Zombie Sister Strategy

Chapter 1356: Deliver the Message

Since Qiu Lili and Lin Kui had joined the fight, the people from Huaxia Base gradually became defenseless, even though they were all armed with advanced weapons. After finishing off those people neatly and quickly, Qiu Lili and other others gathered up.

"If you want details, I'm gonna have to ask you to come to our base with us," Qiu Lili looked at Ye Yingyue and said.


Ye Yingyue nodded smilingly and said, "Mm, okay, we'll go with you."

Next, the group of people headed toward All Beings Base.

"How did it go? Have you guys found the place?" In the car, everyone asked the three all kinds of questions.

"We have. It's about eleven-thousand kilometers deep underground. There is a huge space down there. We don't know exactly how large it is yet," Li Zheng answered the question quickly.

"Over ten-thousand kilometers deep? You guys went so deep underground? Is it dangerous down there?" Xiao Licheng turned back from the front seat and looked at Li Zheng with curiosity.

The latter nodded and said, "That space is filled with poisonous energy mist. The air there is unsafe for humans, so we had to wear gas masks. However, a special friend of our Chief helped solve quite some problems."

"A special friend?" Xiao Licheng said.

"Yeah," Li Zheng didn't give more information and only let the people know about the existence of that special friend. Xiao Licheng didn't ask more questions about that special friend and changed the topic, "What's that underground space like?"

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"It's a fantastic place. There are many plants there that we have never seen or even imagined. A thick layer of energy mist occupies the top of the place. It's underground but not entirely dark. It's dimly illuminated actually. And of course, it's full of dangers. Half of the plants we saw were mutated and dangerous. Also, all creatures that exist down there are at level seven or eight, very powerful."

From on the information provided by Li Zheng and the two level-six zombies who came out together with him, the others gained some preliminary knowledge about the underground realm.

Back in the base, Li Zheng and the two wrote reports and drew some pictures to let Lin Feng and Wu Chengyue know about everything they had seen underground.

"So, the big cat went down together with Qiaoqiao," Qiu Lili guessed out it was the big cat once she heard about Lin Qiao's special friend.

"I've been wondering why the big cat follows her," Wu Chengyue, who had come to All Being Base together with Ling Ling and Teng, heard her and shared his puzzlement. Everyone on the scene had already known that the big red cat liked to follow Lin Qiao everywhere.

Lin Feng thought for a moment expressionlessly and joined the conversation, "Why does our Chief let the cat follow her? Is it because the cat never attacked humans?"

He believed that one of the reasons why Lin Qiao let the cat follow her was that it was a special one among its kind. It never attacked humans. Unlike the cat, the other underground creatures attacked every human being they saw crazily.

Lin Feng also believed that was not the only reason why Lin Qiao allowed the cat to follow her. Did she know that the cat would be helpful for her current situation?

On hearing what he said, the others glanced at each other. They thought for a moment but failed to come up with an answer, so they focused on the underground space again.

"All creatures down there are at level seven or eight. We'd be in huge trouble if they decided to come up someday!" Based on the current information, that was what Lin Feng was worried about the most.

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"That's not the most important thing. According to the information provided by your Chief and her attitude, she's still trying to find out why those underground creatures came out. That means, apart from those level seven and eight ones, there's definitely something even more dangerous," Wu Chengyue said to Lin Feng with a smile.

Lin Feng glanced at him and said, "You're right, but what I said can still happen. Why are there so many high-leveled creatures down there and why didn't they come out? Did they send out those lower-leveled ones to scout around the earth's surface?"

Wu Chengyue looked at Li Zheng and asked him, "What did she say?"

Lin Qiao told him not to say too much about the level-nine creature, so Li Zheng thought for a moment and said, "She wasn't sure yet, but she suspected that a very powerful level-nine creature has been ruling the underground world."

Wu Chengyue made eye-contact with the others and exclaimed, "Level-nine? Really?"

There were so many level-eight ones underground, so it should be a normal thing for one of them to break into level-nine.

Based on the known common features of underground creatures, they figured that the level-nine creature must be unimaginably strong.

"That's only a guess of hers," said Li Zheng, "Before finding that creature, she doesn't want people to know too much about her guess. But, she does want to warn us that we should prepare ourselves for what might happen. The next batch of people will bring out more details."

"Huaxia people didn't get what they wanted this time, so I think they'll send a strong force to guard the exit next time. Our people have come out, but theirs have not. Si Kongchen must be eager to know what has happened down there."

"He'll soon learn that his plan has failed again. I guess he's gonna get upset again," Wu Chengyue said with a smile.

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"Have you found out anything about his plan yet?" Lin Feng asked him.

Wu Chengyue shook his head and said, "We don't know what's his big plan yet. So far, we only know about some small moves that he's been making."

Lin Feng nodded, "Recently, the underground creatures have been gathering in all the main areas of the country. I feel that something is about to happen."

Yun Meng, who had been quiet, joined the conversation at that point, "Maybe it has something to do with what's happening underground now."

"Perhaps. Our top priority now is to figure out why they are gathering," said Wu Chengyue.

"I hope our people can bring us some useful information," Yun Meng gave a sigh.

Many things had been happening lately. Soon after those annoying Huaxia people were dealt with, the news that underground creatures suddenly started to gather in each main area of the country was delivered. No one had any idea what was going to happen.

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