World Defying Dan God

World Defying Dan God

Chapter 3080: C3080

Last time, He Huang almost got killed by Chen Xiang. If it wasn't for him having a powerful protective divine tool, he wouldn't be able to stand here and talk.
"However, the attitude of the Mu Rong family towards Chen Xiang is not very good. I will be staying in the Mu Rong family to tell them that Chen Xiang killed two outstanding Mu Rong family disciples." The ancestor of the He Clan said, "And then Murong Honglian was placed under house arrest."

"This group of people from the Mu Rong family are really impatient for quick success!" You don't even know how to use such a good opportunity. " He Huang could not help but laugh, "I was worried that Chen Xiang would ally with the Mu Rong family. If he enters the Mu Rong family and is nurtured by them, he might become a disaster in the future.
"That's why he had no choice but to hide inside the Myriad Tao Forest. We are currently unable to enter the Myriad Tao Forest, so we are unable to do anything to him." The ancestor of the He Clan looked into the depths of the Myriad Tao Forest, his gaze becoming deeper, "At this time, the Myriad Tao Forest is not peaceful either!"
"Then how can we capture Chen Xiang? The World Defying Green dragon on this fellow's body are very unusual. The last time he turned into a huge flame dragon, he almost killed me. I think that even Slave in Purple Costume would easily be killed. He Huang did not speak further. At that time, Chen Xiang's cultivation was still very low, and if Chen Xiang managed to cultivate the Primordial Divine Body, it would be a huge threat to them.

"Don't worry, he won't be able to cultivate the Primordial Divine Body that easily." The He Clan ancestor said: "Right now, what we need to do is to form alliances and subdue all the other World Defying Stage Clan that are hostile to us. If we cannot make them surrender, we must immediately eliminate them. We need to finish forming our own forces as soon as possible."
"Alright!" He Huang nodded: "Then what about Chen Xiang's side?"
"Continue to pay attention. He won't be able to escape." The ancestor of the He Clan replied, "Our top priority right now is to obtain the power inside the Myriad Tao Forest, so that we can get rid of the control of the Myriad Tao as soon as possible. Only then will I be able to wield even more power."

… ….

As soon as Chen Xiang entered the Myriad Tao Forest, he immediately felt that the atmosphere inside was not right. From afar, he could hear the sounds of explosions and the ground began to shake, as if there were super experts fighting inside.

"It's better to find the toad head as soon as possible!"
Chen Xiang didn't want to teleport into the boulder he was on, but after he arrived, the boulder had disappeared, and only the toad's head remained on the ground. There were already many huge boulders around him, and by now, the boulders had already turned into pieces.
"Toad head, toad head..." Chen Xiang walked over and shouted a few times. The toad opened its eyes.

"I'm fine. Luckily, I faked my death and escaped this calamity." The toad said, "I don't know why such a powerful person suddenly appeared here, but he's fighting for territory and fighting everywhere in here."

"Un, don't wander around for the time being. I will put you into our God Equipment." Chen Xiang threw the toad head into the Six Realms mirrors.
The toad's head was placed inside the Six Realms mirrors, and Chen Xiang even used the array inside the Six Realms mirrors to help him heal his injuries.

"Toad head, what kind of fellow is fighting here?" Chen Xiang asked: "Was it the one who injured you before?"

"No, it's the other two. They look like humans, but I don't think so. I don't know much about them either." The toad said, "But in my experience, they are the ones who occupy their own territory here. As for what they want to do, I do not know."

After Chen Xiang used Counter Power Stealth, he followed the remnant auras to continue his tracking. He wanted to see what kind of guy was fighting here, so he needed a safe and quiet environment to refine World Defying heavenly Dan.
It didn't take long before he sensed waves of energy coming from the front. These waves of violent energy were like a tornado that continuously surged toward him.

"He's really strong. Is this a battle between those with peak Divine Body?" At this time, Chen Xiang felt that he was inside a huge furnace. He was cultivating the World Defying god fire, so his endurance towards fire was extremely high, but it was all the same to him, causing him to perspire profusely as he felt a slight burning sensation on his skin.

It was basically difficult to move within the area of intense battles. The berserk energy caused the space to become extremely unstable, and even time and time again tore space apart. Chen Xiang could only see the light that continuously exploded in front of him, and could not see what was fighting at all.

"Even using Dao heart Eye, I can only see a ball of red and a ball of golden energy." Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to try and see for himself, but he did not discover anything else, he could only wait here.

He saw an old man with a head of golden hair floating in the air. The old man was tall and sturdy, his upper body bare, showing off his strong muscles. His body was flowing with a golden brilliance, and below him was a pair of white pants.
"You've lost. From today onwards, this place is mine. Hurry up and scram." The bald man's body was filled with cracks, but his blood was indeed orange in color.
"I will definitely get my revenge!" After the bald man said this, he flew away dragging a red light behind him.
"Are they human?" When Chen Xiang saw these two strange fellows, he could not help but become suspicious. They looked extremely strong, and even though they looked like humans, Chen Xiang felt that they were actually not humans.

"Who?" The golden-haired Elder sensed that something was nearby and immediately became vigilant. He then punched towards the direction of Chen Xiang, striking out a gigantic golden fist shadow that moved forward like a mountain.
Chen Xiang only felt that when the huge golden fist arrived, the space in front of him continuously collapsed, and the surrounding space trembled.
"Let's go!" After becoming frightened, Chen Xiang reacted very quickly and teleported before the space had completely collapsed.
After Chen Xiang left, the golden-haired Elder frowned, "This guy is not very strong, but he is proficient in spatial energy. "Truly bold. He should have already left my territory. If he were to enter again, I will definitely let him die here."
After Chen Xiang escaped, a cold shiver went down his spine. He almost died just now, although he had a very strong World Defying Holy Body and had cultivated to its peak, he felt like he would be torn apart in front of the golden-haired Elder at any moment.

"Xiao Ke'er, did you sense it just now? That guy was too terrifying! Why would such a fellow appear in the Myriad Tao Forest? " Chen Xiang gasped for breath, he was still inside Myriad Tao Forest, although it was already razed to the ground, it was quiet.

"Heaven Old Orcs!" Feng Ke'er replied seriously: "Why would this guy appear here?"
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