Cursed Immortality
Chapter 550: Epic Dark City

Jacob was startled when he heard the last part and quickly asked, "How confident are you in this information?"

Now, he was really dubious because if the Unique Star Ocean Medallion was really connected with legendary plains, then he couldn't hand it over to anyone, whether it was the Dark City or this Zodiac Night Guardians.

But there was also a chance that the Society Killer was tricking him for his own gain. However, what if he was telling the truth? Jacob wouldn't have a chance to regret it!

The Society Killer replied, "About 70% sure. Look, I'm not trying to trick you. You do know about my past with the Killer Skull Society, right? Those degenerates were collecting this information for a long time to spread their reach to the higher plains.

"In fact, I have to thank you because, without your weapons, I wouldn't have been able to collect this information at all. Furthermore, I also discovered that those dirty bastards have a secret relationship with the Dark Beings. As expected of the scum society. They are traitors of life faction!" His voice was filled with boundless hate and disgust.

Jacob fell into contemplated silence since he had already guessed this much from those rings filled with life crystals, and now the Society Killer had confirmed it. So, the chances of him lying were very low.

Now, he was in a quandary, "What do you suggest?" He asked as he wanted to know what The Society Killer was planning. This guy was really amazing and fearless, and his telling Jacob all of this was not out of the kindness of his heart.

"If you want my advice, if you're confident in your strength, then I'm also willing to put my life on the line to go with you. I have already gotten rid of those sums in the epic plains.

"But their main headquarters are in the unique plains. I want to annihilate them completely, but I have no power in the unique plains. We'll be at the bottom there, so I'd rather take my chances with you.

"Although it is dangerous since those hypocrites, Zodiac Night Guardians, would lay in wait for us. But, to get rid of those sums, I'll fight to the end. Now the question is, are you willing to do the same or not?

"Of course, you can try joining hands with the Dark City, but if you hand over the medallion, then I don't think it's worth it." He stated solemnly.

'He knows more but hiding it.' Jacob, though, clearly won't believe The Society Killer entirely because if he wanted just to get rid of the Killer Skull Society, then he should be in favor of just going to the unique plains, not caring about the medallion and even forcing Jacob to give it away for a safe passage.

But he was insisting on keeping it, so there was clearly an ulterior motive that he wasn't telling Jacob, and this motive was connected to the medallion.

If he can't even see through this, he has lived two lives in vain. He replied calmly, "Alright, give me some time to mull it over. I'm busy dealing with some matter, and once I decide, I'll reach out to you."

"Haha, good brother, I know you won't be so foolish. I'll wait for your good news. Take as much time as you need." The Society Killer laughed pleasingly before the call was over.

"Hmph. I'd be foolish to fall into another trap. That Halberd was first and last. Let's see what Dark Marquis has to say. If she is interested in the medallion, I'll just leave. Let's see who can stop me from reaching the unique plains.

"As long as there isn't a legendary existence hidden here, I didn't have anything to worry about. As for this guy, I'll wait for Autarch to deal with Masha. Taking my things is not easy." He coldly scoffed before he headed to the control room.

He wanted to dock this ship before making another move. Things were becoming very complicated all of a sudden. He needed a new plan to tackle it.

Just like that, days passed, and Jacob finally left the ship in another small ship and headed to the epic plains. He was now confident in finding it even if those guys betrayed him. They can't escape his grasp.

On the eastern shore, Sofie was already waiting for him since he had already told her to get all the materials he told her to collect and also from his partner merchants in the epic plains before telling them he wouldn't need their help for some time.

Jacob didn't tell them that he was leaving and abandoning their partnership since they were no longer useful. As for Sofie, he had told her to finish any business she had with Epic Plains, which meant he was going to take her with him, which made Sofie elated.

Seeing Jacob's gigantic figure approaching the shore, Sofie's eyes shone with reverence. She knew Jacob had claimed that ship, which meant he was extremely powerful, and now he was ready to set sail.

But what she didn't expect was that Jacob would tell her to accompany them to the Dark City of Epic Plains. She suddenly had a bad feeling after she thought about how he made her pretend to be the administrator of the dark city.

Nonetheless, she would follow him till the end. It was a test of her loyalty.

There was only a signal Dark City in the Epic Plains, and it was located in the neutral zone, which was actually the only snow region in the Epic Plains filled with snowy mountain range known as the Snow Peak Region.

In the center of the region was an extremely tall snow mountain reaching the clouds, and on top of this was the Dark City. Just to reach this place, one needed to be at least a tier-5 epic, for this entire mountain was filled with magic beasts.

But for Jacob, it was just a stroll as he quickly reached the familiar entrance of the dark city. However, for Sofie, this was her first time coming here since an alchemist like her had no fighting experience to speak of.

Once they bought the passes, they entered the huge, bustling city filled with large skyscrapers. But just as they entered, a large beast-drawn carriage with a special symbol of a wolf was waiting for them. Anyone who saw this carriage was extremely startled because it belonged to the Marquis Mansion, and they wondered what they were doing in front of the city gates.

The moment Jacob and Sofie entered, an armored kobold approached and respectfully asked, secretly shocked by Jacob's size, "Are you a guest of Marquis Mansion?"

Jacob had already contacted the Dark Marquis before coming, so he wasn't surprised to see this escort waiting for him.

He nodded, "Let's go."

The guard led them to the carriage respectfully before it steered away under countless curious eyes and entered the depths of the Dark City!

Chapter 550: Epic Dark City
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