Chapter 2221: Unbeatable PowerWarrior's Promise

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Chapter 2221: Unbeatable Power

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Su Mo flew in the sky toward the Seventh Mountain.

After some time, he reached the Seventh Mountain and entered Camphor Forest.

However, he was surprised that he was unable to find the entrance to Myriad Worlds Mountain after having searched around for some time.

The entrance that he had seen previously had disappeared and there was silence in the area.

Is the entrance hidden deep within space?

Su Mo frowned and pondered for a while. He then activated his Devouring Fighting Soul, which then swirled out with a powerful force.

The miasma in Camphor Forest rose as the devouring power raged the area.

It then gushed toward Su Mo like a tidal wave.


The miasma continued to surge and diminish.

In less than 15 minutes, a large area of Camphor Forest had become an ordinary forest without any miasma lingering around.

It’s there!

After the miasma had been utterly devoured, Su Mo noticed that the entrance of Myriad Worlds Mountain was under an ancient tree.

The entrance to Myriad Worlds Mountain did not seem to have a fixed place and it kept changing.


In a flash, Su Mo whooshed towards the entrance like an arrow and entered.


The environment changed and Su Mo came to Myriad Worlds Mountain again.

He stood in the sky and looked at the mountain in front of him, his eyes filled with killing intent.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The moment Su Mo reached Myriad Worlds Mountain, many powerful figures flew out of the buildings.

They stood on the mountain peak and looked warily at Su Mo.

Bai Tiannan, Xu Wushen, Jiang Shenye, and Elder Tianji were among them.

Su Mo looked at the Myriad Worlds Hall on the mountain peak and saw that the gate was shut. He did not see the Bronze Man around.


At that instant, there was a creaking sound and the gate at Myriad Worlds Hall slowly opened.

“Su Mo, are you here to kill me?”

The Bronze Man’s voice resounded, and he gradually appeared. He was sitting still on the main seat in the hall.

He could see that Su Mo had advanced to Rank 3 Empty God Realm and he was there to kill him.

He was not surprised or angry. Su Mo would not be able to change anything even if he had killed him.

He was merely an avatar and he had accomplished his mission.

“You are right!” Su Mo said coldly. Before Su Mo completed his sentence, the Ancient Dream Primordial Spirit rose above him.

Dazzling green light then shone around the area.

As the green light shone on the Bronze Man, he went into a daze all of a sudden. He had been pulled into the Ancient Dream World.

As for the top powers from Myriad Worlds Mountain, although they were not Su Mo’s target, they went into a daze as well when the green light shone on them.

A ray of light flashed across Su Mo’s body, and four figures appeared. They then threw out a blow at the Bronze Man.

The four people were Li Ba, Long Ao, Xiang Tiangang, and You Shan.

The four of them threw out their most powerful blows. Their Fist Force and Claw Radiance were mighty and they moved toward the Bronze Man to attack him.

Boom! Boom! Rumble!

The four of them hit Myriad Worlds Hall and the Bronze Man, who was in the Hall.

There was an earth-shattering explosion and the entire Myriad Worlds Hall was being destroyed. It turned into ruins.

The terrifying air billows swept around the area and in an instant, everything that was on the mountain peak was being destroyed.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

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The men who were on the mountain peak cried out. They were being tossed around, and many of them were being thrown off.

Those martial artists who had a lower cultivation level collapsed and their souls left their bodies.

All of a sudden, there were cracks in the mountain and soon, the mountain exploded.



“The Lord is dead!”

The men from Myriad Worlds Mountain shouted in devastation.

Everything in the mountain had been utterly destroyed by the attacks of Long Ao and the three top powers,

Su Mo put away his Ancient Dream Fighting Soul and looked around sharply.

“Su Mo, the man is dead!”

“That’s right. He has been killed!”

“There’s no way he can survive!”

Li Ba, Long Ao, and the rest spoke. They had witnessed the Bronze Man being killed.

“Great!” Su Mo curled his lips into a derisive smile.

The Bronze Man had been smashed into ashes by the attacks.

Xi’er, who was in the Bangle Space, remained safe and sound.

Even Su Mo, who was at Rank 3 Empty God Realm, could not defend against the powerful attacks from Long Ao and the three top powers in the Dream Realm, let alone the Bronze Man.


The space beside Su Mo fluctuated and Xi’er appeared.

“Xi’er, how do you feel? Is the seal still in your body?” Su Mo asked.

“It has disappeared!” Xi’er looked elated. The seal in her Spiritual Soul had utterly disappeared a while ago.

“Great!” Su Mo nodded and heaved a sigh of relief.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At that instant, many of the top powers from Myriad Worlds Mountain started to escape in all directions.

Since the Lord of Myriad Worlds was dead, many of the top powers tried to escape.

“Su Mo, shall we kill these people?” Li Ba asked as he looked at the people from Myriad Worlds Mountain, who were running for their lives.

Su Mo shook his head. He had no feud with the men from Myriad Worlds Mountain and he did not want to kill the innocent.

However, there was one person whom he had to kill and that was Elder Tianji.

He had learned from Xi’er that it was Elder Tianji who had brought her to Myriad Worlds Mountain.

“Just kill him!” Su Mo said coldly as he fixed his gaze on Elder Tianji, who was trying to escape.

“Yes!” Immediately, Li Ba flew toward Elder Tianji to kill him.


“I shall avenge our Lord!”

“Kill Su Mo!”

At that moment, some of the people from Myriad Worlds Mountain shouted. Although many of them were running away, others stayed put. They looked at Su Mo with immense killing intent as they charged toward him.

“You are digging your own grave!”

“Kill them!”

Long Ao, Xiang Tiangang, and You Shan immediately struck, without waiting for Su Mo to pass down the order.

“Xi’er, get back to the Spacial Device!” Su Mo patted Xi’er’s shoulder and said. He then put her away into the Spacial Device.

Su Mo did not get involved in the fight. He turned his head to look around and finally rested his gaze on Jiang Shenye, Xu Wushen, and Bai Tiannan.

The three of them did not try to escape nor did they strike. They stood far away, with faces full of different expressions.

“Go!” Su Mo said loudly and waved at the three of them.

He would not make things difficult or take special care of the three of them who used to be his friends.

When the three of them heard what Su Mo had said, they looked at one another and sighed. They then turned around and left, filled with complex emotions.

The men from Myriad Worlds Mountain were no match for Li Ba, Long Ao, and the other top powers. In a short while, all of them were being killed.

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Elder Tianji did not manage to escape. He and many other top powers who were trying to avenge the Bronze Man were killed by Long Ao and the other two top powers.

Soon, only one person from Myriad Worlds Mountain was left in the sky.

This man was a burly young man. He put on a yellow robe and held a huge saber in his hand. He was fighting You Shan and apparently, he had the upper hand.

“Eh?” Su Mo was surprised. The young man was a Rank 3 Empty God but he had strong combat strength.

Not only was Su Mo taken aback, but Long Ao and the other two top powers were shocked as well. They were surprised to find a Great Saint with such powerful combat strength in Myriad Worlds Mountain.

He was a Rank 3 Empty God but his combat strength was comparable to a Holy Sage at the Half Deity Realm. He was a powerful Great Saint.

“Unbeatable Power!”

Su Mo’s eyes sparkled. The fighting spirit in this young man’s body was like an erupting volcano, and it was vast like an ocean.

His fighting spirit was so strong that it could flatten everything. Suddenly, Su Mo thought of the Unbeatable Power, which was a type of Fighting Soul.

The Martial Soul was ranked number eight on the Archean Martial Soul Board and it was more powerful than the Great Rotating Sacred Sword Martial Soul.


The young man in a yellow robe did not stay on to fight. After exchanging three blows with You Shan, he started to escape when he saw that the rest of the people had been killed.

“You can’t run away!”

Su Mo said coldly. He then threw out a blow toward the young man with his Purple Virtual Sword.

Everyone was stunned by the blow.

The Sword Qi shot across the sky like lightning at a quick pace and attacked the young man.

The power of the blow was terrifying beyond description. The vast sword power smashed the surrounding area, and the imposing aura was so strong that it could crush a man’s will.



Long Ao, Li Ba, Xiang Tiangang, and You Shan were taken aback by Su Mo’s attack.

They reckoned that Su Mo’s strength would have become stronger since he had advanced to Rank 3 Empty God.

However, they were still amazed when they saw his strength.

Su Mo could almost make it through the Space Boundary and enter Deity Plane with his strength.

“Oh no!”

The young man was astounded. He knew that Su Mo was powerful, but he had not expected him to be that powerful.

He would have run for his life if he had known it earlier.

The terrifying Sword Qi shot toward the young man at lightning speed. In an instant, it was near him. The young man broke out in a cold sweat when he felt himself in grave danger.

“Smash!” At the crucial moment, the young man shouted. He then slashed hard on the Sword Qi with his saber.

An enormous golden light shot up from his saber, carrying with it vast fighting spirit, and slashed onto the Sword Qi.

The blow was extremely powerful, but it was of no effect.

Su Mo was invincible. In the entire God’s Path and the universe, no one was a match for him. Even the Unbeatable Power had no effect on him.


The saber radiance dispersed, and the powerful Sword Qi hit the young man.


There was another explosion, and the young man’s body disappeared. Nothing was left of him.

However, the young man was quick. At the critical moment, his Fighting Soul had left his physical body and escaped in haste.

The young man was a Rank 3 Empty God and his Fighting Soul was a Primordial Spirit. His aura was deep and vast.

His Primordial Spirit was a golden Combat Qi and it formed the word ‘Combat’ in the golden airstream.

The vast fighting spirit was powerful and overwhelming.

“Hoho, I want the Fighting Soul!

Su Mo smiled. His Devouring Primordial Spirit rose, and a powerful devouring powerful swirled up the area.

The Unbeatable Power Primordial Spirit started to slow its movement under the devouring power. It was unable to get away from Su Mo.

After a while, the young man died and his soul was annihilated. His Unbeatable Power Primordial Spirit was devoured by Su Mo.

After everything had been settled, Su Mo stood in the sky and did not say a word.

Myriad Worlds Mountain has been destroyed, and Xi’er is fine. What should he do next?

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Su Mo had no idea when the array of Deity Plane would change its base. However, he was certain that it would happen soon. When that happened and Di Yihun came down from the Plane, he would be doomed.

I have to make a decision soon! Su Mo sighed. He could not wait any longer as the danger was around the corner.

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