What If I Can't Die?
Chapter 512: Yin Yang Life and Death (1)

People who didn't care about their lives were too terrifying.

In particular, this guy who didn't care about his life was very powerful and fast. Many demons ran far away but were still killed by his saber.

The demons lurking here were killed by Song Shi with Divine Teleportation Footwork. In the end, only a few escaped into the spatial rift, and the rest were all killed.

"I've completed a small portion of the quest. Let's continue cutting trees."

Song Shi glanced at the mark on his arm. This thing seemed to have become a part of his body and did not disappear because of death.

He really wanted to see what good things he would obtain after passing all the checkpoints, so that those demons would flock to him.

"About half the trees. Keep cutting."

Song Shi raised his saber and took action. He realized that the process of cutting down trees could greatly hone his temperament, especially his control over his anger.

As for the other emotions—joy, sorrow, fear, love, evil, and desire—the fear had little effect on him. The main reason was because he had a system. He had not experienced the other emotions for the time being and did not have any experience dealing with them.

He deliberately released his anger on the tree. As he vented it again and again, the anger gradually returned to his control.

At this point, most of the trees in the Fallen God Valley had been cut down by Song Shi.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang.

The entire Fallen God Valley seemed to have come alive. As it shook violently, a terrifying storm erupted in the center.

The storm was black in color and spread out in all directions. Soon, it enveloped Song Shi. The devouring power contained in it caused Song Shi to Decay and his life force to rapidly disappear.

As for the trees in front of him that had yet to be cut down, they turned into ashes and their vitality flowed out.

It was not just the special trees here. The black storm continued to spread and quickly left the range of the Fallen God Valley.

Song Shi saw with his own eyes that the Array Formation set up by the Black Tortoise Palace seemed to have experienced the corrosion of time under the black wind. The light quickly dimmed before collapsing. It was powerless to stop the black wind from rushing out of the Fallen God Valley.

"This is the extinction storm?"

Amidst the hoarse praise, Song Shi's hair fell off, and his skin fell off like a decayed corpse. He fell to the ground powerlessly and turned into a withered corpse in the blink of an eye.

"Ding! You have been killed by the Extinction Storm. Your life source has been strengthened…"

A moment later, Song Shi was revived. The vitality in his body was much stronger.

However, facing the overwhelming storm that filled the entire Fallen God Valley, Song Shi still suffered the same fate and continued to experience similar results.

However, he had a chance to see the scene under the Extinction Storm.

After the black storm blew out, the vegetation outside instantly withered. A large amount of life force flew towards the Fallen God Valley and gathered into a green light.

In the end, the rich vitality turned into green water. It rained in the sky, and more and more vitality gathered, turning the original river into a lake that covered the Fallen God Valley.

Song Shi looked at the strange lake water that had devoured an unknown amount of life force. It could not be seen before he cut down the tree. Now that he had cut down the tree, he could clearly see that the lake water that contained life force was converging towards a center, forming a vortex.

"It's indeed strange. I want to see what it is!"

Song Shi revealed a look of interest. According to Fu Yuhua and the others, this place had a very long history. The rumors dated back to more than a million years ago. It was most likely formed when the gods died. There might be a treasure of the gods hidden inside, or it might be formed by the power of the gods.

Regardless of which one it was, the fact that so many predecessors in the Black Spirit Realm had not been able to discover it was enough to prove that the secret here was not simple. At the very least, the danger contained in it made it difficult for even Mahayana cultivators to discover it.

He was not afraid of death. Today, he could completely see what secrets were hidden. If there was a treasure, he did not mind taking it.

Song Shi retracted the Profound Heaven Dragon Slaying Saber to avoid losing it because he died too quickly. He floated in the air and approached the vortex with the water current that contained the devouring power.

Soon, he realized that something was wrong because the closer he got to the vortex, the stronger the devouring power in the water.

"No, it's not this water flow. It's a devouring power. This is the core, equivalent to the Eye of Devouring power."

Song Shi quickly identified the situation. He stood up in the water and stepped into the Void to approach the vortex.

Even though he did not come into contact with the water, a terrifying devouring power still surged over. It far exceeded the devouring power contained in ordinary trees and water.

The closer he got, the more terrifying the devouring power became. His resistance to the devouring power began to crumble. His life force began to drain away, and his body gradually withered.

"It's already like this before we even enter. No wonder no one has unearthed the secrets of this place after so many years."

Song Shi looked at his withered palm. In just a short period of time, his hair had turned snow-white, and his skin was loose and shriveled. It was as if he had aged directly, and the vitality in his body had dried up.

His thoughts entered the vortex and were instantly devoured. He still had to enter and investigate personally.

The devouring power became more and more terrifying. Song Shi's power dissipated and fell weakly into the water, turning into white bones in the blink of an eye.

'Ding… You have been killed by the Law of Life. Enhanced Life Origin.

In the notification, Song Shi resurrected in the dark green water and realized that he had already entered the vortex.

As soon as he appeared, the terrifying devouring power around him surged over. Before Song Shi could take a look, his flesh withered at a speed visible to the naked eye. In a moment, he became a dried corpse.

This was even after he had obtained the system reward and the wood Stats Origin that contained vitality had increased by a level.

Unfortunately, compared to the terrifying devouring power here, the increase in origin this time was merely just a drop in the bucket.

Chapter 512: Yin Yang Life and Death (1)
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