Vampire's Slice Of Life
Vampire's Slice Of Life

Vampire's Slice Of Life



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Vampire's Slice Of Life novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Harem, and Romance genres. Written by the Author SocialHippo. 217 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Lith is born as the son of the strongest being in the world and after he realizes that, he gives up any hopes for world domination. He decides to lead a slow and lazy life and work just enough to not tarnish his family's reputation. Will he be able to do that though?

Welcome to a world of magic where different races reside, resurrection is possible and so is reincarnation.


[Warning: There is incest and yuri. Readers discretion is advised.]

A/N: All sorts of genres of hanime are involved except the extremely dark ones.

No NTR or yaoi.

Yuri is there during FFM and not any other time. If it's present at any other time, I'll put appropriate warnings beforehand.

Mc doesn't get his women stolen or c*cked by any man or women. Therefore there's no NTR.

This is a light read :)


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[The cover photo is not mine. Feel free to ask me to take it down, if it belongs to you.]

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  • RoyalSociety

    It's frustrating when some character despite knowing the MC as vampire queen child they still have doubt about his capability, I mean isn't it common sense for him to inherit his mother talent you dumb fck

    2 hours ago 0 Likes
  • bebatto

    Why is there a system tag when does it manifest

    5 hours ago 0 Likes
  • HalfDark

    You can successfully protect your mental health while reading this piece of art by remembering the fact that the MC does not belong in this world so his mother and sister are NOT his real family and it is also the truth of all isekai or reincarnation anime,manga or novel that we just like to forget

    9 hours ago 0 Likes
  • AvaAddams

    I feel like this novel makes every chapter feel ‘long’ when you read it

    15 hours ago 0 Likes
  • codex777

    Does the mc starts to take lead in segs? Is he working to be strong or he bangs his mom and sis all day?Spoiler AlertIn the early chapters his thinking is like 'Even if my mom and sis makes me a boy toy i won't mind'.

    yesterday 0 Likes
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  • Cinimod

    wtf was I reading

    yesterday 1 Likes
  • harry0307

    Is there sex in this?

    2 days ago 0 Likes
  • AzureXI

    For the sake of my mental health im going to pretend the mc is adopted

    2 days ago 1 Likes
  • JinRyouka

    In my opinion I think the fitting title for this is I'm born as the son of the strongest being.Im saying this cuz for the chapters that I have read I think this is not a slice of life at all.This is only my opinion.

    3 days ago 0 Likes
  • Stuff1Do

    123Spoiler AlertI'm willing to bet this shadow wolf or whatever it was called is gonna be part of his harem when it gains intelligence. I'll bet a trillion dollars

    4 days ago 0 Likes