Chapter 914: Commander in Chief

“Looks like things are worse than what we thought… Sage PaleSnow of Goddess City, what do you think?” Agaloss and this mayor gave Lu Jiaxi worse goosebumps than anyone else in this room could.

“Get the preparation done and also be alert on the intels. For the past hundreds of years, there has barely been any interaction between the Great Wasteland and any nation. We are not familiar with the situation there. As the frontliners of the war and also the leader of Black Peak Mountain that has become a barrier to the Six Big Forces, I will open my area to everyone and Minox will supply us with military resources. On the other hand, I can also ensure the safety of our coast and assign the Alabachia tribe as the special assault team. You guys can be rest assured on the matters at sea. No one in their right mind would fight us on water, not even the sea giants…” Ye Cang smiled confidently. What he said was true. The Alabachia tribe is the most intelligent creature in the sea and they are like the overlord of the sea which only the sea giants dare to challenge. Yet, Little Ye Tian had invented the magic crystal shooting device. With that being activated, the Alabachia tribe’s speed gets more incredible in water.


Jarsha hated to admit that the sea lions were really no match for Alabachia. The entire deep sea abyss was like a heaven to the Alabachia tribe and sea giants’ although the mermaids and naga were the lords in the east.

“On behalf of everyone, I thank the King of the North,” Sagain smiled.

Cailon raised his eyebrow. Oh, this little brat… is he trying to…

“Lil’brat…” Shaneley smelted Ye Cang’s intention. According to the ranks, it will never be you. But the rights for the coast are truly an important aspect.

“Let’s pick the commander in chief. Only then, we can go into details of the war…” The King of Gangster yawned. “I’ll vote for Old Mak.”

“The only one qualified for the position is his majesty from the Planetary Empire, Cailon and of course, Pope Sagain is qualified too,” Crane said.

“I have no comments for the pope but as for this bastard from the Planetary Empire? No way. You and your father are the same kind. Shameless,” Shaneley laughed.

“Old freak, do you still have the energy to head to the Great Wasteland for war?” Crane smirked.

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Shaneley swung his fist at him but Verali blocked it. His purlicue cracked and he stumbled backwards but it was not a big idea because with a few swings of his hand, his wounds were recovered. “In the holy area, fighting is forbidden but not eating. You can eat him even if you can’t beat him.”

“……” Everyone was speechless and Ye Cang stunned for a second. What she said seems right too.

“Alright, Shaneley, I apologize on behalf of my men. Let’s put the resentment between both nations aside for now. We’ll talk about it after the war,” Cailon asked Crane to back off.

“If you guys want to vote for a commander in chief, I would acknowledge no one other than Mayor PaleSnow. If he isn’t the commander, just treat me as if I did not come,” Minox looked at her nails and smiled.

“Kukala! Dodolasha! Kiyagua!” Abado slammed the table.

“He said he shared the same thought as Minox,” Ye Cang translated.

“……” Speechless-looking eyes were on Ye Cang. Don’t you feel shameless translating that?

“I choose Sage PaleSnow as the commander in chief,” Jarsha revealed his teeth.

“The Border of Mystery will be at your back too, Great Sage,” Agaloss said.

“I… *sigh* I choose Mayor PaleSnow too.” Lu Jiaxi sighed upon seeing Agaloss’ stare. I can’t trigger him.

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“The underlings of the six goddesses could only contribute one vote,” Shaneley said as Agaloss, Fandair – DragonSoul, the Extreme Ranger – Linda and Wind Fist took their turns to voice out.

“I vote for him as the commander in chief too,” Cailon raised his hand.

“You…” Shaneley did not understand his intention and looked at Sagain.

Sagain stared at Ye Cang. How did he make Assenroche persuade the Water Elemental Spirit to join the war? Ye Cang knew nothing about this. “I agree.”

“I choose him too,” Jaysus tapped the table.

“Count me in.” Lin Le voted as he covered Lu Lily’s ears.

“……” Wayjane pondered. Does this little brat know how scary the chairman is?! All the Saintesses from the Holy Church were no match for her for the past three generations.

The Queen of the Dark Shrine – Youdiss did not say a word but glanced at Ye Cang. She arrogantly flipped her eyes at Sagain and chose not to vote.

On the other hand, Ye Cang never thought that Sagain would vote for him. This was because if Sagain nominated himself, the probability of Ye Cang getting elected was relatively small. I’m pretty sure most of the religion association and guild would pick him. Shaneley stared at Ye Cang for a moment and sighed, “What about the Deputy Chief?”

“I nominate General Shaneley…” Cailon looked at Sagain with doubt and yet, he did not say anything as the position of the commander in chief was held by someone from the Planetary Empire. Sagain’s motive was simple. There should always be one among the commanders who has enough experience and Shaneley was the most suitable candidate. He was a general in the border for five centuries. He had fought with the Queen of Elves, the Planetary Empire, and even pushed the beastmen back to their field. Most of his life was spent in wars and battles. He had no wife or children but only military awards and glory.

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Ye Cang recruited a few bodyguards with the title of direct bodyguards by asking Mar Junior, Little Ye Tian, Lin Le, LordAsked, FlameEmperor, CloudDragon and the rest to come in and stand behind him. Little Ye Tian took out a map she created herself with the information obtained. Originally, Shaneley wanted to scold Ye Cang but the map attracted his attention before he could do so. What a detailed war map. The layout of troops is similar to my thinking but she still lacks real combat experience. Swiftly, he discussed the distribution of troops with Little Ye Tian. On the other hand, Sagain was wondering why Ye Cang recruited Mar, the Grand Knight. He then suspected that maybe Ye Cang helped him a lot back in Black Rock City.

After getting Shaneley’s acknowledgement, Little Ye Tian gathered her courage and took out a blueprint. “We, the Goddess City, plan to rebuild two things for our military supply-chain management. A railway and a floating ship station. But first, we must find a suitable oasis for it. According to Elder Linda’s information, oases usually disappear very fast and the available ones are far from the Ravine of Death. So we must send a strong team to search for the nearest one. Also, from the literature and documents they brought back, I noticed the phrase ‘Heaven Garden’. I think it is a key phrase. Does anyone know about it?”

“Iansahfey?” Sagain asked.

“Yeap.” Before Ye Cang’s translation, that was the word Little Ye Tian saw.

“Legends have it that it was the Goddess of War – Losaly’s living place and the Heaven Garden – Iansahfey. They appeared in the literature about the Rise of the Great Wasteland in the church. The Great Wasteland was originally a place with an abundance of resources but was destroyed by the people’s ignorance and over-belief in war until the ground was then slowly turned into sand, had its crops disappeared and in the end, turned into a desert. The entire place became full of unnecessary wind and sand traveling in all directions. Until when the survivors had forgotten about the Stairway to Heaven, the Heaven Garden, and the Goddess of War, only then oases started appearing…” Sagain recalled an ancient book about the establishment of Iskafanda and did not seem to be stressed up with the issue with the knight.

“The holy place has become a forbidden land,” Ryance mumbled.

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