Warlock Apprentice

Chapter 955: Dodging Suspicion

Chapter 955: Dodging Suspicion

When speaking to Gauss, Vifet heard a clue from Gauss’ thrall, that the “important customer” mentioned by Beals was very likely an alchemist.

Right now, an alchemist was right in front of Vifet, which was Angor.

Furthermore, Beals just said that he was here looking for Angor.

Vifet kept looking between Beals and Angor carefully while trying his best to hide his curiosity.

Now the question is, what does Beals want with Angor? Vifet pondered.

Meanwhile, Beals was also wondering how he bumped into Vifet of all people. Did Vifet find out that Angor encountered Cassini before?

“Ahem.” Beals quickly tried to think of some excuses to ascertain Vifet’s intention. “This is a pleasurable surprise, Vifet. Do you and Angor know each other?”

Vifet smiled without speaking so that he could make sure Beals did not guess anything.

However, to his surprise and great annoyance, Madelyne spoke for him and ruined his plan.

“Mister Vifet would like to know what’s going on at the Evernight Kingdom. Though Angor refused to answer.”

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So Vifet doesn’t know the relation between Angor and Cassini? thought Beals. He immediately fabricated his next phrase while pretending that he felt equally disappointed.

“That’s too bad. I was planning to buy the same information from Angor. But since Angor said so, I’m afraid I have nothing else to do here.”

“Um, sir, was Mister Rossum referring to this when he said he wanted to trade something with me?” asked Angor.

Beals nodded. “That’s right.”

“I’m truly sorry, sir.” Angor also put up his show. “You have to go to my professor for this. He demanded that I never reveal relevant secrets to anyone. At my level, most stuff I saw in Sleepless City might not be real, as he said.”

“I totally understood!”

Learning about the “dark domes” was indeed one of Beal’s jobs, but it was not the most important one. By coming here, he was going to ask Angor where “Cassini” appeared. But he obviously wouldn’t do it when Vifet was around.

Vifet gave Beals a doubtful glance. “That’s not all you have to do today, eh?”

Beals knew Vifet was suspecting whether Angor was the alchemist who received “Cassini’s blessing”. As a neutral trader, Beals wouldn’t get too concerned about what Vifet would do to Angor. But for now, he’d save Angor the trouble since he was still trying to earn Angor’s trust. Even without considering the blessing of Cassini, Angor’s alchemy skills would benefit the Ashen Traders greatly.

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“You’re right, I did have another matter to inform Angor.” Beals shrugged. “But that’s no longer necessary since you’re here, Vifet.”

Vifet beamed in delight. Is he admitting it? Angor saw Cassini after all?

Beals continued, “I didn’t know you and Vifet are acquainted, Angor, which means the other clue I brought is pointless.”

“I don’t get it, sir.”

“You haven’t known?” Beals widened his eyes in “surprise”. “The seller who has a luck scroll is Vifet.”

“Huh?” Vifet was the one who was truly surprised now.

Angor looked at him. “Sir, Mister Beals told me that he found a seller. I never thought it was you though.”

“Yup!” Beals followed up. “This old guy asked for a fragment of eternity, so I’m not sure you’ll reach an agreement.”

“A fragment of eternity, for a luck-enhancing scroll?” Madelyne spat. “That’s not an honest price, I must say.”

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Vifet laughed his embarrassment off. Wait what?? So Beals isn’t talking about Cassini?

He tried asking in another way, “Angor, my boy. Do you perhaps know how to craft alchemy tools that prevent prophecy?”

“As I said, sir, I do not have time to do alchemy in the near future.”

“So you do know the techniques?”

Angor wasn’t sure where Vifet was getting at, though he thought proper to muddle through it because such items were supposed to be quite precious in the wizarding world.

“I’ve read about anti-prophecy enchantment before. But I have yet to get to actual practice. Maybe I can succeed with enough time? I don’t know.”

Vifet shook his head. “If you do succeed, make sure to talk to me. I can trade the scroll for such a useful item as well.”

“You do know that a tool that counters prophecy is several times more costly than your pitiful scroll, right?” Madelyne embarrassed Vifet yet again.

“Heh. The scroll I kept is no longer producible in this world. The effect is brief, yes. But in the right situation, it will help you turn the table. You do not determine its ‘cost’ so mindlessly. Angor, my offer stands until I somehow lose the scroll. I’ll be waiting.”

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Vifet chose to step away since both Angor and Madelyne were clearly wary of him right now. They would spend some more time when traveling to the Abyss Plane. There were many more chances to talk to Angor.

As for Cassini…

Vifet decided to contact Gauss later and ask Gauss to do prophecy specifically against Angor. They would know the answer if the spell failed again.

Angor suddenly heard someone’s voice talking directly in his mind. It was Beals, who was using an original spell to send an encrypted message.

It seemed Beals invented it by improving Voice Transmission, and he could determine which customer could hear him by using the “invitation cards”. This was one of the reasons why the Ashen Traders were trusted by their customers.

Angor placed his card against his ears to read Beals’ message.

“This is not the right place to talk. Follow me.”

Beals was confident that not many people in this world could eavesdrop on them. But he still would like to stay away from several powerful wizards who were showing their mighty auras, especially the one who was staying in a room at the top of the vehicle.

Angor looked at Madelyne. “I need some time with Chief Beals, ma’am. Will be back soon.”

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Madelyne looked at the guards in the distance, who were still repairing something.

“You go ahead.”

Vifet saw Beals and Angor flying away from Frozen Wing and decided to stay put for now.

I’ll just talk to Gauss in a moment…

After Angor left, Madelyne immediately sensed something different around her.

She and Angor were mostly neglected by the other wizards since they came to Frozen Wing. But Vifet and Beals easily brought them lots of attention.

Also, everyone heard their conversation because they weren’t using anything to cover their voices.

“Greetings, Miss Madelyne!” A wizard approached her. “I’m sorry to hear what happened to the Sillian Family. So you joined Brute Cavern? By the way, was that apprentice ‘Thorn Lion’ Angor?”

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Madelyne did not need to dismiss the uninvited wizard because more people were already coming.

“Oh, my dear Madelyne! I can’t believe I get to meet you here!” a man spoke in an exaggerated tone. “Mister Rein sent Angor to the Abyss? Dear gods. He should have joined us instead, the Great Beacon Performing Academy!”

Madelyne rolled her eyes. What for? So that Angor would become an actor or something?

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