Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 1446: We Were Wrong


Outside Tian Sha City, the wind was roaring and black clouds covered almost the whole sky, making Tian Sha City look like it was nighttime.

The giant dragon who had evolved from golden lightning circled in the air, with bared fangs and brandished claws, surging with magnificence.

Everyone held their breaths, their hearts full of horror and astonishment.

Everyone had heard of the existence of the Ancient Catastrophe and knew that what was passing in front of them was it.

But what no one could imagine was that what Xu Que had to pass through this time was not the test from the Human Celestial Stage into the Earth Celestial Stage, but through five heaven tests at one time.

“D*mn! Look at that, that guy’s stage…”

“Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven.”

“No way, How…how’s this possible?”

“Wasn’t he only at the Human Celestial Stage? How could he suddenly reach Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven?”

“My goodness, no wonder there are five heaven tests together. What’d this guy do, and why can his stage advance by leaps and bounds?”

“Also, his bone age is less than 200 years old. And he’s a Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven at less than 200 years old? This is shocking.”

“Leave that alone. these five heaven tests already scare the sh*t out of me.”

“Something big is happening. Look at the ten Celestial Kings.”

After endless discussions and astonishment and disbelief, people were still finding it hard to accept these facts.

Outside Tian Sha City, the ten Celestial King looked even more scared, and their hair was standing on end.

One Ancient Catastrophe, they might be able to withstand.

Two, perhaps desperately, they might be able to withstand.

But…five of them?

Son of a b*tch, this was a dire situation.

“Xu Que, brother Xu, I’m sorry. Please open the Prohibition Spell and let me go. I swear on my Inner Demons that I’ll let go of all the incidents from the past between us,” a Celestial King shouted loudly. He was really scared.

He really didn’t want to lose his life because of some small misunderstanding.

He’d paid a huge price, having slept for tens of thousands of years to arrive here now. He didn’t want to die here just after waking up a few days ago. It was too unfortunate.

“Fellow cultivator Xu, I too, as long as you let me out, I swear on my Inner Demons, I won’t bear any grudges. From now on, if I happen to meet you or your Exploding Heavens Faction, I’ll run away immediately.” Another Celestial King begged too.

In this situation, there was no time for them to weigh the circumstances, let alone care about one’s fame.

If Xu Que didn’t let them out now, the results for them would be a dead end.

On the other hand, if Xu Que let them go, they could still avoid the heaven tests. As for fame or anything else, it didn’t matter at all.

Besides, if this matter came out, it would not necessarily become a joke. Across the whole Heaven Continent, there weren’t any Celestial Kings who were brave enough to say that they could withstand five Ancient Catastrophes at the same time.

“Fellow cultivator Xu, I admit that I’ve made a mistake. You really don’t need to rely on any backer. I consider myself inferior to your qualifications and strength. Also, we’re different from the Divine Farmer Clan. We have no grievances with you, so there is no need for you to kill us. Please let us leave, and I promise that I, from now on, will never provoke you or your Exploding Heavens Faction,” the young male Celestial King also shouted loudly.

They were all getting as far away as possible from Xu Que, which was meaningless. Once the heaven tests arrived, all the people in this area blocked by the restrictive spell would be involved without exception.

Obviously, this area had already been chosen in advance for the coming of the heaven tests: it was a premeditated killing field.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Among them, the seven Celestial Kings were very regretful. Looking at the other three Celestial Kings of the Divine Farmer Clan, they became resentful.

If it hadn’t been for the proposal of the Divine Farmer Clan, they wouldn’t have made a special trip to implement the Treaty of the Celestial Emperor. That matter wasn’t that important to them.

They had come, but the result wasn’t what they had expected it to be.

A young boy at the Human Celestial Stage actually reached the sky in a single bound and directly became a Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven.

What was even more terrible was that this b*stard hadn’t passed any heaven tests since he’d arrived at the Human Celestial Stage. And now, there were five heaven tests that he was going to try to pass all at the same time. Moreover, they were Ancient Catastrophes.


Throughout the ages, such a thing had never been heard of, and no one had ever been able to pass all the heaven tests at once like this.

“Xu Que, don’t mess around! You must know that you can only pass the heaven tests one at a time. If you kill us, the Celestial Kings in our families will definitely seek revenge,” another Celestial King shouted. His whole body was soaked in sweat and trembling. He really didn’t dare to face the five heaven tests.

“Yes, yes, as long as you let us out, I swear that I’ll never be an enemy of the Exploding Heavens Faction again.” A Celestial King of the Divine Farmer Clan swore anxiously.

However, no matter how they swore, Xu Que turned a deaf ear.

He waited in the air, high above, looking down at the Celestial Kings, like a Demon king, very domineering and powerful.

As people looked at him, they couldn’t help but feel scared.

“It’s over, it’s over. I, Chang Duangeng, and my family are all over.” Chang Duangeng was the master of the Chang Family. His face had turned as white as a ghost and was full of grief and indignation.

As the matter had come to such a state, even a fool could figure out that, whether Xu Que would come out alive through the heaven tests or not, the fate of the Chang Family was going to be very miserable.

Ji Qinghan was also frozen to her spot, looking at Xu Que in the sky outside the city.

The five Ancient Catastrophes behind that man, were as if not his tests, but more like his subordinates, who were following his call and coming to kill the enemy.

No one could imagine how he felt about that.

Ancient Catastrophes that even the Celestial Kings were afraid of had descended to attend Xu Que and wait in the background.

“Ha, ha, ha, as I’ve said, if you people dare to offend this boy, you must be out of your minds.” Buttface was at the gate of Tian Sha City, laughing arrogantly, arms akimbo.

“Indeed, whoever dares to offend this boy will not have a good end. Of course, as an exception, I survived, relying on my wisdom and strength.” Duan Jiude was all about showing off.

After all, he’d also offended Xu Que, but he hadn’t died, so he was obviously smarter than these Celestial Kings who’d offended Xu Que!


The sky outside Tian Sha City once again echoed to the sound of a deafening explosion.

The five clouds of thunderclap had almost converged. Except for the first golden Dragon hovering in the air, the other four larger ones behind him hadn’t ever shown their true faces.

However, after the convergence of the four heavy clouds, not to mention the area outside the city, even the area inside seemed extremely depressed at the moment.

Everyone felt difficulty breathing, and even some cultivators of lower stages turned pale, with blood spilling from their mouths, lying down on the ground, and having difficulty standing up.

This was the power of the heaven tests.

But what was even more eye-catching than this power was Xu Que.

He was the one who really had to pass through them. He stood between heaven and earth, with his chest and back straight, arrogant, without any tension or fear on his face. Instead, he was full of excitement and eager to try.

“Fellow cultivator Xu, will you really not consider the consequences? We’ve already sworn on our Inner Demons, and you still refuse to let us leave!” The Celestial Kings were already as anxious as the ants in a hot pan, very upset.

Seeing that the heaven tests were coming, if they didn’t leave now it would soon be too late.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…” Xu Que finally had a reaction.

He glanced at the ten Celestial Kings, sneered, and shook his head. “Originally, I just wanted to kill the one of you from the Divine Farmer Clan. However, why did you people all get involved?”

Xu Que paused a little, and then he shouted loudly, “You people dared to laugh at my girl? Today, none of you will leave, especially you.”

He stretched out his hand and pointed to the young female Celestial King. It had been her, in Tian Sha City, who’d first laughed at Zixia Fairy.

“I…I’m sorry. I was blind, and she is wise! Fellow cultivator Xu, I’m willing to apologize. Please let me go…” The woman hurriedly begged.


But before she’d finished speaking, the golden dragon suddenly roared and rushed down from the air without warning.

Heaven tests are coming!

The woman trembled and lost all the blood in her face, nearly falling to the ground.

The other nine Celestial Kings, eyes wide open, full of regret, let go with an angry cry, “No!”

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