World Defying Dan God

World Defying Dan God

Chapter 3310: “I don’t sell,” Shen Xiang coldly spit out three words.

“I don’t sell,” Shen Xiang coldly spit out three words.

His tob barely fell, only to see the blue flashing in front of him, Huang Longsheng actually really fight, the blue flame on his fist, the blue glowning glow in the flame, the fist hit the 淼 俣 芸,

Shen Xiang just saw a blue light, and felt the nose hit a punch, and then the whole person flew out.

He was really unexpected, the other shot was so decisive, so fast, the other side’s strength is also very strong, just that strength, let him feel the smell of World Defying Sacred Realm,

Obviously, Huang Longsheng is a peak of Violent World Defying Realm, and he will soon step into World Defying Sacred Realm, and his Violent World Defying Battle Soul is very strong.

Although Shen Xiang was shot, he was able to land firmly, but the other party did not know when it was clear, and his back was a shocking fist.

At that moment, Shen Xiang only felt a very violent strength impact, and the fist] touched his back, but the impact was too difficult to rush, causing him to suffer from internal pain.

Fortunately, he was prepared this time, even if the body is hurting again, he can haventy shunned away.

“Overestimate one’s capabilities guy, unexpectedly dare to face my grandfather,” Huang Longsheng’s strength is very terrifying, Shen Xiang avoids, immediately flies past, kicking a leg on Shen Xiang’s face, kicking Shen Xiang out ,

Shen Xiang’s cheeks and hot pain, the strength drilled into his head, which made him have a headache.

Huang Longsheng’s successive attacks made Shen Xiang unable to respond at all. It was too fast and too fierce. Now he understands how powerful the discipline in the Ancient Fire God Sect is, but this is only the Outer Disciple.

Shen Xiang is on the ground, the six beasts in Divine sea are roaring, and I can’t wait to release a strength.

Huang Longsheng’s fists and feet are blue and sparkling, and it is condensing the power of the blue-lighted Fire Lightning. The breath is very violent, much stronger than before, showing how very ruthless he is, this strength is enough Abandoned Shen Xiang,

“Enough,” an old man shouted in the distance. This is the old man who just issued the pils. He has seen more of this kind of thing. Although he is allowed to fight, he must not die.

The old man is really a blind eye, because Shen Xiang just entered the Outer Sect, it was abolished, it is a pity,

“This time I will let you go, next time you are] so lucky,” Huang Longsheng coldly snorted, Outer Sect’s old man is speaking, he does not dare to continue, otherwise he will be punished.

Shen Xiang slowly climbed up and wiped the bloodshot of the corner of his mouth. At this time, he had already had a swollen face, but the body was boiling with a strength. This is the strength of the burning anger.

“Go back soon,” Du Gang hastily gave Shen Xiang sound transmission: “Huang Longsheng is such a guy, other people are lucky.” You are so good, most of them are abolished by Huang Longsheng. You have just entered, you should be careful, Give him a bottle of Dan] What, anyway, there is a bottle every month,”

Shen Xiang] said that the anger has been suppressed by him, only broke out in Divine sea,

“This guy is really courting death, actually dare to talk to Huang Longsheng,”

“Hehe, people just entered, don’t know the strength of Huang Longsheng,”

“Huang Longsheng is one of the top 10 Outer Disciples, with a young appearance and a strong and arrogant strength,”

“Ten Big Overlord… The new 淼 淼 淼 锏 淼 镄 镄 镄 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔 酝踔

“This must be reported,” Shen Xiang looked cold, endured the pain inside the body, and quickly walked back to his home.

After going back, he was lying on the bed, thinking about what he had just done.

“That was was close, if I continue, I will expose World Defying divine beast,” Shen Xiang did not know what the consequences would be in the exposed World Defying divine beast, but he did not want people to know him. Has a powerful World Defying six beasts,

If you release the strength of Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon, plus Divine Mirror of Six Paths, if he tries his best, even if he can’t beat Huang Longsheng, he can make the other person not look down on him.

However, he does not want to expose the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon’s strength,

“Li Li, Hua Hua, you may have to work hard during this time,”

Shen Xiang absorbed the power of regeneration from Mai and Jing sisters, and the body recovered almost.

If he wants to get strength quickly, he can only go to the high-quality Myriad Dao Divine Soil, he has to enter Hidden Jade Villa to use Time Domain.

“Using a dual Time Domain should be enough. Ten days outside, three days in Time Domain, almost twenty-five years, and then twenty days left, I went to find Violent World Defying Soul and tried to pick up the pill next month. When I learned the lesson, Huang Longsheng,”

Shen Xiang, although vengeful at this time, but also knows that can not be anxious, to enhance strength is an important thing,

Jiang Sili and Jiang Sihua, two young girls, Pill Spirit, condensed their sorrows and sorrows, and let him eat the peak of Violent World Defying Realm.

So as long as he eats enough, the fleshly body can continue to enhance. When Violent World Defying Realm, the fleshly body needs to be more powerful, so that the spirit can go to World Defying Soul River and look for Violent World Defying Soul.

As expected by Shen Xiang, about ten days later, his fleshly body reached a peak and could be combined with Violent World Defying Soul.

Next, he continued to eat Violent Transformation Divine Pill and let his spirit go to World Defying Soul River.

“The fourth layer World Defying Soul River unexpectedly is like this,” said Shen Xiang, who finally fell down. The Violent World Defying Soul here is not as dense as the one or two layers. Only a few sporadic points can be seen.

He controlled his spirit to go to those few light spots and went to find them one by one. Although these Violent World Defying Soul are very strong, they are not satisfied with him.

After 18 days passed, Shen Xiang was very anxious. If he could find the satisfactory Violent World Defying Soul now, then when he went to pick up the pills in two days, he would take revenge when he met Huang Longsheng.

“What is this,” Shen Xiang’s spirit is still in the fourth layer World Defying Soul River, he suddenly sees a group of translucent things flying over, looking at the bridge, Huang Pan,

Just as he had just discovered this thing, his spirit was sucked over, and then it was inexplicably blended with this thing.

“What is this thing, go straight into my Divine sea,” Shen Xiang’s spirit just just touched the group, then directly teleported from the World Defying Soul River into his Divine sea, and quickly He merges together,

After blending with him, his Divine sea blasted, and Violent World Defying Power in Divine sea continued to boil, because with the third Violent World Defying Soul, his Violent World Defying Power evolved and was boiling. In the process, constant strive stronger, like in transformation,

Feeling a strong strength, Shen Xiang was full of confidence,
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