Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 648: Let s Talk About Love (7)

The sudden pain made Lu Yan stop in his tracks. He touched the back of his head, and there was blood on his hand.

She had hit him so hard she had made him bleed.

Even without turning around, he knew that it was An’an.

He had not seen her for a long time, and she had become so brazen to hit him. It was obvious she had used all her strength to hit him, to the point he would bleed.

She was really itching for a beating. He wished he could pull her over and punish her.

But these were just thoughts. Lu Yan did not turn around and continued to walk away.

He left.

As she watched the man’s retreating back, An’an stepped forward and picked up her handbag.

The corner of the handbag was tainted with blood. His blood.

She lowered her luscious, long lashes and touched his blood. It was still warm.

This scumbag!

Her eyes were hot and big droplets of tears cascaded down, landing on her handbag and blurring the bloodstains on it.

Lu Yan returned to his own room and found Li Si and An Xi waiting for him.

“Yan Zi!”

“Brother Ah Yan!”

Both of them promptly went up to him and said anxiously. “Yan Zi, where did you go? You scared us. It’s very dangerous now, so you can’t wander around, do you understand?”

“Ah, Brother Ah Yan, how did you get injured at the back of your head?” At this moment, An Xi discovered the wound on the back of Lu Yan’s head.

“Quickly sit down. Let me bandage it for you…”

“Get out!” Lu Yan spat out two words coldly.

Li Si and An Xi froze.

Lu Yan looked up and his bloodshot eyes swept them emotionlessly, but astutely. He repeated his words, “Get out!”

It was the first time that Li Si and An Xi had seen him so furious. Generally he had very good self-restraint and never showed his feelings to anyone. What had happened to make him like this?

“Yan Zi, we will put the medicine on the table so you can manage the urges tonight. Have a good rest. We’ll come again tomorrow morning to see you.”

Li Si gave An Xi a look. Even if An Xi was unwilling to leave, she had to leave with Li Si.

Lu Yan stood in the room alone. His fringe hung down across his forehead and covered his deep eyes. His thoughts were unfathomable.

It was very quiet in the room. It was so silent that it made one feel oppressed and panicky.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door, and a maid’s voice was heard. “I’m here to deliver dinner.”

Dinner was here.

Lu Yan stayed silent for a while, before walking ahead to open the door.

A maid was standing by the door. She was holding a tray. The dinner served was similar to the food served at breakfast – porridge and two buns.

He stretched out his hand to receive it.

But a delicate, white hand reached for the tray first and snatched it away.

Lu Yan raised his eyes to see An’an.

An’an looked at the maid. “You may leave.”

The maid knew that An’an was part of the distinguished guests and left promptly.

After the maid left, there were only two of them there. One was outside and the other was inside the room. An’an held his dinner tray and looked coldly at the man inside the room. “Do you want your dinner?”

Lu Yan eyed the porridge and buns. He did not speak a word.

An’an curved her pretty lips and sneered. “I’m not giving it to you. Let’s see how you are going to have the strength to screw a woman without any food to eat!”

He was a huge person with defined muscles all over his body and his appetite should be big. It was tantamount to starving him to death by depriving him of food.

Lu Yan pursed his thin lips maliciously and closed the door.

But the delicate figure squeezed through the gap of the door and didn’t let him close it.

Knitting his brows together, Lu Yan’s handsome face immediately turned frosty. Even his low voice was grim. “Get out!”

An’an’s eyes reddened. She was not too short at 1.65 meters, but compared to him, she only reached his chest. Regardless, she raised her head bravely and looked at the man. “I’m not getting out, unless you have the ability to throw me out.”

Lu Yan’s eyes became somber.

“But if you dare to touch me, I will scream loudly for help and say that you want to rape me. I’ll get everyone to see a rapist like you!”

With that, An’an jabbed the area where his heart was with her fair finger. With tears in her eyes and her teeth clenched, she asked, “Don’t you know what kind of woman she is? She is a prostitute. Since when were you so filled with lust that would even have sex with a prostitute? Have your standards lowered that much?”

Lu Yan’s face was still devoid of any expression, but his outline of his handsome face was taut and he looked menacing.

His handsome chest heaved up and down. Both of them were standing in close proximity to each other. His large hand was on the doorknob and when she squeezed in through the door, she ended up in his arms. He could smell the faint milky scent from her body.

The man’s throat bobbed and he caught hold of her finger.

Her finger was fair and smooth to the touch.

“Let go! Don’t touch me!” An’an glared at him with reddened eyes.

Lu Yan stiffened, but he refused to let go.

“Lu Yan, damn you, you can only have sex with prostitutes your whole life. You have no right to touch me! You are not worthy. Let go of me!” An’an screamed at him.

Lu Yan, damn you, you can only have sex with prostitutes your whole life…

These words reverberated around Lu Yan’s ears. He gradually released his palm.


An’an raised her hand to slap him across his face.

The tension in the room had become frigid. A few seconds later, Lu Yan released the door knob, turned around and entered his room.

He stood in front of the bed and started to remove his clothes.

An’an looked at his muscular back. He was not willing to speak at all. Why was he behaving like this?

He was the one who had committed a mistake. He was the one who had hidden in the dim corner with the woman and done such a despicable act. Even after being caught red-handed by her, he still didn’t say a word.

Why didn’t he apologize or explain himself? Although it would have been futile, as she would not listen nor forgive him.

But he refused to speak at all. He was being cocky.

There was a film of tears in An’an’s eyes. She swiftly raised her eyes to suppress those traitorous tears.

When she looked up, she saw that he was standing by his bed and removing his clothes with his back against her. It was such a chilly day and he was merely wearing a black shirt.

There were creases on the black shirt and trousers and it seemed like his outfit had been washed numerous times. He was wearing a pair of straw sandals on his feet. It was very bare in the commoner’s house, and there was only a wooden bed and chair.

He removed his black shirt, revealing his upper back. There were wounds all over his muscular back. Some of the wounds had healed, and some had not, making him look extremely sinister.

After placing the shirt onto the bed, he walked towards the empty space outside the room. Li Si had already prepared a wooden pail. He did not get into the pail for a cold bath. Instead, he scooped some cold water and dumped the water onto his body.

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