When A Mage Revolts

When A Mage Revolts

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When A Mage Revolts novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Mystery, and Action genres. Written by the Author Yin Si. 942 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Kubei was just an ordinary pencil and button pusher working a day job, hating his boss and making horrible speeches when one day he fell asleep after pushing an all-nighter. When he woke up, he was bound to a chair, facing three creepy robed women and in a body way too young and way too weak to be his own. As he slowly came to, he realized that he was no longer in the same universe as he was before. He had teleported to the Kingdom of Helius, where an all-powerful church rules its lands and wages war against the elusive group known only as Mages. Armed with an incredibly cocky neural interface that just won’t shut up and his own sheer wit, our MC will find himself not just fighting to survive, but maybe even something bigger than himself.

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So far, I'm liking this. The novel is pretty hilarious with the protagonist having funny conversations with his system. It was kinda confusing in the beginning of the novel as he comes to a world and gets kidnapped. The world is basically mages vs the church (higher powers). The church thinks of mages as evil doers and tries to exterminate them. The whole cleaner part in the beginning made no sense imo, but the novel does explain it later on and everything that goes on is throughly explained and is realistic. The protagonist doesnt start off op, he gets a 'useless' system and has to do all the work himself. Overall im enjoying this, i dont suggest dropping it as i later found it funny and enjoyable, so you guys will maybe think the same

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