the golden Heavenly Tribulation.

As Yi Fang thought of this, he became more certain of Elder Xu’s ignorance and he laughed coldly and said, “Elder Xu, since you think that the Ancient Catastrophe doesn’t amount to anything, then… Hee, hee, I hope that you will enjoy it very much.”


At nearly the same time, a deafening noise emanated from the sky.

The two golden lightning bolts in the raging black clouds became brighter and emitted a destructive aura that engulfed the surroundings in a stifling ambience.

Many people held their breaths and their expressions turned grave. They backed off and distanced themselves from the Heavenly Tribulation’s scope.

As for Yi Fang, he promptly and quickly retreated after he spoke.

The few Guardians that had summoned the Ancient Catastrophe were pale-faced because they had lost a lot of blood.

Even though they had managed to summon an Ancient Catastrophe, their cultivation base had dropped by two small stages and they went from the Golden Celestial Stage’s peak to its early stage, while they also lost a large part of their life span. They suffered great losses!

But, even if they hadn’t suffered those losses, they still wouldn’t dare to face an Ancient Catastrophe. This was a deadly Heavenly Tribulation. So who would dare to stay in its vicinity?


The Heavenly Tribulation had already condensed its power, and the Guardians didn’t have to maintain the Heavenly Tribulation Fruits and Heavenly Tribulation Tree, which started disappearing by themselves. This was why the few Guardians promptly retreated along with Yi Fang and his companions, and they set out to try to escape.

After all, their stage level had already dropped, and they didn’t just have to leave the Heavenly Tribulation’s scope, they also have to hide from the attacks of the sole apex Golden Celestial here, Mo Junchen.

However, they had retreated warily, and they didn’t plan to leave this place altogether.

Even if Mo Junchen was at the peak of the Golden Celestial Stage, and they were only at the Golden Celestial Stage’s early stage, they were still confident that they could protect the few talented youths and escape safely from Mo Junchen.

Now, they had stayed behind only to witness the death of Xu Que’s father and see the Ancient Catastrophe annihilating him.


As a loud noise echoed out, a golden lightning bolt finally descended.

It penetrated the clouds and fell down from the sky like a giant golden dragon. It dove down at a terrifyingly high speed and attacked Xu Que.

Xu Que was still lying on the ground lazily with one leg over the other, and he welcomed the golden Heavenly Tribulation with a happy face.

He acted like he was lying on the beach and basking in the sun.

Yi Fang realized that something was amiss. This guy was too calm, and it seemed like his calmness was due to his great confidence.

“What is going on? Could it be that…? He…he really doesn’t fear an Ancient Catastrophe?” An unsettling thought ran across Yi Fang’s mind.

He looked at the fog’s edges. Duan Jiude and Liu Jingning also seemed quite calm, and they weren’t afraid of the Ancient Catastrophe either.

This made Yi Fang even more skeptical. According to reason, even if they didn’t know about the Ancient Catastrophe, they should be at least curious about this type of Heavenly Tribulation, and they should even realize that it was outstanding due to its terrifying heavenly might. Their expressions should have at least turned solemn and grave.

But Duan Jiude and his companions were super-calm as if this wasn’t the first time they had seen this kind of Heavenly Tribulation. Instead, they were used to seeing it frequently and weren’t any longer curious about it. This was why they weren’t afraid of it!

“This isn’t right, something is amiss. We might have guessed wrong. It seems like this old man really doesn’t fear the Ancient Catastrophe,” Yi Fang couldn’t help but speak up in a deep voice.


As his voice just echoed out, the falling speed of the raging Ancient Catastrophe that descended from the sky unexpectedly turned slower.

Xu Que also stood up from the ground and spread out his arms. He shouted loudly, “Hurry up and come over, my dear Ancient Catastrophe. I have missed you!”


The golden lightning bolt stopped in the air before it turned around and flew into the sky. It escaped frantically, while even the raging black clouds started scattering quickly.

The whole process perfectly stated that they didn’t dare to provoke their target.

In an instant, Yi Fang was dumbfounded.

The Divine Farmer Clan Guardians and the few talented youths were also dumbfounded.

Even Duan Jiude, Liu Jingning, and Mo Junchen were taken aback, and they all stood in their places, dazed.

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