Upgrade Specialist in Another World

Upgrade Specialist in Another World

Chapter 1156: The End of the Beast Taming School

A storm of snow and ice came to life onto the world, robbing the warmth of anything that was within its range. Soon, it felt like the storm was cold enough to freeze even the breath of a person.

Everyone was well aware this wasn’t the result of the ‘weather’. There was far too much energy for a storm of this magnitude to happen…this was the result of someone’s control of elemental ice!!

A dreadful amount of elemental ice was filling the world!

Many soul cultivators instinctively pushed their soulforce to repel the cold that came with the storm. But to their shock…the harsh cold persisted!

This wasn’t just elemental ice! The Law of Ice was now in effect!

Bai Yunfei therefore had to use the Law of Fire to warm himself up. Driving away the cold from himself and the surrounding area, he watched as the Law of Fire continued to expand to cover an area all around his fellow soul cultivators and soulbeasts.

This was the Core Stone’s +12 additional effect!

With the Law of Fire resisting the Law of Ice, those class six soulbeasts within the area were no longer hampered by the cold and could be at ease.

This didn’t mean to say that the Frostfeather Saint was actively trying to harm Bai Yunfei and his allies. They were merely within the ‘splash zone’ of his attempts on the relatively nearby Beast Taming School!


Specks of snow and ice hailed down from the skies all around the Beast Taming School. Swirling and picking up in speed on their way down, these specks soon became as sharp as icicles!

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah…”

Screams rang out across the mountain range as the icicles stabbed into the beast tamers, impaling them where they stood. Blood splattered across the ground before being frozen by the Law of Ice…

It was a merciless slaughter. Not a single beast tamer was able to escape this storm!

Not even the Soul Kings. Try as hard as they might, but not even they were able to resist for long before being torn apart by the larger icicles…

People were dying by the masses. One by one, Bai Yunfei felt their auras disappear from the mountains and world…

To the south, he watched as the blizzard travel to a faraway distance away from the Beast Taming School.

Beast Taming City!

Not even the beast tamers in that city would be spared!

For a Soul Saint, differentiating between a beast tamer and not was a simple matter. No innocent lives would be taken today!

Bai Yunfei could feel the ‘anger’ contained within the ice. He knew that the controller of this storm, the Frostfeather Saint, was truly angry at the situation.

It wouldn’t be hard to understand his anger. Killing everyone of the same school that locked you up for three thousand years would be a natural conclusion to reach.

That being said, the Beast Taming School was basically on its death spiral. With the loss of all its Soul Emperors, there was nothing left to prevent the Beast Taming School from its fate. But ‘cleaning’ up the rest of the beast tamers would take a considerable amount of work. Thankfully a class nine divinebeast like the Frostfeather Saint was there to make short work of it all.

The last scream rang out a while later. That left the entire world silent barring the sounds of the storm. With how dreadfully the winds screamed, those on Bai Yunfei’s side felt a shiver of fear crawl up their spines.

Ten thousand students were wiped out in a matter of seconds. The efficient slaughter of all those students was so brutal that even Bai Yunfei felt himself shiver.

The winds gradually died down now that there was nothing left for the blizzard to freeze. The snow slowly receded and melted away into thin air and returned the land back to its destroyed landscape. All that was left now were the frozen remains of the beast tamers that once stood there.

Ten thousand souls reaped without even an iota of mercy. Slowly, the Frostfeather Saint turned about to gaze at the domain of fire around Bai Yunfei with curiosity.

“For three thousand years,” He began to address the crowd. “I have been sealed away. Though I learned of some news from Xue Ziye, there is still plenty I am unaware of. Will any one volunteer to a soul scan?”

His eyes were focused on the soulbeasts instead of the soul cultivators.

“I am willing, ancestor!”

A figure in white appeared in front of the Frostfeather Saint, it was the White-browed Hawk King.

Having a mighty peak late-stage class seven soulbeast prostrate himself like a servant seemed almost surreal. Rather than being unwilling, the White-browed Hawk King looked almost excited to be able to offer the Frostfeather Saint his services.

“A frost magihawk?” The Frostfeather Saint smiled in pleasant surprise, “Very well then.”

He placed a hand on the White-browed Hawk King’s forehead and began to send his soulforce into him.

A tremor traveled through the White-browed Hawk King’s body. Reacting to the foreign soulforce, he allowed himself to wait until the Frostfeather Saint pulled his hand back.

The Frostfeather Saint had a contemplative look on his face. He was thinking about something. Inversely, the White-browed Hawk King was thinking happily about something.

“Many thanks for your guidance, ancestor!!”

It was when the Frostfeather Saint tilted his head back up when the White-browed Hawk King cried out a grateful sounding thanks.

—The Frostfeather Saint didn’t simply soul scan the White-browed Hawk King. For his part in helping the Frostfeather Saint understand the modern times, the White-browed Hawk King was granted some insight to ruminate on.

“This junior pays his respects to the Frostfeather Saint!”

“It is an honor to be in your presence, Frostfeather Saint!”

Several figures approached, the Blue-eyes White Dragon King and Bai Yunfei being one of those. Soul cultivators and soulbeasts alike were paying their respects to the Soul Saint.

“Hn…” The Frostfeather Saint nodded, “You must be Bai Yunfei?” He nodded at Bai Yunfei.

Bai Yunfei bowed. “Senior Frostfeather Saint is correct, it is an honor to meet you…”

“Your part in the destruction of the Beast Taming School is a boon to soulbeast kind and resulted in my awakening. Not even a gift would pay those debts. A day will come when I can finally pay this debt fully. Until then, speak what you wish and you shall receive.”

A Soul Saint speaking so formally and politely to someone like him made Bai Yunfei feel giddy. Knowing not to refuse, Bai Yunfei bowed. “A thousand thanks, senior! My soulbeast partner, Xiao Qi, is a fellow member of the avian clan. If possible, I hope senior will impart a piece of your wisdom onto him…”

“Oh?” The Frostfeather Saint looked curious. He half-expected to hear of a request that would benefit himself rather than someone else.

His eyes swiveled to look at Xiao Qi on top of Bai Yunfei’s shoulder. “What’s this? The inheritance of…the Immortal Iridescent Phoenix?!”

“Senior Frostfeather Saint is correct. Xiao Qi and I were fortunate enough to visit the Tomb of the Emperor Beasts. Xiao Qi managed to receive the inheritance of the Immortal Iridescent Phoenix there and become a class eight soulbeast.”

“I see now,” The Frostfeather Saint nodded once more, “then allow me to impart onto him something else once my strength returns…”

What he planned to impart wouldn’t be as miniscule as what he imparted to the White-browed Hawk King. It’d take more energy than he had right now to do so, as expected after being sealed for three thousand years. Resisting Xue Ziye’s attempt for multiple days also meant his body was a in desperate need of rest and recuperation.

“Very well. Clean up the rest of the rabble. We shall return to the Soulbeast Forest after you do so.”
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