What If I Can't Die?
Chapter 513: Yin Yang Life and Death (2)

Soon, he died in the same way. After reviving, he could not be bothered with the terrifying power hidden in the vortex and thought about the system notification.

"Doesn't the Law of Life give life? But this here actually devour the life force of others. Is this the hidden horror of the Law? It can give life and also kill."

Song Shi suddenly thought of Yin and Yang. Between life and death, there was actually a close connection. It was not just a simple case of opposites.

He continued to die while he was thinking. He did not last long after he was resurrected. The distance he could travel in the vortex was very limited.

He glanced at the center of the vortex. It was actually more than a hundred miles away. At this speed, he did not know how long it would take to drift down.

As he continued to die, the Wood Stats in Song Shi's body became stronger and stronger, and his resistance also increased.

He also roughly understood that the origin of the Wood Stats should be related to the Law of Life. The power of the Wood Stats should be able to transform into the Law of Life.

However, on the other hand, the Origin of Life that he had obtained with the help of the system was actually unable to resist the devouring power here. This showed how terrifying the owner of this power was.

Most importantly, so much energy that contained life energy seemed to be devoured by something.

The more Song Shi thought about it, the more shocked he felt. To be able to devour such a majestic life force, the level of the things hidden here was indeed much higher.

"I really want to see what it is!"

He stared at the center of the vortex and mobilized his Nomological power, wanting to use Divine Teleportation Footwork. He realized that the space here had frozen, and it was difficult for him to mobilize the power of space with his strength.

The most terrifying thing was that he could not even fly. He could only continue to be swallowed by the vortex.

"I'm getting stronger and stronger!"

Song Shi's eyes lit up. He was not in a hurry and quietly died in the Life-Devouring Water.

"Ding… Congratulations on awakening the Life Saint Body!"

After dying countless times, Song Shi's vitality had transformed his physique. However, he was still far from resisting the devouring power in the center of the vortex.

Unknowingly, he had already floated for more than a hundred miles from the edge and arrived at the center of the vortex.

The sky above him was still dark, and the terrifying Extinction Storm continued to wreak havoc. Even if Song Shi didn't go out, he could imagine the extinction scene outside.

"This has been going on for a long time. No wonder Fu Yuhua and the others were scared away. Otherwise, other than me, who else could have lasted so long under such conditions?"

Song Shi smiled bitterly as he looked at the center of the vortex that was getting closer and closer. The space here already contained a terrifying pressure. It would be difficult for him to even move, let alone break the space.

It seemed that at the center of the vortex, there was an existence that surpassed this world. Not to mention him, even if he reached the Mahayana realm, the scene would be similar.

"I'm about to enter. I'll soon be able to do what the Black Spirit Realm cultivators can't. Find out what's inside."

Song Shi was a little excited. Then, under the influence of the Seven Emotions Curse, he became especially excited.

As the water flowed, he approached the center of the vortex bit by bit. Then, it spun and approached the bottom of the vortex.

The vortex was one hundred thousand feet deep. It was deep and mysterious, and the devouring power became more and more terrifying. Song Shi had to experience many deaths before he reached the bottom.

This place was actually empty. All its power had been devoured by some existence. Song Shi was surprised to vaguely see a black and white thing through the space.

It was not a living creature, but a Taiji Painting. It looked simple, but it actually contained incomparably mysterious power. It was as if it represented the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, but also as if it contained a world.

Song Shi was dazzled. He knew that this was something beyond his understanding. He hurriedly retracted his gaze and did not study it's nomological charm. Instead, he looked at the center.

The next moment, his pupils constricted.

"Why is it this thing?"

Song Shi exclaimed in disbelief.

Although he could only see a portion of it, there was clearly a rectangular object in the center of the Taiji Painting. It looked like a coffin.

The coffin was dark green to white. It looked a little like a tree because of the tree patterns. However, the material was like beautiful jade. It was crystal clear and one could vaguely see a person inside.

The color of the coffin gradually changed. One side was white, and then it gradually turned green, then dark green, and then it completely turned black and black, which coincidentally corresponded to the black and white of the Taiji Painting.

The coffin's black was placed in the white pole, and the white was placed in the black pole. It contained the meaning of the yin and yang cycle, the change of life and death.

Then, he saw that the life force brought by the surrounding vortexes had been injected into the white part of the coffin, as if the green life force had dyed it into this appearance.

On the black side, a black storm happened to be released…

"So that's how it is. How generous. This Fallen God Valley was originally a graveyard. There was a Heaven Ascension Array set up here and the power of Yin Yang Life and Death was circulating. No wonder it was so terrifying."

Song Shi was deep in thought. Then, he curled his lips. "It looks like the immortals really set up a tomb for themselves after they died. They didn't want others to disturb their corpses, so they turned this place into a forbidden area. I thought it was some treasure, but… since it's a tomb, there should be treasures buried with them."

He took a few glances. Other than the coffin, he did not see any treasures for the time being.

"I'll think of a way to enter and take a look. I really don't have any. It's not bad to comprehend the Yin Yang Life and Death Dao contained here."

Song Shi twisted his body with difficulty, wanting to enter.

Suddenly, a special force was released from the Taiji Painting. It was a black force that froze Song Shi on the spot.

Song Shi revived in shock. "Looks like I can't get close easily."

An even more terrifying devouring power surged over. It was not something that the power outside could compare to. Song Shi instantly turned into a skeleton. His death was unbelievably fast.

Ding… congratulations on being killed by the Law of Death, life source strengthened.

Song Shi's resurrection was a little strange.

Why was it that being killed by the Law of Life strengthened one's life source, while being killed by the Law of Death was the same?

"Perhaps the two are essentially the same. The Law of Life deprives me of my life, and the Law of Death is similar?"

Song Shi found it quite interesting. He was not afraid and continued to approach.


The space in the vortex shook, and the Yin of the Taiji Painting lit up. Song Shi was enveloped in darkness before quickly withering and dying.

After he revived on the spot, the black devouring power still existed and did not dissipate. Song Shi continued to decay into bones.

Song Shi estimated that it would be easy for him to kill Mahayana cultivators with his strength this time. It was a rare opportunity to court death. He did not even struggle and died continuously inside.

Ding… congratulations on reaching the Great Mastery stage of the Life Saint Body.

After a few times, Song Shi's Life Saint Body directly reached the Great Mastery stage, on the same level as the Sacred Body of the Ancient Age.

"This speed…"

Song Shi was speechless. His Sacred Body of the Ancient Age had died countless times before reaching the Great Mastery stage, but the Life Saint Body had actually been completed here.

He could not control his joy and laughed out loud. "Come, continue to kill me."

It was as if the killing array had been triggered. The power of death that landed on him was even more terrifying. Song Shi could not hold on for even a breath and would turn into ashes.

As time passed, Song Shi's vitality became stronger and stronger. The time he lasted gradually increased, forcing the power released by the Array Formation to become stronger and stronger.

In the end, Song Shi stopped laughing. Song Shi did not feel much about the power that he had easily obtained. He could not be happy forever.

In the darkness, Song Shi experienced another long period of time and died again and again.

'Ding… Congratulations on awakening Life Emperor Body.

Soon, Song Shi's physique made another breakthrough and directly reached a physique that could only be cultivated at the Mahayana realm.

The Emperor Physique was the top Physique in the mortal cultivation world before becoming an immortal. Song Shi felt that his body already had a trace of the nomological power. His resistance to the nomological power of death had increased greatly.

Fortunately, the nomological power of his Monarch Body was too different from the nomological power of the killing array. There was a huge difference, so Song Shi could not avoid death.

He chuckled. "Continue. Help me create an immortal body. When the time comes, I'll be the most prolific immortal."

Song Shi was still looking forward to it. The only thing that was stronger than the Great Emperor Physique was the immortal body of a true immortal. At that time, even if his cultivation level was insufficient, his Physique alone would probably be able to crush a group of Mahayana cultivators.


An abnormal voice sounded in his ears. Song Shi looked at the center of the killing array in shock.

"The coffin moved?"

He felt his scalp go numb instinctively. "Could it be that the guy inside isn't dead yet? Or is he going to revive? Can an immortal be revived?"

Chapter 513: Yin Yang Life and Death (2)
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