World’s Best Martial Artist

World’s Best Martial Artist

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World’s Best Martial Artist novel is a popular light novel covering Action, and Wuxia genres. Written by the Author Eagle Eats The Chick. 442 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Fang Ping finally settled an issue after wasting half an hour of his life. He wasn’t dreaming nor acting —for God’s sake, if acting in a movie could restore his youth, then the film crew deserved a trip to heaven immediately!

After verifying that he had reincarnated, Fang Ping felt a wave of panic before settling down and accepting the truth.

What was the truth? It was that he had indeed reincarnated into a younger version of himself, and since he was equipped with his knowledge of the future, he was going to seize the day and become the next-big-thing in the business world! He was going to be rich!

That was that, until his friend interrupted him.

“So are you signing up for the martial sciences exam?”

What? Was this a joke? Or had he been handed the wrong script? Was this even the right universe? What was martial sciences? Why did the exam cost 10 thousand bucks to sign up? Loaded with questions, Fang Ping will soon realize that he might not have struck the jackpot as he had initially thought…

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Had to change my previous comment. This is a hidden gem, yes there will be many dialogues that may get you bored, but once you get past that im telling you, it will get better. im currently at chapter 234, it's making me excited. so enjoy😁

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One of the better novels I have read.None of the usual tropes,MC does abuse the system for level up it is very enjoyable.Waiting for updates.

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