Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her!

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Really excellent novel. The start of the novel makes it seem like one of the stereotypical novel where someone is wronged, and they get reborn and are able to take revenge, but it's not overly focused on that plot line, which is really nice.

Instead of only taking revenge and gaining more power (which does occur) the story more follows the FL's aspirations and her growth by taking another path at a turning point in her life. While she still deals with the people in her past, she moves on and leads a fulfilling life with her rebirth.

In addition, an excellent point of this novel is that it doesn't leave any loose ends. After the typical, "they lived happily ever after," it continues on to give a snapshot of their life after a few years, as well as wrapping up the story of the side characters that developed with FL.

Overall, the story had really excellent character and plot development, sufficient action/drama, and was a really refreshing read.


I have nothing but praise about this novel 👏🏻🙇🏻‍♀️ it’s really worth reading and highly recommended 👌🏻, the characters are superb, and the plot of the story is well written with good themes and ideas, it’s not your usual cliche manhua, and you’ll get a lot of heart fluttering and wow moments from this novel that will really get you hooked and binge read on this story. Personally, I wish the author made a lot of chapters about Niancheng and Qingjiu’s children because they’re so cute and their interactions are so adorable. Good job author, more stories to come please 🙏🏻


The first two chapters made me feel angry & unjust so I was eager for the revenge but the whole story did not only focus on revenge which is a good thing. The plot is about the fl’s dream/goal, love story, friends & revenge. Overall it is worth reading and the extra chapters are good as well.


That was so cuteeee!!! I really loved the ending as it was not a cliffhanger nor did it feel like it was lacking something. But of course, I also loved the plot very much that it kept me so engaged, I just finished reading this in 2 days lmao.


I don't really remember how the story actually went down, but I remember how good it was. Love the interaction between the leads. The friendship that the Fl made. Her badass moments were the highlights of the story. Definitely worth the read.


After two weeks, i finally completed it❤❤❤ and guys you really should read it .. a wonderful story , with different types of characters.. it deserves your time ❤❤


I love it ! At first, when I saw the summary I wasnt really convinced but when I started reading it, it was totally different from what I expected. You must absolutely read it !


To the fact I want to read it again immediately after I finished just now!! Wew, How the romance bloomed is really in the right pace. Okay, reading it again now haha


This is a really good story ! At first i feel ike the first 300 chapter was kind of boring ,but it does developed Really well after that . I love it !


This book is one of the best books I have ever read. The pacing is good throughout the book and the main couple and side couple are such well constructed characters.