Warrior's Promise
Chapter 2375: Dont Be Angry, Supreme Being

Chapter 2375: Don’t Be Angry, Supreme Being

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Su Mo flew in a hurry through the sky.

Apparently, he knew that someone would be after him.

After all, the Ultimate Holy Sword was the Holy Sword Mountain, which was the mountain gate of Ultimate Supreme Being Palace. Su Mo had taken the mountain gate away and they would not let him off.

This is not feasible. Given my speed, I will not be able to shake the Supreme Beings off!

Su Mo said to himself. Once again, he changed his aura and appearance. He withdrew his aura and flew in a different direction.

Su Mo had used the Heaven Illusionary Pill and Illusion Primordial Spirit to change his aura and appearance. That was a double layer of protection.

After going one big round, instead of running far away, Su Mo went in the direction of the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace.

He felt that it would make it easier for him to escape. After all, no one would have thought that he would go in the direction of the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace instead of going far away.

He wanted to play it safe. He wanted to be assured of his safety.


In a flash, Su Mo flew like a streamer and disappeared into the wilderness.

After a while, streamers appeared as Ultimate Supreme Being and the rest of the Supreme Beings arrived at the area.

They came to a halt.

“The aura has disappeared!”

Destructive Supreme Being said with a frown. They had been following the aura that was left behind in the sky but the aura had disappeared when they reached the area.

The rest of the Supreme Beings frowned as well. They used their Holy Senses to cover the area and tried to locate Qin Yun.

The Supreme Beings had strong Holy Senses and they could cover a fair distance. Ultimate Supreme Being could cover three times the area that the Supreme Beings could.

However, he could not sense Qin Yun’s aura even at that distance.

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The aura that Qin Yun had left behind in the sky was faint. On top of that, it was mixed with several other auras, which made it confusing.

“How can this happen?” Ultimate Supreme Being’s face darkened. It would be ridiculous if the few of them could not even catch hold of a martial artist.

“Palace Master, Qin Yun’s aura is no longer around. However, the aura of another martial artist is lingering!” Snow Supreme Being said.

Ultimate Supreme Being looked impassive and he did not respond to Snow Supreme Being. He had sensed the aura as well.

However, the aura was different from Qin Yun’s aura and thus he was uncertain of whether it was Qin Yun’s.

“To prevent Qin Yun from escaping, let’s split up to pursue him!”

Ultimate Supreme Being said after he had pondered for a while. In a flash, he followed the aura that was left behind and went off in a hurry.

Zi Xiao and the other two Supreme Beings nodded and took off different directions.

Su Mo flew at lightning speed through the sky.

I wonder if the Supreme Beings are still after me!

As Su Mo was flying, he was pondering. He had to play it safe.

How can I shake them off? Su Mo thought to himself. He had to think of a way to escape. The Supreme Beings were sharp and their speed was much faster than his.

I have an idea!

Suddenly, an idea flashed across Su Mo’s mind. He turned his palm over and several Black Biting Bugs appeared.

The Black Biting Bugs were the bugs that Su Mo had used to form the Winged Insect Sword. However, the Winged Insect Sword had been destroyed and most of the higher-grade Black Biting Bugs were dead. He was left with a small number of bugs.

Su Mo infused his Power Source into the Black Biting Bugs through his palm. In an instant, all the bugs possessed his aura.

After that, the Black Biting Bugs scattered around and flew in different directions.

Su Mo changed his direction again and flew off in a hurry. He was using the Black Biting Bugs to confuse the Supreme Beings’ senses.

Although the Supreme Beings were powerful, they would not be able to differentiate which aura truly belonged to him!

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Soon, Su Mo was out of sight.

After a short while, Ultimate Supreme Being arrived. He stopped at the spot where Su Mo released the Black Biting Bugs.

“Eh?” Ultimate Supreme Being knitted his brows. He could sense Qin Yun’s aura spreading in all directions.

He knew that Qin Yun was trying to confuse his senses by using some means.

Ultimate Supreme Being shut his eyes. He used his Holy Senses to engulf the area and sensed the area thoroughly.

“Black Biting Bugs!”

After a while, Ultimate Supreme Being opened his eyes. He sensed the faint aura of several Black Biting Bugs in the air.

Although the aura was indistinct, it could not escape his senses.

Is he from the Demon Clan? Ultimate Supreme Being was taken aback. The Black Biting Bugs resided in the body of the Ancient Demon and only the people from the Demon Clan could possess them.

However, he refuted the thought as it was impossible for the people from the Demon Clan to cultivate the Chaotic Power Source.

Immediately, Ultimate Supreme Being identified the direction that Su Mo had gone in and went after him.

Su Mo released some Black Biting Bugs along the way and he kept changing his direction.

After flying for an hour, he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that no one had caught up with him.

A city!

Su Mo’s eyes lit up when he saw a city in front of him.

Although it was not a big city, it was helpful to him.

Su Mo was elated. In a flash, he entered the city.

After Su Mo had entered the city, he entered the south gate and left by the north gate. On top of that, he changed his aura and appearance.

There were many martial artists in the city and a constant flow of people. That gave Su Mo the opportunity to escape.

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After Su Mo had left the city, he headed in the direction of the Reincarnation Holy Court.

Around eight minutes after Su Mo had left, Ultimate Supreme Being arrived at the city.

He stood in the sky above the city with his face darkened. He had lost Qin Yun.

Su Mo had been releasing the Black Biting Bugs that were carrying his aura and that had taken up much of Ultimate Supreme Being’s time.

He had been trying to identify the aura that truly belonged to Su Mo and he had finally arrived at the city.

Although it was not a big city, there were around 1,000,000 martial artists. There were too many auras around, making it confusing for Ultimate Supreme Being.

Thus, he was unable to locate Su Mo’s aura to pursue him.


Ultimate Supreme Being roared as he was furious. His voice shook the firmament and caused the city to quake.

Although he was not good at pursuing, he could not believe that a small fry had escaped him. That infuriated him!

“Supreme Being!”

“Ultimate Supreme Being!”

“Please do not be angry, Supreme Being!”

The martial artists who were in the city were startled by the Ultimate Supreme Being. Many of them knelt down and bowed to him.

Ultimate Supreme Being was the ruler of the Ultimate Sword Domain and everyone was afraid of him.

After a while, Ultimate Supreme Being left grudgingly in a flash and headed back to Ultimate Supreme Being Palace.

Since he could not pursue Qin Yun, there was no point for him to stay on. He had to rebuild the mountain gate soon and do a check on Qin Yun’s background.

However, Ultimate Supreme Being had a conjecture in his mind.

Previously, Tian Chenyu had asked him to look out for a guy by the name of Su Mo and he had given him some information.

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Ultimate Supreme Being reckoned that Qin Yun could be Su Mo.. However, he had to get back to the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace to find out more about Qin Yun.

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Warrior's Promise Chapter 2375: Dont Be Angry, Supreme Being
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