Worlds’ Apocalypse Online
Worlds’ Apocalypse Online

Worlds’ Apocalypse Online

All-Heaven Armageddon Online

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1815 Chapters 8.14M Views 4.66K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Worlds’ Apocalypse Online novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Harem genres. Written by the Author Yan Huo Cheng Cheng. 1815 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The end of all worlds approaches.

The Demon King Order harvests lives from all manners of living beings.

Within this darkness full of despair,
A single person escaped from space-time, returned to before the world collapsed, determined to change the fate of the past.

But as time pass, he gradually finds out that the Apocalypse isn’t quite as simple as he thinks…

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  • LordOfNuggets 1

    Chapter 83 I was like "Hold up is this harem." *Goes to check the tags* "F*ck it is."*sigh* "Oh well at least the story is good."

  • Rakuean 4

    Is this a good novel?? Someone recommended this to me but I feel reluctant to read because of the amount of chapters and its low rating

    • Reyson1 1

      It's really good however its also very complicated if you where to take a break for lets say a week or 2 you might feel confused because there is so much going on in later chapters (lots of time travel and rules/laws that you need to remember) if you don't have a lot of time to invest I suggest something else p.s. story really starts around after ch 300, I know that sounds weird

      • Dark_Dolphin 2

        there is a checkpoint in circa chapter 1500-1600 where you can start to read if you forgot the novel but still kinda remember it.

  • LeonardoLps 1

    it could. please check chapters from 1730 onwards? the translation is quite bad

    Edited: 1mo
  • SalmanFarisTP 1

    How he got divine sword repel evil? Anyone know about that?I am reading ch 1737 i dont remember how he got this skill 🤔

  • lnwUser103543 1

    New chapter is out plz update it.

  • lnwUser103543 1

    Please upload more chapters.

  • MaricoFaroe 1

    D*mn looks like they took a book full of tags and just slapped this novel with it Btw does the mc engage in intercourse

    • Dote24 1

      he will never. it became a joke afterward

  • Ankit_debnath 1

    release more man, cant wait to read more of these.

  • StevenDalagas 1

    The big boss is the heavenly realms..

  • GingiLimbi 1

    ahahaha F for the Pope, it seems that every pope in this story is doomed to failure. ( I'm saying only the novel's pope not the real life one)

    Edited: 5mo