VRMMO no Shien Shokunin ~Top Player no Shikakenin~
VRMMO no Shien Shokunin ~Top Player no Shikakenin~

VRMMO no Shien Shokunin ~Top Player no Shikakenin~

VRMMOの支援職人 ~トッププレイヤーの仕掛人~

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146 Chapters 58.9K Views 445 Bookmarked Ongoing Status

VRMMO no Shien Shokunin ~Top Player no Shikakenin~ novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Nikaidou Fuuto. 146 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


He was persuaded into playing the VRMMO 「Trailblazer」 or TB for short by his cheerful childhood friend Miyu.

But Wataru faced Miyu, who was full of motivation and said this.

「Then, I’ll be the rearguard. Shinto priest? I’ll take this one」

「What!? You are not going to fight next to me!? And you call yourself a man!?」

For some time she would become one of the top players and start getting called Hero.

So Wataru had to deal with being an extra.

But, during a certain PvP event, a strange nickname was attached to Wataru.

That, he was actually the 「Hero’s true self」.

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  • Reader18 13

    I'm not doing a dense protagonist and a brother complex tag again😖

  • Trippe 3

    Dense protagonist? Nah I'm out, I still need this few brain cells left.

  • FriendlyButcher 16

    Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

  • thatguyreading 3

    Young Lisa ...?

  • Aon 11

    Trailblazer? Honkai: Star rail welcomes you to the Astral Express 🌠

    Edited: 11mo
  • Resistance 20

    "Siblings Not Related By Blood"... wtf is that tag 😭

  • dadsarefuny 9

    I be thugging and sh*t.

  • Eclipse___ 8

    Like how every single story with the childhood friend tag, no matter Japanese or Korean is just going to be having the dense mc and there is not any exception its ever f*ck*ng time and the story will prolly be the very same as well.

    • RobertoCarlos 5

      Cus if the mc had even a little brains he would have already smashed the childhood friend and the authors can't have that

  • TKing1517 3

    "Dense Protagonist" Nah I'm good.

    • ZandielAccinius 4

      Sh*t bro I ain't touchin' this. They got that f*ck*n' brother complex tag too, yikes.

    • SkyGriffin20 3

      It's really frustrating reading those

    • ShadowLR 16

      How do people even read that stuff anymore, everytime I see that tag I just peace out

    • MedievalTurtle 4

      yep not for me either

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  • Semikkun 3

    Bro wtf is this, any poison testers!??!??!

    Edited: 12mo
    • SoraofShadows 9

      It's mid, no question about it. But it's not true poison so it's readable, just mild discomfort as you try to read it.